Meet Alexei Navalny: The U.S. State Department's inside man for 'regime change' in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov
Alexei Navalny, "anti-corruption" campaigner or U.S.-sponsored controlled opposition?
In recent months it's come to light that the U.S. government and allied Western powers have arrayed all of their economic, social, political, martial, and propagandizing forces against Russia and the leadership of its president, Vladimir Putin. Some of the policies, strategies and approaches towards destabilizing Russia are out in the open. Some less so. But this is where it gets most interesting. For while it was fairly easy to spot some of the aggression aimed at Russia from without, seeing it occur even more covertly from within is another story. Which brings us to some recent news.

The western media is now carrying the story of a protest on the streets of Manezh Square in Moscow which occurred on Tuesday, December 30th. At the center of the rally was Alexei Navalny, self-proclaimed "anti-corruption" blogger and head of the largest opposition movement of the leadership of Vladimir Putin and his administration in Russia. Navalny was just convicted of defrauding a cosmetics company of about $440,000 and given a suspended sentence of 3 1/2 years. Relating to the same case, his brother, Oleg, will be sent to prison for the same period of time. In 2013, Alexei Navalny was also tried and convicted of embezzling over $500,000 from the state-owned timber company Kirovles, where Navalny worked as a volunteer in 2009.


2015, the BRICS checkmate Western finance?

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws."


Ex-Judenrat and Nazi collaborator, Georges Soros. He busies himself with the destruction of currencies and people. His financial worth is $23 billion. His moral worth is somewhat lower.
Credit Defaut Swap (CDS), mortgage backed security (MDS), bottom-up investment, high frequency trading, naked short sale... these are the kind of complicated terminology you encounter when you start exploring the financial jungle.

But don't be mislead. This overuse of jargon is designed to confuse and destroy any motivation to explore further. Clearly 'they' don't want you to understand because they are hiding some rather dirty secrets wrapped up in apparently complicated jargon.

Scratch beyond this seemingly complex veneer however, and the reality of finance is surprisingly simple... and disgusting. The objective of this article is to explain, in layman terms, finance principles and the slavery most individuals and states are subjected to. I will also show why things might soon change dramatically and offer some sound advice for such times of financial turmoil.

Christmas Tree

Happy New Year 2015: Sott.net - Shining ever brighter, thanks to You

Dear Readers,

2014 is about to end, and if you have been following our website closely, you will be aware that it has been one heck of a year! By paying attention to the truth behind events as they unfold on our planet, you begin to see the world more as it is rather than as you would like it to be. That knowledge can bring you a certain sense of liberation, where you finally understand what is wrong with our world. With that understanding, you can then begin to make the choices that will change your life for the better, despite the increasing chaos all around you. As we're fond of saying, 'knowledge protects'. And that is what we wish you for the incoming year: Knowledge and awareness, and hence protection.

Saying goodbye to the year 2014, we'd like to tell you a little bit about our accomplishments, since you may not be aware of them all. We have reason to be proud. There is always much more we can do, but this year, just as we thought our plates were too full, thanks to our readers' support, and the impetus from many new volunteers around the world, we have been expanding!

The SOTT Talk Radio Show has now become the SOTT Radio Network, with three different shows: "Behind the Headlines" (Sundays), "The Truth Perspective" (Saturdays), and "Atando cabos" (Saturdays, in Spanish). Listeners from all over the world listen in and participate. If you haven't tuned in yet, you're missing out! More shows are planned for 2015, including a show on health, psychology and well-being, to be launched in early January.

Some articles we picked up this year 'went viral' in 2014 (such as this one, this one and this one), and we have also been producing much more original content. In addition to our SOTT Focus articles, SOTT Exclusive articles analyze and summarize breaking news events and global trends. Meanwhile, our Earth Changes Summary monthly videos are now being translated into multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Russian, and Vietnamese. Recognizing how important these "signs of the times" are, people have been sharing them far and wide on social media.

This year we also launched SOTT WorldView, a visual, interactive map of world events that lets you read the news in a whole new way by seeing the links between different types of events for any chosen time period. Check it out, and search according to the parameters that interest you most. We have also been working hard to release, early in 2015, SOTT.net in 5 new languages: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek and Croatian. More and more people are going to be able to read our news, without being hindered by language barriers!


Thomas Piketty and the Legion d'Absurdité


Thomas Piketty's like "whateva!"
I want to like French economist and best-selling author, Thomas Piketty. Anyone who backhands Hollande et al by refusing the legion d'honneur on the grounds that governments wouldn't know honor if it bit them on the ass, has to be awesome.

Alas, Piketty is not so awesome. While the statement that a state has no right to decide what is, or is not, honorable is philosophically interesting and implies a mind capable of extra-ordinary thought, the idea of progressive taxation, which is what Piketty espouses, implies utter stupidity.

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Connecting the Dots: 2014 - Year in Review

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"So, we made it through 2012 and now, we've got another year notched on our belt in addition: we made it through 2013 and the world still hasn't ended. Or has it?

I would propose that the World As We Knew It ended on 11 September 2001, over 12 years ago. We don't live in the same reality anymore (in case you haven't noticed)."

~ Laura Knight-Jadczyk, 'Happy New Year 2014?'
2014 has been quite a year! The elites have pulled out all the stops on the drive to determine who will be (or continue to be) the "king of the hill" on the Big Blue Marble. We here at Sott.net have taken great pleasure in bringing you a breakdown of the daily intrigue, but now we'd like to take a moment to reflect on the massive changes that have occurred throughout the year.

Overall many of the trends that we've seen played out this year slide right along with what Laura Knight-Jadczyk predicted in December of 2013:
  • Pandemics
  • Social upheaval
  • Financial meltdown
  • Climate chaos
And as we look back over the year we see that many things stayed the same: Israel butchered Palestinians, NATO armed terrorist groups and financed their enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the West continued to disintegrate. Israel and NATO combined to put the lives of 15 million children in terrible jeopardy. But overall the trend towards the emergence of a new economic order seemed to arch over all of these developments "on the ground".

In concert with the political chaos, social chaos continued this year with dozens of popular anti-austerity and anti-establishment protests around the world, including major protests in the US against the pervasive police brutality that afflicts that nation.

The earth continued to groan and shake, and each of us has faced difficult decisions that have shaped our futures. In this article we'll remind you of major events in our cosmic and planetary environment, in the global geopolitical sphere and the effects it may be having on the human level. Hold on for a wild ride through the year of 2014!


Sony hack exploited to distract from #PoliceState, while promoting desperately unfunny 'The Interview'

© Gawker
Electronics and media giant Sony was hacked last month by a group of hackers calling themselves the "Guardians of Peace" or GOP. The group claims they stole over 100 terabytes of data, which has been slowly trickling out via torrent peer-to-peer software. The data ranges from employee emails and personal information to financial and other proprietary data. A lot of it is pretty funny, here's a short list: The ensuing media circus comes at a time when the US is embroiled in a bitter culture war over the way police treat and interact with everyday people. President Obama played his part by announcing the beginning of 'normalization policy' towards Cuba, and he also came out and commented on the hack itself, making sure everyone knew about it one way or another. Both stories broke on the same day and seemingly flooded the airwaves. The talking heads rejoiced; the change in the subject from the previous two weeks of cops getting away with murder, the resulting civil unrest, and gruesome details revealing that the US government (aka CIA) tortured (or rather tortures) innocent people, was quite welcome.

The sad reality is that Eric Garner and Michael Brown's deaths are merely the tip of a huge iceberg, one in which police can bully, assault, kill and/or otherwise harass individuals who are either innocent of any wrong-doing or suspected of - at worst - minor, non-violent crimes. The system is designed to protect and serve these officers. The topic is being summarily dismissed by police union chiefs and other representatives of the establishment, because if these protests continue and real reform is actually implemented, they will lose a lot of the authority they have and be held accountable for criminal behavior - something they most definitely do not want.

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UK 'Establishment': Unmasking psychopathic faces - Pedophilia and murder in VERY high places

8 year old Vishal Mehrotra, who disappeared near the Elm Guest House in West London - alleged haunt of 'pedophiles in power'.
In an article published on RT last month, the father of an eight-year-old boy who died in the UK in the 1980s alleged that his son may have been abducted and murdered by members of a Westminster pedophile ring, and further claims that Scotland Yard were complicit in "covering up" the crime.
Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, said he recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that Mehrotra's son Vishal may have been abducted in the notorious Elm Guest House in southwest London in 1981. Mehrotra also said despite playing the recording for police officers, they refused to investigate allegations that high-profile judges and politicians were involved in the kidnapping of his son.
After watching the wedding procession of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in July 1981, Vishal Mehrotra was abducted as he walked home in the Putney area of London. Newspaper reports at the time claim Mehrotra's home was less than a mile from the Elm Guest House, where witnesses said a "kings and queens" party was being hosted. Part of Vishal's skeleton was found in 1982 in woodlands in West Sussex. According to coroners' reports, there was no trace of his legs, spine or clothing.

Elm House was raided in June 1982 and dozens of men with high public profiles were questioned. Although none were implicated, it is believed the raids were connected to the disappearance of Vishal, as well as another boy, 15-year-old Martin Allen.

Mehrotra told theTelegraph:
"I was contacted by a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He told me he believed Vishal may have been taken by pedophiles in the Elm Guest House near Barnes Common."

"He said there were very highly placed people there. He talked about judges and politicians who were abusing little boys."

"At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned. Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover-up. There is no doubt in my mind."
Martin Allen's disappearance has also been linked to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, and the alleged VIP pedophile brothel. But when the Sunday People reported that when the boy's older brother pushed for more to be done on the case, saying he believed a top level cover-up was hiding the circumstance of the teenager's disappearance, he was told to "stop talking like that, you might get hurt."

Mr Allen, 51, now believes the files relating to Martin have been destroyed or lost to avoid solving the mystery that has haunted his family for 35 years. As reported in the Daily Mail last month, he said:

© PA
Martin Allen was abducted thirty years ago in London and his disappearance has also been linked to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south west London, and the alleged VIP pedophile brothel.
"I've no faith in the police. They failed us.

Within a couple of months of Martin disappearing, my father said: 'There's something not right here.'

Police weren't doing enough. They went through the motions.

So it didn't surprise me when a senior officer warned me I could get hurt."
Mr Allen said he always believed there was 'Establishment involvement' in his brother's disappearance.

Jackie Malton, now retired from Scotland Yard, was a detective sergeant when she worked on the case and said the investigation could have been compromised by the "power of politicians" at the time. Regarding the tape recording Mr Mehrotra played for the police, she said, "the culture of policing at the time meant it was possible the recording was ignored and the murder covered up due to the alleged involvement of senior figures at Westminster." Talking to the Telegraph, Mrs Malton added:
"There was also a strong sense of the power of Parliament and of politicians. It was very much a case of 'do as you are told'," she claimed. "There was certainly a culture of disbelief among the officers, and that often didn't help to get to the truth. But the politicians were very much in power, and the police officers' voices could often not be heard. It's very different now. Back then, people were nowhere near as accountable for their actions."
Really!? If there truly is more 'accountability' nowadays - then where is the justice? Why are these sick, psychopathic perverts in positions of power never held accountable for their depraved, vile crimes? Before we look at their Modus Operandi, we first need to understand the environment (social, political, cultural, religious and business) in which these highly placed and influential individuals generally dwell - namely, the 'Establishment'.


Proxy War Against Russia: Ukrainian Nazis teaming up with 'Chechen' terrorists

Yesterday, Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov told NTV channel he'd like to quit his post as leader of Chechnya and help the local militias in Novorussia (Donetsk and Lugansk) fight their Ukrainian attackers. This comes after Kiev's corrupt officials initiated criminal proceedings against him last week and threatened to put him on an international 'wanted' list. He responded:
They can keep saying whatever they like. But I am going to ask the (Russian) president for permission to quit my post in order to go to Donbass to protect the interests of those citizens who are fighting there now.
The day after the probable false-flag terror attack in Chechnya's capital city Grozny on December 4, several members of the Ukrainian Rada, including Yuri Beryoza, Andriy Levus and Ihor Moiseychuk voiced their support for the terrorist attack, calling for a "second front" to open in Russia's Caucasus region. One of these fools, Moiseychuk, even implied a wish for Kadyrov's assassination, uploading a video of him shooting an assault rifle at a photograph of Kadyrov.


Monotheistic religions - Playground for psychopaths

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Blasphemy: the accused
Religious statutes permit Muslims to take the law in their own hands, kill alleged blasphemers and attack minority communities. In Pakistan, a mere accusation of blasphemy is often enough to put an individual and their community in extreme danger.

Is this only true to Islam or are there similarities at work in other religious systems as well? Let's look at recent events to illustrate the concern:

Blasphemy: Utter-ly a Death's Sentence

a horror story...
Christians beaten to death for allegedly desecrating Qur'an in Pakistan
An angry crowd attacked and killed a Christian couple and then burned their bodies at the brick kiln where they worked. Rumors circulated that the couple had desecrated a Qur'an the day before, although the circumstances of this accusation are not clear [...] the latest example of violence against minorities accused of blasphemy...
and this one is unthinkable...
Girl saw her mother burn alive for blasphemy in Pakistan...and then the mob tried to set HER alight as well
A four-year-old girl and her 18-month-old sister were forced to watch their pregnant Christian mother 'twitch' in the flames when a Muslim mob burnt her and her husband alive after accusing them of blasphemy and were savagely beaten...
and then this crazed old guy...
A 70-year-old Briton suffering from paranoid schizophrenia is facing a death sentence in Pakistan
When Mohammad Asghar claimed to be a prophet sent by God, his psychosis talking, a police officer at the maximum security prison shot him in the back because he had to "kill the blasphemer..."

Candy Cane

Black Pete, chimney sweep? Meet "Santa's helper" in The Netherlands

© Bas Czerwinski/Agence France-Presse
Demonstrators holding placards reading "Black Pete is Rascism" and "Free Pete" during a demonstration in November, 2013 against Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).
As the holiday season approaches, people the world over will be celebrating the year's end in accordance with their local traditions. In the Netherlands in recent years there has been steadily-growing controversy about its peculiar Christmas tradition involving white people wearing blackface theatrical makeup.

Jon Stewart is right: the U.S. most definitely is NOT a post-racial society. But before we, as Dutch citizens, start lecturing Americans about the state of their nation, we ought to come clean about our own racist proclivities. Every year on December 5th Dutch children celebrate a kind of mini pre-Santa day of gift-giving (well, gift-receiving in the kids' case, but the adult population joins in the fun too). The centerpiece of Sint-Nicolaas Day are parades in every town and city up and down the country, in which the guest of honor is a very Father Christmas-like figure who gives kids candy... with the assistance of 'Black Pete', his negro servant sidekick.

To understand this toxic Dutch 'tradition', you have to understand some of its past. But first, here's the story of "Sint-Nicolaas and Black Pete" as it is presented today.

Comment: If you wish to learn more about racism and how it occurs outside conscious awareness, we recommend reading Blink - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell.