SOTT Summary, January 2014: High Strangeness, Fire in the Sky, Earth Changes

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Signs of the Times in January 2014

The first in a new monthly series, the following video compiles footage of 'signs of the times' from around the world during the past month. From 'strange lights' in the skies to extreme weather events, from geological upheaval in the form of volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, landslides and earthquakes to loud booms rattling communities and meteor fireballs turning night into day, the Big Blue Marble is rocking and rolling!

High Strangeness

Some of the highlights in January 2014 include bizarre apparitions of 'UFOs'. Many explain away strange lights in the sky as 'Chinese lanterns' or 'optical illusions' from refractions of man-made or natural light sources in the atmosphere. Some of these apparitions may well be down to such things, but are all of them? Certainly, people making hoax videos with free CGI software have far too much time on their hands, but not everyone is able or willing to do that.

Fire in the Sky

Then there's that other subset of 'strange lights in the sky': meteor fireballs. Distinct in appearance from the largely stationary 'UFO lights', fireballs generally leave a brief 'flash' and trail in the night sky, illuminating the ground for miles around. But as you'll see, several in January appeared to move very slowly, and some were filmed during the daytime. Depending on the size, trajectory and other variables of an incoming space rock, its fragmentation in the upper atmosphere may also produce an audible boom, or series of booms. Something else to keep in mind, however, is that many of these 'mystery booms' being reported across the U.S. and elsewhere may be related to increased seismic activity...

Earth Changes

...which brings us to 'Earth Changes'. More 'long-dormant' volcanoes woke up along the Pacific Ring of Fire last month, another strong earthquake hit New Zealand, wildfires raged in record-breaking heat across Australia and a sinkhole swallowed a whole neighbourhood in Brazil. In the northern hemisphere, it was so cold in Norway that seawater froze, trapping shoals of fish inside the frozen ice... and yet it was apparently also so 'hot' that wildfires broke out near the Arctic Circle. While a succession of hurricane-force storms drenched the UK and Western Europe with giant waves and record flooding, cold temperature and snowfall records over 100 years old were broken across the U.S. as a 'polar vortex' gripped the entire Eastern half of the nation in ice age conditions.

Environmental upheaval, signs in the heavens, wars and rumors of wars, social revolution... it's nothing the planet hasn't seen before, but it's also something new to modern civilization. As the ancient Chinese put it, we certainly appear to be living in 'interesting times'...

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

The Missing Times: The media, UFOs, COINTELPRO and comets

missing times
© Terry Hansen
The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-Up is a book written by independent journalist Terry Hansen in 2000. Having seen it referenced in several books on UFOs from the last decade or so and recommended by several experts in the field, I decided to check it out. As our regular readers will know, we at like to keep up to date on the various oddities, anomalies, and instances of 'high strangeness' that pop into our reality on a regular basis. And, being an alternative news website that analyzes and comments on mainstream media coverage (i.e., propaganda) of everything from weather to warfare, the book's focus on the inner workings of media coverage on the topic suggested it might be right up our alley, so to speak. As it turns out, The Missing Times is a great resource for information on censorship and propaganda in general, not just UFOs and media, and it has some far-ranging applications, as we'll see.

First of all, a bit of an overview of the book itself: it begins with a short introduction on the way news media has covered (or not covered) big UFO stories, particularly the 1975 Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO/ICBM encounters. Widely reported in the local and regional press, it took a full two years for these highly sensational (i.e., newsworthy) events to reach the national news.

Hansen observes that there are two realities in media: the official reality, represented by major national news corporations (which reflect official government views), and folk reality, which is often represented in local or regional, 'small-town' reporting. UFO stories, in particular, often make it into the local press, where they're reported fairly accurately, but rarely if ever do they get serious coverage in the national press. And when they do, it's usually because the story has already become so large that they need to cover it or risk looking like they are censoring it. Even then, their reporting is rarely if ever serious or objective. Rather, it's loaded with 'spin', name-calling, and 'wink-and-nod' levity. What's the reason?
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'World Cancer Day 2014' - The Cancer Pandemic: Forget Sugar! Blame The Smokers!

Earlier today I posted a comment on this BBC article. It was one of those comment boxes where you submit your name, location, ph. number and email address and it gets sent off to the BBC's department of censorship for rejection.

My comment went something like: "It's nice to finally see some official recognition that sugar is involved in cancer. Governments should redirect the funds they allocate to anti-smoking campaigns towards a campaign to inform people about the dangers of a high-carb diet and to promote a Paleo diet, as a way to prevent the spread of cancer".

The strange thing is, right now there are no comments at all under that article, and there is no longer any option to comment, so I was wondering what actually happens to them and what the point of asking for comments is.

A while ago I found out. A nice program researcher from the BBC called me and referred to my comment and asked me if I would like to take part in a BBC radio show that is to discuss the 'tidal wave' of cancer that is bearing down on us all. The researcher asked me what the Paleo diet was and how I found out about it and, after I explained the basics to her, she said would email me back and let me know if they wanted to talk to me. Well, the radio show is airing as I write this, and I haven't heard back from the nice researcher lady, so I guess they didn't like what I had to say. So I'll just say it here.

Comment: See also:

Ketogenic Diet improves insulin sensitivity and numerous aging markers


Quantum Future? - Can be scary...

It was in June of 1990, Florence, Italy, when I formulated my Quantum Future Project. The project, with details, can be found here. Later on, in 1999, I consulted with my usually well-informed, albeit sometimes enigmatic and careful-about-what-to-share-and-what-not, sources about the status of quantum theory. The Questions and Answers run as follows:
Q: (A) Now, there are claims, more or less, shared by many scientists, that quantum theory is necessary to model or understand consciousness. From what was said before, it seems that quantum theory is not necessary, that it is sufficient to have the right geometric model of extended gravity.

A: No, not extended, expanded.

Q: (A) Does that mean that quantum theory is irrelevant for understanding the modelling of consciousness?

A: Quantum first needs to be graduated from the realm of theory.

Q: (C) It means it needs to be proved, right?

A: No. Proving is a concept we should now be moving beyond.

Q: (C) When you say 'graduated from the realm of theory,' I assumed that meant that it needed to be proven. So how does it get graduated? What is the next realm after theory?

A: No, my dear, you are missing the point. The currently imposed protocol for "proving" theories is a bit passe, we think. Can you imagine trying to fly a plane if you must first prove that there is a sky?

Q: (C) So, don't try to prove quantum theory, just go ahead and use it, I guess.

A: Pretty close.

Q: (A) Are you laughing at quantum theory?

A: No. We are laughing at 3rd density scientific protocol!
"Just go ahead and use it?" Easy to say, but use in which way? My original idea behind the Quantum Future Project was to understand the nature of Free Will, to construct a 'Free Will Detector and Amplifier'. Later on I understood that, perhaps, no one would buy such a device. Most people are probably better off giving up their free will, leaving decisions to others and to the wind. (At least they must think so since they do it all the time.)

Yet there are other possible uses of quantum theory; some of which I was not aware of until recently when I stumbled upon the publications of Louisiana State University theoretical physicist Jonathan P. Dowling. What I read is important, which is why I want to share the part that concerns our Quantum Future - yours, mine and everyone else's.

SOTT Talk Radio: Into the Mystic - Interview with Laura Knight-Jadczyk

We recently interviewed author and founder Laura Knight-Jadczyk on SOTT Talk Radio. Laura shared some stories from her past, explained how her life's work came into being, discussed her current research interests and answered listeners questions about the state of the world and what's on the horizon for humanity.

Here's the transcript:

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Ice Cube

Earth Changes: SOTT Summary of Climate Chaos and Planetary Upheaval in 2013

Signs of 'Earth Changes' in 2013

The following video looks back at some of the environmental upheaval from around the world in 2013.

Seemingly more destructive, chaotic and turbulent than ever before, last year we witnessed extreme temperatures, widespread flooding, tornadoes appearing when and where they shouldn't, countless volcanic eruptions, superstorms, sinkholes swallowing cars, homes and people, record snowfalls, ongoing mass animal deaths...

...and more and more such events seem to be taking place with each passing month. The frequency and intensity of these weather and geological anomalies strongly suggest that major changes are afoot on our planet.

The question is: what is it all leading up to?

For years, has been sharing information about how Ice Ages begin, and what typically happens beforehand. The message coming through these 'signs' seems pretty loud and clear to us: 'Winter is coming'... perhaps even sometime this year.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

Comment: For condensed background information on Ice Ages, check out The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, and keep updated with what's happening here.


Collective Delusional Processes in U.S. Society

It was Andrew Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, who first presented the concept that, throughout history, pathological personalities have taken over societies and caused unimaginable destruction. Needless wars have caused untold millions of needless deaths and trillions of dollars in destruction. He characterized this process as political and macro-social evil in a scientifically measurable way.

Lobaczewski presented a process that begins with visionaries whose ideas are corrupted by a cascade of personalities, all deficient in character, ending in psychopaths taking the helm and guiding the society to war, destruction, and eventual collapse. Most of us think of psychopaths as being mostly criminals who end up in jail, but Lobaczewski shows that they actually are capable of leading us, at least when they are born into privilege.

Lobaczewski also describes how the rest of society largely goes along with this, and this is the subject of this article.

High Strangeness: SOTT Summary of UFOs and other paranormal stuff in 2013


Signs of 'High Strangeness' in 2013

Organized by month, the following video compilation is a collection of video footage showing just some instances of 'high strangeness' - UFOs, 'lights in the sky', strange cloud formations - from around the world in 2013.

Could some, many, or even most of these apparitions be explained by way of lens flare, other common optical illusions, or video fakery?... possibly. But when we take into account the considerable historical research into the paranormal, particularly that carried out by dedicated 'mainstream' researchers, whose skepticism motivated them to seek 'rational answers' for the hundred of thousands of reports that have been made over many decades, we come to the conclusion, as they have done, that there is a reality to these phenomena and that it closely interpenetrates humanity's 'consensus reality'.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

Comment: See also: SOTT Talk Radio: Hyperdimensional Planet Earth - Are human beings really at the top of the food chain?

For more information concerning the truth and lies behind the UFO phenomenon and other paranormal occurrences, we highly recommend reading High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction and The Wave Series, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk (also available on our store, and in kindle format on Amazon.)

Fireball 2

Fire in the Sky: SOTT Summary of Meteor Fireballs in 2013

Meteor Fireballs in 2013

The following video is a 6 minute compilation of footage of the major meteor sightings from 2013, as well as a list of many more fireball events over the course of last year.

Since at least 2005, there has been an alarming increase in the number and frequency of meteors and fireballs in the skies of our planet and meteorite detonations and impacts on the surface, and the trend seems to indicate that these events will continue to increase in number and severity.

By combining these events in the below video, we hope to offer our readers a more vivid and shocking picture of what is really going on above our heads, and counteract the efforts of the mainstream media to downplay what is clearly a very serious threat to the future of human civilization.

We urge you to share this video far and wide.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

Comment: For regular updates on these types of events, don't forget to check our Fire in the Sky section.


Farewell to 'psychic research'?

Cosmos. Earth. Man.

Four weeks ago I ordered the book "Cosmos. Earth. Man" by A. G. Parkhomov[1]. Two days ago it arrived from Moscow.

Cosmos. Earth. Man. by A. G. Parkhomov

Cosmos. Earth. Man. by A. G. Parkhomov
I was excited. I started reading it right away.... the last chapter first. Actually, I read the back cover first, so let me quote from that so you'll have an idea of where we might be going today.
Aleksandr Georgievich Parkhomov (Александр Георгиевич Пархомов) completed his education at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. He then worked at the Division of Radiation Physics of this institute. He directed the research group investigating of the properties of ultra-weak neutrinos at the Moscow Aviation Institute. He is Professor of the International Slavic Academy, Head of the Laboratory ''Rhythms and Fluctuations" of the Institute for Time Nature Explorations and author or co-author of more than 130 scientific publications.
A. G. Parkhomov

A. G. Parkhomov
Parkhomov's scientific career is very different from my own. He is mainly an experimental physicist, dealing first of all with facts and data and trying to understand them using the simplest possible explanations. Only when they fail would he then look for more sophisticated explanations. He has almost twice as many scientific publications as I do! And yet, in spite of these differences there is something that we both share: scientific curiosity that drives one to seek scientific explanations of the unexplained. That is what I was always looking for: the high-level scientific research into "paranormal" stuff. That is why I started reading his book from the last chapter, Ch. 4, entitled "Where physics is powerless". He has done what I always wanted to do (but never did): real, first-hand research, rather than just speculations.

The first three chapters of the book deal with those phenomena where physics still has something to say, some explanatory ability: all kinds of radiations and their strange properties, radioactivity, electronics, physical and chemical reactions of biological systems, noise, information, dark matter and dark energy, neutrinos etc.; all relatively normal. But the last chapter describes his experimental research into "psychic" phenomena. It also describes his conclusions.

So, let me start with a description of just one type of experiment that needed to be done at the early stage of this research, probably the least spectacular.