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Sat, 17 Nov 2018
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Strange Sounds

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Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

© Les Stone/REUTERS
US domestic surveillance has targeted anti-fracking activists across the country.
NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism

Top secret US National Security Agency (NSA) documents disclosed by the Guardian have shocked the world with revelations of a comprehensive US-based surveillance system with direct access to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants. New Zealand court records suggest that data harvested by the NSA's Prism system has been fed into the Five Eyes intelligence alliance whose members also include the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

But why have Western security agencies developed such an unprecedented capacity to spy on their own domestic populations? Since the 2008 economic crash, security agencies have increasingly spied on political activists, especially environmental groups, on behalf of corporate interests. This activity is linked to the last decade of US defence planning, which has been increasingly concerned by the risk of civil unrest at home triggered by catastrophic events linked to climate change, energy shocks or economic crisis - or all three.

Comment: Read Laura Knight Jadczyk's writing's about possible future (and past) climate and political events:

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Early-morning mystery boom heard in some West Seattle neighborhoods

Just in case you came here looking for information about an explosion-type sound around 2:45 am - this morning we have received several e-mails asking about it, describing it as loud enough to wake them up and scare their pets.

So far, checking fire and police logs, we haven't found anything confirming what it was.

Those who say they heard it are in Gatewood, Lincoln Park, and Lowman Beach areas, but at least one person thinks it could have happened some distance away, to the east. We were on watch at that time, and though we're over south Lincoln Park, we didn't hear it.

So we're posting this in hopes someone out there might have direct knowledge to solve the mystery.


Mystery boom shakes residents of Sharon, Pennsylvania

Mercer County - Memorial Day weekend started out "relatively quiet" for police, except for another mysterious "sonic boom."

At 7:29 p.m. Friday, the explosion rocked Shenango Township. A resident in the 3500 block of Hubbard-West Middlesex Road heard "a loud sonic boom," a Mercer County 911 dispatcher said. The caller told the 911 operator "it shook the house; it was not like a transformer blew.

"All of the neighbors came outside to see what happened, so many people felt it."

Southwest Mercer County Regional police were dispatched, but could not find anything.

It was the second such incident reported in as many weeks. On May 13, dozens of callers from Mercer to Sandy Lake to Grove City reported hearing a "massive explosion" at about 9 p.m. Officials have not been able to explain the noise.

The 911 dispatcher said "typical holiday weekend" calls were from all over Mercer County. Early Friday, an alleged "streaker" shocked some callers from Sharon. Later Friday, a reported gas leak near Lake Latonka was cleared up by 11:45 p.m.

At about 5 p.m. Saturday, a kid in a "black hoodie" gave Sharon police a run for their money over "some minor crime."

A couple of hours later, there was a report of a burglary on Tamarack Drive in South Pymatuning Township. About 8 p.m., police in Hermitage responded to a hit-and-run accident with no apparent injuries.


Northampton 'explosions' treated as unexplained

© Google
The fire service attended a report of an "explosion" in Castle Street
Three "explosions" heard in the early hours of the morning in Northampton are being treated as unexplained.

Northamptonshire Fire Service investigated the separate reports in St Mary's Street, Castle Street and Silver Street but "didn't find anything".

Andy Gineikis, who lives nearby, said he heard a "loud bang" similar to a shotgun blast at about 03:30 BST.

Western Power Distribution said there had been a power cut in the Abington area of Northampton at about 04:40.

Fireball 4

Did you hear a big boom in the area of Smyrna, Tennessee Monday night?

WGNS has received multiple phone calls and emails from residents in the area of Smyrna telling us that they heard a loud "BOOM" sound Monday night. The sound was heard around 8:30 in the evening.

WGNS checked with the Smyrna Police Department where we talked to Police Chief Kevin Arnold. Arnold told us, "We received several complaints last night about that. The Sheriff's Office also received complaints. From the log this morning it appears nothing was found."

We then headed to the Smyrna / Rutherford County Airport. There, we were told that no "BOOM" sounds involving airplanes were reported on Monday night. Several workers there told us they did not hear the "BOOM."

So that leaves us with the big question... What was that big "BOOM" sound that was heard Monday? It seems as if we cannot find the answer to that mystery.


Herbrandston residents 'tortured' by mystery low frequency noise

© Western Telegraph
Some of the sufferers Steve Ingram, Paul Chesher, Jane Ingram, Marilyn Woosey, Gill Peace, and Louise Cleaver.
Wales - A group of Herbrandston residents have reached breaking point after a 'torturous' mystery noise made life in the village a 'living hell'.

Jane and Steve Ingram said life at their quiet Herbrandston home became unbearable when a low, drowning noise started keeping them awake at night.

Jane, who began to hear the drone back in 2009, said she hasn't had a full night's sleep in years and has even considered moving house.

She said: "At first it was a noise similar to a car engine running. I would get up in the middle of the night to see if there was a car out there, and there never was.

"And when I put my head on the pillow, I hear big machines drilling underground. It's torturous."

Over the last few years the noise has been described as a constant humming, a low drone, or vibration, which goes on and off throughout the night.

The couple thought the noise was emanating from one of the two oil refineries or LNG facilities on their doorstep, and last August they contacted Port Health and the Environment Agency, which launched an investigation.

Although the investigation detected low frequency noise at 63 Herz (42decibels), its source remained a mystery.


New Strange Sounds from the Sky in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA, December 8 2012

These Strange Sounds from the Sky recorded in Bayonne, New Jersey are very loud and scary. They are similar to an airplane flying by or as the recorder says as a sort of ship coming from no where. Really nice records. Actually, people in this area seem to be very familiar with this strange and unexplained phenomenon since the weird noises were recorded several times last month and this month over there! A sign? But of what? Thank you for your following and for your postings!


Strange sound recorded in Lubbock, Texas, 24-25 November 2012

Approx. 3:30am (0330 CST) Lubbock, Texas. This is the second time in as many days that I have been awoken by this sound. I only had my camera to record this sound, so the quality probably sucks. I live in the Texas High Plains. I have lived here all my life, and I do not think this is a cotton gin considering I live in the middle of the city. I will be posting this to other sites as well. Thank you.


Strange sounds in the sky, Montreal, Canada, 31 October 2012

After Toronto yesterday, the Strange Sounds are now reported in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Strange noises were heard about 20 times from ~11pm to 12:30am, so during the night. People in the neighbourhood also heard them. They seem genuine to me and are similar to Strange Sounds heard in Bloomington, Indiana 2 years ago. Pretty weird and scary!


More strange sky sounds recorded, this time over Denmark on 11 October 2012

We also heard the sound of northern Sweden when we lived there, but it sounded more like a train. But it also came from the sky there. I will put this sound on our page too soon...

At first we thought it was a storm or hurricane coming above the city. When we opened the door it was completely calm. We could hear over the whole sky there was a hiss and a loud strange sound and noise, it was extremely loud. It lasted more than 2 hours and during the time I film is between 2 at night and 3 at night. I could not sleep for the weird sound and i was going to open the window to hear what it was again. But there was nothing to explain how strange it was... Experiments that governments and the military are involved in...??

Comment: Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?