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Mon, 27 Mar 2023
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Extreme Temperatures

Snowflake Cold

Snow storms cause huge power outage in Ostrobothnia, Finland

© Str / Lehtikuva.
Power company workers are repairing electric poles to restore power supply in Pietarsaari area on Wednesday.
Mercury dives to below 25 °C in Utsijoki

Snow storm caused massive power outage in Pietarsaari region of Ostrobothnia on Wednesday morning.

More than 40,000 customers of the energy company Herrfors were left without power in Pietarsaari, Uusikaarlepyy, Vöyri, Oravais and Kruunupyy areas.

The power outage in the network happened at around half past six in the morning and lasted for about an hour.

Meanwhile, the lowest winter temperature was recorded in Utsijoki.

According to the Met Office, a temperature reading of minus 25 degrees Celsius was recorded at Kevojärvi in Utsijoki following a cold wave on Tuesday night.

On the other hand, abundant snow had fallen in Kainuu since Tuesday night. Snow accumulated to more than 20 centimetres in some places. Road conditions were hampered in some places in northern Ostrobothnia.

Ice Cube

Cold snap sets records in several districts of south Florida

The National Weather Service says brisk temperatures Sunday in the Naples area have broken the previous record.

Temperatures in the area only reached a high of 71 degrees, which makes it the area's coolest high temperature since 1962, when the high topped out at 75 degrees, said Barry Baxter, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Temperatures in South Florida and the Keys also have broken records.

The temperature fell morning to 52 degrees in Miami, breaking the previous record of 54 degrees in 1993. In West Palm Beach, the temperature dipped to 49 degrees, below the previous record of 51 degrees in 1993.

The low temperature in Key West fell to 61 degrees, breaking the previous record of 62 degrees set in 1957.

Temperatures only reached a high of 71 degrees in Miami, breaking a record set at 73 degrees in 1949. In West Palm Beach, temperatures peaked at 69 degrees, breaking the 1964 record of 72.

Ice Cube

Central and Eastern U.S. states preparing to be hit with an early 'Polar Vortex'

The atmosphere is preparing to send part of the polar vortex southward toward the United States next week with an outbreak of arctic air and lake-effect snow.

The polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region. Occasionally, this pocket of very cold air can get dislodged farther south than normal, leading to cold outbreaks in Canada and the U.S.

The main blast of cold air associated with the plunging polar vortex will swing southeastward into the Central and Eastern states spanning Sunday, Nov. 9, to Friday, Nov. 14, 2014. According to AccuWeather Long Range Expert Paul Pastelok, "Areas from the northern and central Plains to the Great Lakes, the upper Gulf Coast and the Appalachians will feel significant impact from the arctic outbreak."


Early heavy snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere

Early and unusually heavy snowfalls effected several regions across the Northern Hemisphere in October 2014.

Source: Adapt 2030


2 metres of heavy snowfall in Turkey - 36 village roads closed

50 cm (20 inches) of snow in Artvin. On a plateau near Rize a car was stuck in 2 meters of snow.

According to Special Provincial Administration teams, the snow was 50 cm (20 inches) deep in higher elevations.

A written statement from the General Directorate of Meteorology asked citizens to be cautious due to the expected heavy snowfall in some provinces. It warned: 'Heavy Snow Coming!'

Artvin, Ardahan and northern districts of Rize and Erzurum expected heavy snowfall in the higher parts.



Heavy snowfall closes Brenner motorway in Austria

Snow in Tyrol.
Heavy snowfall brought traffic on the Brenner motorway (A13) to a complete standstill for several hours on Thursday morning in Tyrol.

Trucks formed long convoys in both directions and even snowploughs had trouble getting through.

Due to dangerous driving conditions and the need to clear snow the motorway was closed between the Brenner pass and Schönberg for a distance of around 20 km to all traffic for several hours, a spokeswoman for the Austrian motoring association (ÖAMTC) told the Austrian Press Agency.

Trucks travelling in the direction of Italy were stopped at Vomp and had to park on the hard shoulder of the Inn Valley motorway.


Over 2,000 people evacuated in Iran due to heavy snowfall

Over 2,000 people were evacuated in 11 provinces of Iran due to heavy snowfalls and blizzards, the Iranian Red Crescent Society's representative, Hussein Derahshan said Nov. 5, the Fars news agency reported.

He said some 220 of people evacuated were provided with temporary shelter.

Derahshan added that classes were suspended at schools in the cities of Sereyn, Ardabil and Nir of Ardebil province, and the city of Firozkoh of Tehran province due to heavy snows.

It has been three days that the snowfalls are continuing in Iran's northern regions, including in the provinces of Qazvin, West Azerbaijan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Ardabil, Gulistan, East Azerbaijan and others.

In some places the snow depth is over 10 centimeters.


100 year snow records broken across the Southeastern U.S. on October 31st and November 01st

It was the earliest and heaviest snow in several places since records have been kept dating as far back as 1880.
Record Snow
© wattsupwiththat.com
100 Year Snow Records broken across the South Eastern US on October 31st and November 01st. It was the earliest and heaviest snow in several places since records have been kept dating as far back as 1880.

Reduced sunspot count shows Solar hibernation is occurring along with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) showing a cooling Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO) Atlantic Ocean temperature is predicted to fall by 2020, which screams of cooling events to take place globally.

Snowflake Cold

Record snowfall prompts road closures and evacuations from Great Smoky Mountains National Park

© Highonleconte.com
LeConte Lodge crew member Jeanie Lawley in one of the snow trenches outside their dining room
Rangers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed all roads due to slick conditions from snow and ice and concerns about downed trees from high winds.

The list of road closures includes U.S. Highway 441/Newfound Gap Road, Little River Road, Laurel Creek Road and Cades Cove Loop Road.

The Sugarlands and Oconaluftee visitors centers are open.

Rangers also began working to evacuate campers at the Elkmont and Cades Cove campgrounds due to fallen trees and concerns about safety. All campers must leave Elkmont. Campers in tents must leave Cades Cove. RV campers will be allowed to stay at this time.


Winter is coming: Earliest snowfall in recorded history falls in Columbia, SC

snow columbia south carolina
© WISTV.com
The snow that fell in the Midlands on Saturday morning is the earliest in recorded history.

Some areas reported 2-3 inches of the white stuff. The snow stayed mostly to the north and to the west of Columbia.

At this point, most roadways are not cold enough to cause any icing or accumulations, however, you are urged to be cautious in areas where frozen precipitation has fallen. Be especially aware when driving over bridges as those will freeze first.