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SOTT Focus: Surprise Surprise! Another "Terrorist Attack" In Egypt

One day after Osama reminded us all that he is still a threat to the entire world (and quite possibly the known universe), as if by magic, three bombs explode in Egypt's Sinai resort of Dahab, killing 30 people and wounding dozens more.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: It can't happen here

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From 9/11 to the sabre rattling over Iran, the Bush gang have been able to get away with murder and war crimes while the press has done nothing more than slap them on their wrists -- that is, after the media performed its patriotic role in egging the US public into a new crusade against Islam. How bad will it have to get before Americans decide they have had enough of war and lies? When will American liberals wake up and see the obvious link between 9/11 and the subsequent war on liberties, and draw the obvious conclusions?

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SOTT Focus: The Destruction of the 911 Truth Movement

Lately, it sure looks like the whole Alternative News and 911 Truth movement is being subjected to the Ponerization process (being twisted to become an agent for Evil), so perhaps now would be a good time to take a look at how that process develops. First, a little background.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: 9/11 and the Future

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This week we finish our conversation with astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit and discuss 9/11 and the catastrophe that awaits us if more individuals don't start thinking for themselves. Among the topics are societal brainwashing, breaking through the barrier of language, the absurdity of the official thesis explaining 9/11, and the idea that presidents don't lie.

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SOTT Focus: War Crimes: A Question of Conscience

Yesterday's UK Daily Mail informs us that RAF doctor Malcolm Kendall-Smith has been sentenced to eight months in jail after being found guilty by a court martial of failing to comply with "lawful orders" after refusing to serve in the Iraq war.

Kendall-Smith is said to have told a pre-trial hearing last month that he refused to go to Iraq because he believed the war was illegal and he did not want to be complicit with an act of aggression contrary to international law. He reportedly said that he had "evidence that the Americans were on a par with Nazi Germany with its actions in the Persian Gulf. I have documents in my possession which support my assertions. This is on the basis that on-going acts of aggression in Iraq and systematically applied war crimes provide a moral equivalent between the US and Nazi Germany."

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SOTT Focus: Government-Assured Deception

For all those who may, despite Netanyahu's compelling argument at the UN yesterday, feel themselves teetering on the brink of falling for the foul-smelling propaganda about Iran and its "nuclear threat" to the world, there are a few things I'd like you to consider.

In the last 6 years or so, there have been literally dozens of official reports about Iran's nuclear program, and virtually all of them have stated that there is no evidence that Iran is planning to develop a nuclear weapon.

What Iran is doing is attempting to achieve a "nuclear capability", which the Iranians claim is for peaceful purposes, like nuclear power plants etc. The problem is that once a country achieves this "nuclear capability" there is little to stop them from using that capability to produce a nuclear weapon.


SOTT Focus: More Patsies Take a Fall For Israeli, British and American Terrorism

Today, in an example of the joke that the Western 'justice' system has become, a Spanish judge passed down sentences on 29 Moroccon patsies for their alleged yet wholly uncorroborated part in the Madrid Train bombings:

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Who are the Ummites? Part 2

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In part two of our conversation with Jean-Pierre Petit on the Ummites, we start by looking at some of the problems such a communication might entail, look at what the effects on society might be if an extra-terrestrial presence were made known, and discuss the possibilities of a future cometary impact.

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SOTT Focus: SOTT Podcast: Who are the Ummites? Part 1

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In this two part podcast, we continue our conversation with astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit. We begin by looking at the use of RFID chips as a means of controlling individuals by lodging them in the brain. Jean-Pierre then recounts some of his experiences with the Ummite letters. The Ummite letters claim to be written by extra-terrestrials from the planet Ummo fifteen light years from earth. They claim they have been living here among us since 1950. Are they what they say they are, or is it a vast manipulation?

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SOTT Focus: Another Shrine Bombing, More Conflicting Reports

What kind of people would deliberately massacre dozens of people attending their place of worship? Are these agents of MI5 and the Mossad human at all? Because let's face it, it is absolutely clear that the only beneficiaries of the spate of shrine bombings in Iraq are the ones currently illegally occupying that country - Britain America and Israel.Today, there was another attack. at least 50 dead and 130 injured, and like the previous bombings, there are again conflicting reports that suggest that this was NOT a "suicide bombing". The BBC reports that:
"there was initial confusion after the blasts, with first reports suggesting the explosions were caused by mortar fire, but police then said they believed three suicide bombers were responsible."
The Associated Press tells us how they knew that suicide bombers and not mortars were involved: