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More than 50 UFOs spotted during Snowstorm

More than 35 people called police on Wednesday night to report seeing UFOs during heavy snow.

The callers, including a traffic cop, said 50 orange lights hovered in the sky for 15 minutes before drifting into the night.

Moira Dawson, 57, said: "We thought they were fireworks but they didn't make any noise. They just floated in the snowfall."

Another witness near Gatwick airport in West Sussex said: "We thought it was an invasion."


Poland: Alleged UFO photographed in Kielce [15/12/06]

Anomalous object in photo

On 15th December 2006 at about 15:20 Mr. J.B. took photos of a plane passing over Kielce - Uroczysko from a balcony of his flat. He applied Canon Eos 350D camera. After downloading the photos onto his PC he noticed a strange object resembling a bright dot in the airplane area.

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Falling Ice Damages Car in Florida: Aliens, Atmosphere, or Airplane?

Town 'N Country, Florida - Neighbors heard a whistling sound is what they described before noticing that a neighbor's car was severely damaged.

The Ford Mustang had a 100 pound block of ice sitting in the backseat. The back end of the car was caved in. The only explanation from neighbors is the ice fell from the sky. Hillsborough deputies do not believe it was a criminal activity.

The 20-year-old owner of the car is upset and did not want to talk to Tampa Bay's 10 News. His father says he has not seen anything like it before.

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UFO's seen over South Shore sky - Filmed by TV Station

It's hard to draw a surfer's attention away from the next wave, but whatever was in the northwest sky Friday evening around 6:20 p.m. drew a crowd along Kewalo Basin and Ala Moana Beach Park.

Honolulu resident Peter Hollingworth described as two lights circling in the sky, about 45 degrees above the horizon.

Video of one of the lights was recorded from the Channel 2 SkyCam.

"These two little fireballs with a stream behind it," said Hollingworth. "Looked kind of like a shooting start but it just kept going. They changed directions a few times, at first it was coming in then it turned, then it went out then it came back in again"

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Cover-up! Lights 'not of this world' mystery finally solved

Mysterious lights in the sky witnessed and photographed by an Air Force colonel who described them as "not of this world" apparently have an explanation of this Earth after all, WND can reveal.

Officials say the colorful illuminations seen Jan. 9 over western Arkansas came from special military flares that slowly parachuted to the ground as part of an Air Force training mission involving A-10 aircraft pilots at nearby Fort Chaffee, a base used for testing weaponry.

"We were flying A-10s in that area and they were using flares," Jessica D'Aurizio, chief of public affairs at the 917th Wing of the Air Force Reserve at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, told WND.

She says the flares, which stay lit for about five minutes, produce nearly 2 million candlepower.

Comment: Yeah, right. And the Roswell UFO crash was a weather balloon.

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911 callers report lights in sky in Charlotte - with photo

©CHARLES MILLER; cropped and lightened by Charlotte.com for clarity
His account: Last night just after 8:30, I was in the backyard smoking a cig and saw a light coming in toward Kings Mountain from the south-southeast. ... I went in the house and got my camera and came back out in the front yard to shoot it.

Emergency dispatchers around Charlotte handle wacky 911 calls each night. But Wednesday, agencies got the same type of unusual call:

A hovering light was in the sky.

Others described it as a plane that might be in trouble. A blueish glow. A fire in the sky. A light moving too slow to be a plane.

The calls came into Iredell, Lincoln, Mooresville and Huntersville emergency dispatchers around 8 p.m. -- with even a dispatcher's dad calling in a sighting and one Lincoln County officer reportedly seeing it.


Jacques Vallee, Critical Thinking, and Intelligent UFOlogy

This is yet another preface to our upcoming series on UFOlogy - the first was our UFOlogy Library. In the past month, I've received many emails from people who would rather see Brainsturbator move in a different direction. Some of these messages have been eloquent and polite, some of them have been very confrontational - but they all make the same point: on a planet where over 10,000 children die every single day due to starvation, disease, abuse or warfare, what the fuck am I doing talking about aliens?

Well, first off, I'm not talking about aliens. The UFO phenomenon is way stranger than mere extraterrestrials. And that's precisely why I'm interested in it, and why I will continue to cover it - it's located at the center of nearly all that is weird and unexplained in the human experience. This is slippery territory, and it's very easy to get tripped up on your own assumptions, it's very easy to make mistakes - huge, retarded mistakes.

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What's Up? UFO Observed in Western Iran

Tehran - A radiant Unidentified Flying Object was again observed in the sky of Central Sepidar in the vicinity of Bouyer Ahmad in western Iran from 19:10 to 20:30 hours local time (15:40 to 17:00 GMT) Wednesday.

Witnesses told FNA that the object has been observed for more than an hour.

In a similar incident last Monday, an Unidentified Flying Object was witnessed in the same area and at the same time.

Witnesses also said that the UFO has been as big as a ball, with a yellow ray and a bright reddish color in the center.

They also stated that the object has been flying at a very low altitude.

Officials declined to comment on the event.

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Skyfish and Solar Entities

They may be all around us... in the sky, in the water, even in our homes. They have been captured only on film and videotape. No one knows what they are, where they come from, whether or not they are alive, and they have never been touched or seen at rest.

They are called "rods," "skyfish" and sometimes "solar entities." Although the video evidence is compelling that they are quite real and probably living creatures, they are completely unknown to science - a fascinating and baffling mystery.


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The encrypted Military communication channel of NASA deals with extraterrestrial UFOs - as common in Space as planes in the sky

It is interesting to know NASA is completely quiet about it. Whenever Astronauts detect an alien ship trailing the Space Shuttle or other missions, they switch to the encrypted Military communication that is closed to common public.

Evidence has come up which now points to the fact that there are thousands of alien space ships that control the space around the earth. The alien ships follow the terrestrial missions closely. The astronauts see them all the time but asked to keep quiet about the same.