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Tue, 16 Oct 2018
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Mysterious eerie hum from the sky baffles Sweden residents

Strange hum in Sweden
© YouTube/Rene Krupinski
YouTuber Rene Krupinski shared the bizarre clip which features a low unusual fluctuating noise appearing to emanate from the sky in Sweden.

The two minute and 21 second video was reshared by another YouTube channel today.

Comment: The footage was originally published in January, 2018.

It is the latest in a string of unusual noises to heard from the sky worldwide - with unusual hums and horrific "trumpet" noises.

Scientists have been theorising what is causing this noise, with theories ranging from shifting ice to distant storms.

Krupinski shared the video of him standing in a snowy landscape, which is silent apart from a constant low buzz - and a passing snowmobile.

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Two drownings under investigation as flash floods hit Pretoria, South Africa

Roads are flooding in Pretoria‚ Johannesburg and southern Gauteng.
© Twitter/@tWeatherSA
Roads are flooding in Pretoria‚ Johannesburg and southern Gauteng.
The City of Tshwane's emergency services are investigating an alert that two people may have drowned in the Apies River during a weekend of flash floods and electricity outages across the city, following heavy rains.

On Sunday afternoon, the Tshwane Emergency Services Department (EMS) said it had attended to various flooding incidents since Saturday afternoon when a thunderstorm with strong winds and hail approached Tshwane from the south.

The initial storm started in the East Rand and swept through Tshwane. The northern and western areas were the most affected from around 1pm continuing throughout the night. Storm water drains were blocked and could not handle the massive amount of water, hail and debris entering certain areas.

The most severe flash floods were observed in Hammanskraal, Temba, Pretoria West and Pretoria North.

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Effect of Hurricane Michael on Tyndall AFB: Unaccounted fighter jets, billions worth of damage and "complete loss"

F-15 display flipped over 1

F-15 display flipped over
After Hurricane Michael rendered Tyndall Air Force Base a "complete loss" from "widespread, catastrophic damage" - questions remain over nearly two-dozen F-22 Stealth Fighters which are unaccounted for.

According to the New York Times, Tyndall is home to 55 stealth fighters, "which cost a dizzying $339 million each." Before Michael hit, the Air Force evacuated at least 33 of the planes to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, however they would not comment on the status of the remaining 22 fighters.

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2-year-old mauled to death by family's dog in Alvin, Texas

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
A 2-year-old Alvin girl was killed Friday evening by the dog a relative said her family planned to have taken away because it was aggressive.

Brazoria County deputies said the child was left alone in the front yard with the dog, when the family took some bags inside from their shopping trip.

She died at the scene following attempts to revive her. The mixed-breed dog was euthanized, and will be tested for rabies, which is protocol.

No charges have been filed against the parents, with the sheriff's office calling it a tragedy. The family and the toddler have not been identified.


Hurricane Michael's death toll stands at 14 after 'obliterating' Mexico Beach

Hurricane Michael Mexico beach
Rescuers intensified their efforts on Saturday in the attempt to find survivors amid the ruins of a small Florida Panhandle community that was nearly obliterated by Hurricane Michael. One body had already been recovered.

Crews with dogs went door-to-door in Mexico Beach, pushing aside debris to get inside badly damage structures in a second wave of searches after what leaders said was an initial and "hasty" search of the area.

Authorities said there was little doubt the death toll would rise from the storm, which made landfall on Wednesday as a category four hurricane with 155mph winds and heavy storm surge. The tally of lives lost across the south stood at 14, including the victim found in the rubble of Mexico Beach, where about 1,000 people live.


Storm Leslie: Portugal hit by hurricane-force winds

storm leslie
The storm passed through the capital Lisbon
Hurricane-force winds have brought down hundreds of trees and left more than 15,000 homes without power in Portugal.

The remnants of Hurricane Leslie swept into the centre and north of the country overnight on Saturday.

There have been no reports of deaths or injuries, but officials have warned people not to venture outdoors, and a number of flights have been cancelled.

The storm, one of the most powerful to ever hit the country, is now heading over northern Spain.

Winds gusting up to 176km/h (109mph) were recorded after the storm struck the mainland.

Most of the power cuts are in Leiria district and on the outskirts of the capital, Lisbon, although other areas are affected too.

Hundreds of people remained in an arts centre in Figueira da Foz after a concert because of the high winds.

Sunday's Lisbon marathon is still expected to take place, though with an hour's delay to the start, Spain's El Pais reported.

It is rare for an Atlantic hurricane to reach the Iberian Peninsula, and it is thought this could be the most powerful to hit Portugal since 1842.

Comment: Portugal is facing the region's strongest Atlantic storm since 1842

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Mother battered by massive hailstones in heroic attempt to shield her baby

© Reuters / B Mathur
A Queensland mother was left covered in large bruises and cuts after she used her body to shield her four-month-old baby from a brutal hailstorm.

Fiona Simpson was driving to her home in Kingaroy, Queensland with her new baby and grandmother when an extreme storm hit on Thursday. She pulled over when driving conditions got bad, but had no idea just how bad things were going to get.

Simpson soon heard a loud bang and turned around to see what had happened. "All this rain starts coming in, and the back window where my daughter was was just open ... it's gone," she told ABC. The large hailstones had smashed through the window.

Simpson quickly jumped into the backseat and used her body to shelter her baby from the onslaught of large hailstones and rain. "I looked down and I could see she was screaming but I couldn't even hear her, that's how loud it was," she said.

Comment: Freak 'hailnado' blankets southern Queensland with tennis-ball-sized hail


Nine dead after Himalayan snow storm destroys climbers' camp in Nepal

Nepal is home to eight of the world's 14 highest peaks
Nepal is home to eight of the world's 14 highest peaks
A group of five South Korean climbers and four Nepali climbers and porters has been reported missing after a storm hit a camp on a Himalayan peak in west Nepal, officials said on Saturday.

Tourism Ministry official Rameshwar Niraula said the storm struck the group at the base camp of Mount Gurja, a mountain of 7,913 metres (25,961 feet), on Saturday. The official said the camp had been destroyed.

Wangchu Sherpa, head of the Trekking Camp Nepal agency that provided local support to the South Korean team, said the camp had been devastated, citing the pilot of a rescue helicopter that was sent to look for the missing group on Saturday morning.

Niraula didn't disclose the names of the missing climbers and porters and gave no further details of the incident, which involves the largest group to be hit by a climbing accident in Nepal in two years.


Powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits off Kuril Islands, Russia

There were no immediate reports about casualties or destruction

A strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake was registered in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril Islands, US Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The earthquake's epicenter lay at a depth of 467 kilometers. The tremors were registered 234 kilometers northwest of the village of Ozernovsky (inhabited by 1,500 people).

There were no immediate reports about casualties or destruction. No tsunami alert has been issued so far.

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Storm Callum: Parts of Wales see 'worst flooding in 30 years'

North the dog overlooks Crickhowell in Powys as the River Usk burst its banks
North the dog overlooks Crickhowell in Powys as the River Usk burst its banks
Rivers have burst their banks, homes are flooded while some are without power and Wales is suffering travel chaos as Storm Callum wreaks havoc.

Parts of Wales have seen their worst flooding in 30 years with Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Powys the worst hit. Flood warnings remain in place.

One village is ready to evacuate and people have been told to stay at home.

Wales was the windiest place in the UK on Saturday with gusts of 60mph (97kmh) hitting at Milford Haven.

Capel Curig in Conwy was among the wettest places in the UK with 46.2mm (1.6ins) of rain, the wettest being Shap in Cumbria.

A Met Office amber warning to expect flooding runs until 18:00 BST while the rest of Wales is on yellow possible flooding alert until midnight.