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Fri, 09 Jun 2023
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Horror as boy, 2, mauled to death by family's German Shepherd in Costa Rica

Dexter Yael, 2, was mauled to death by his pet dog
© Jam Press
Dexter Yael, 2, was mauled to death by his pet dog
A two-year-old boy has been mauled to death by the family's pet dog in Costa Rica.

The tragic incident happened in the morning of May 1 in San Isidro de El General of the Central American country at his family home.

It has been reported that the German Shepherd, named Tayler and was four years old, suddenly latched onto the Dexter Yael's neck after he had fallen on top of the animal, according to the child's relatives.

Dexter's father Alex Guerra told local media: "I wasn't at home at the time. But from what I understand, my son kind of stumbled on top of the dog and that's when it attacked him."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills two motorcyclists in Balochistan, Pakistan

At least two people were killed and two others sus­tained injuries after light­ning struck them on the National Highway near Luck Pass area of Mastung district during heavy rain on Friday.

Mastung Station House Officer (SHO) Mujeeb Ba­loch told APP that the vic­tims were on their way to Mastung from Quet­ta on two bikes when they were hit by lightning during rain. As a result, two of them died on the spot and two others sus­tained injuries.

The bod­ies and the injured were rushed to Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani Hospi­tal Mastung. Both the in­jured were stated to be in critical condition. The bodies were identified as Riaz Ahmed and Ehsan-ul Haq residents of Darikhan Thal area.


Rare tornado strikes Los Angeles County, buildings damaged


FOX Weather correspondent Max Gorden said the roof from a behavioral health service building in Carson, California came off from a EF-0 tornado. This is the second tornado to hit Los Angeles County this year.


Fish from the twilight zone are washing up on Oregon beaches and no one knows why

Oregon State Parks said several lancetfish have washed up on beaches in recent weeks in a highly unusual spate of strandings.
© Oregon State Parks
Several lancetfish have washed up along a 200-mile stretch of the Oregon coast.

Bizarre, rarely seen cannibalistic fish with giant eyes and dagger-like fangs have been washing up along the Oregon coast, leaving experts stumped.

In a Facebook post on May 1, Oregon State Parks wrote that several lancetfish had been found on beaches from Nehalem south to Bandon in recent weeks.

"No one is sure why they are washing ashore," the post read.

Longnose lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox) normally live in tropical and subtropical waters. While they can be found in shallow waters, their preferred habitat is the twilight zone — around 650 to 3,300 feet (200 to 1,000 meters) beneath the ocean surface.

One of the lancetfish recently found in Oregon was still alive when it washed up and was helped back into the ocean and it was able to swim off, Oregon State Parks wrote.


For Western ranchers, harsh weather has meant brutal losses during prime calving season

In remote southeast Oregon, about the only place to stop for a hundred miles is the Oasis Cafe in Juntura.

Travelers come in for coffee and to warm up near the wood stove. Locals gather here too.

Rancher Glenn Harris sits down with a couple of his neighbors for a hot burger. He's talking about what everyone's talking about right now: How this bitter spring has been devastating for newborn calves.

"We had about two feet of snow at least on top of five or six inches of ice," Harris said. "Those calves are born and they just melt right down to that ice."


More than 1,000 evacuated as Guatemala volcano erupts

Guatemalan authorities evacuated more than 1,000 people and closed a road as Central America's most active volcano erupted Thursday, spewing thick clouds of ash over farms and towns not far from the capital city.

Civil protection official Oscar Cossio said 1,054 people had been evacuated from five communities near the foot of the volcano and moved to a sports hall for shelter.

He said that number was likely to rise as a full accounting of the evacuees was carried out.

Guatemala's Conred disaster center said the volcano named Fuego, Spanish for "fire," was sending out "pyroclastic flows" -- a high-temperature mix of gas, ash and rock fragments "which descend with great speed down the flanks of the volcanic complex."


9-month-old killed, woman seriously injured in dog attack in Waterloo, Iowa

dog attack
A dog was put down after a baby was killed and a woman was seriously injured in Waterloo, Iowa.

In a news release, Waterloo Police Department said officers were called out Thursday just after 7 a.m. about an animal attack at 1280 Scott Avenue. Once officers and Waterloo Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, they found two victims inside the house that had been bitten by a dog.

Police said, according to KWWL, that the 49-year-old woman was airlifted to the hospital for serious injuries.

A 9-month-old baby was pronounced dead at the scene, police say.


Davis sets an all-time West Virginia record for May snowfall - 20 inches in 3 days

A country road near Davis this week.
© Alan Tomson
A country road near Davis this week. Crews had to pull snowplows out off storage and get going.
The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh reports the Tucker County town of Davis officially received 20.3 inches of snow during the first three days of May. The accumulation is an all time record for anywhere in West Virginia for snowfall in the month of May.

"We had started to make the transition. The trees had budded, flowers were coming up, and people were cutting their grass last week. All of the traditional signs of spring were happening and all of a sudden we had three days of snow," said Davis Mayor Alan Tomson.

It wasn't just three days of snow. It was three days of driving, pounding, wet snow which quickly started to pile up each night.


Shallow 6.2 Magnitude earthquake hits Japan

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Japan on Friday.

Officials said there was no preliminary damage and no tsunami threat.

The earthquake struck Ishikawa prefecture near the central-west coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu, according to the US Geological Survey's earthquake information center.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes claim 340 lives in 13 months across Bangladesh

A total of 340 people were killed by lightning strikes in the country from April 2022 to May 3, 2023.

Among them, 274 people, including 239 men and 35 women, died due to lightning strikes during the period from April to December last year.

Save the Society and Thunderstorm Awareness Forum (SSTF) published the death toll during an awareness program involving 300 farmers on Thursday.

The SSTF has been monitoring casualties from thunderstorms since 2019.

Dr Kabirul Bashar, president of the organization, and General Secretary Rashim Mollah demanded steps from the government to reduce the number of deaths from lightning.