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Wed, 07 Dec 2022
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1,700 endangered seals wash ashore on Russia's Caspian Sea shore

dead seals russia caspian sea
© Ministry of Environment of Dagestan / Telegram
1,700 endangered seals wash ashore in the Dagestan Republic
The mammals were found dead on the Caspian Sea coast and are presumed to have succumbed to natural causes

Over a thousand seals have been found dead on the coast of the Caspian Sea, local authorities in Russia's southern Dagestan Republic said on Sunday. The region's Ministry of Environment says natural factors are likely behind the incident.

Zaur Gapizov, the general director of the Caspian Nature Protection Center, said the mammals seem to have perished at least two weeks ago and been washed ashore by a storm. "There are no signs that they were killed, no remains of fishing nets have been found," he noted, adding that local authorities are continuing to examine the coast. Gapizov estimated that "most likely, the number of dead seals is much higher" than the 1,700 already found.

Eye 2

Malaysian crocodile kills 1-year-old boy, injures father attempting rescue

A 1-year-old boy was snatched and eaten alive by a crocodile while fishing with his father in Malaysia.

On Thursday morning, the boy was on a canoe with his 45-year-old father, identified as Moherat, off the coast of Lahad Datu in Sabah when the 11-foot crocodile grabbed him.

The father immediately tried to fight off the reptile but was not able to rescue his son.

"Despite the man's best efforts, he ended up with numerous bite wounds and could not stop his son being dragged underwater," said Sumsoa Rashid, head of the Lahad Datu Fire and Rescue Agency. "There are several viral videos showing how the victim was attacked by the crocodile and then grabbed before being dragged to a nearby river."

Cloud Precipitation

South African worshippers swept away in river flash flood, 9 killed and 8 missing

Rescue teams resumed their search of the river on Sunday after stopping late on Saturday evening
Rescue teams resumed their search of the river on Sunday after stopping late on Saturday evening
Nine people have died in South Africa and eight are missing after a flash flood in a river swept away worshippers taking part in a church ceremony.

Some of the more than 30 congregants were standing on rocks in the river on Saturday when a torrent of water surged through, an eyewitness said.

The pastor was saved after he clung on to an overhanging tree branch as he was being carried away, the witness added.

Rescuers resumed the search of Johannesburg's Jukskei river on Sunday.


Raccoon mauls girl in vicious attack in Canterbury, Connecticut

The mum picked up her daughter as she wrestled with the raccoon

The mum picked up her daughter as she wrestled with the raccoon
A mum hurled a raccoon across a garden after her 7-year-old daughter's leg was mauled during a vicious attack.

Schoolgirl Rylee MacNamara, from Connecticut, was standing outside her family home on Friday at 7.45am waiting for her parents to take her to school when a raccoon came out of nowhere and attacked the student.

In the unprovoked attack, the savage beast attacked the girl's leg and sunk its claws into her foot as she was forced to try and shake off the animal.

After several attempts to free herself from the wild beast, Rylee began to scream in terror as the raccoon clung on to her leg in the frightening ordeal.

The child was screaming from the top of her lungs as the animal persisted in attacking her leg which left her terrified.


Coyote attacks toddler outside home in Woodland Hills, California

A terrifying sight for a parent as a young child was attacked by a coyote outside their Woodland Hills home.

The incident, which occurred Friday evening on Martha Street near Capistrano Avenue, was caught on surveillance cameras.

The child and her father got home, parked in the driveway and started to get out of the vehicle. As the father reaches into the car to grab something, the coyote comes along and appears to bite the toddler. The little girl screams and her father rushes to her side and the coyote starts backing away.

According to California Fish and Wildlife, they have received several calls regarding an aggressive coyote in the neighborhood weeks prior to this incident.


Pit bull mauls man to death in South Africa - 5th such fatality within 3 weeks

A pit bull mauled a 39-year-old man to death in the early hours of Saturday in Mogwase near Rustenburg in the North West.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani said Floyd Metsileng was a patron of the tavern.

"When the time came to close the tavern, the owner did so. He allegedly alerted the people to leave, closed [the tavern] and left the premises. It is alleged that the owner unleashed his dogs, as he normally does, after closing [the tavern]," she said.

It was alleged that Metsileng went back to the tavern, Funani said.

Comment: Details of the other attacks:


Hundreds evacuated after Indonesia's Semeru volcano erupts

A man looks on as Mount Semeru releases volcanic materials during an eruption on Sunday.
© AP
A man looks on as Mount Semeru releases volcanic materials during an eruption on Sunday.
Indonesia's highest volcano on its most densely populated island erupted early on Sunday, spewing a column of ash 1.5km into the air and prompting evacuations of residents from the eruption area.

Lava flowed down Semeru's slopes, traveling toward a nearby river, while several villages were blanketed with falling ash, blocking out the sun, but no casualties have been reported.

Several hundred people were moved to temporary shelters or other safe areas, according to Joko Sambang who heads the disaster management agency in Lumajang, East Java province.

People were advised to stay 5km from the crater's mouth, and avoid the southeastern sector area along the Besuk Kobokan river located about 13km (8 miles) from the crater.

Snowflake Cold

December kicks off with over 3 feet of snow and strong winds gusting at 123-mph in mountains of California

Caltrans remote video traffic camera, traffic moves slowly through the snowy
© Caltrans
In this image taken from video from a Caltrans remote video traffic camera, traffic moves slowly through the snowy conditions along Interstate 80 near Truckee, California, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022.
It was a snowy start to meteorological winter across the mountains of California Thursday as a winter storm tracked across the state, and AccuWeather forecasters say that more snow is on the way.

The storm arrived in Northern California late Wednesday and continued throughout Thursday, delivering much-needed rain to the lower elevations. San Francisco International Airport measured 0.71 of an inch of rain on Thursday, nearly half of the 1.58 inches of rain that fell in all of November.

A yardstick was needed to measure the snow in the higher elevations with snow causing travel-related headaches for drivers across the region.

Interstate 80 at Donner Pass and Highway 50 at Echo Summit were closed periodically throughout the storm due to vehicles stuck on the snowpacked roads, but the roads have since been reopened to traffic.

Comment: Another heavy snowfall report from the same state:
China Peak Mountain Resort sees at least 2 feet of snow, expecting more

China Peak Mountain Resort
© China Peak Mountain Resort website.
There is good news for those who like to hit the slopes.

Officials at China Peak Mountain Resort said they saw some pretty consistent snowfall since around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 1st. As of Friday, December 2nd, they have gained nearly two feet of snow since Thursday morning and they are expecting much more through the weekend.

Resort operator Tim Cohee says that China Peak will be open Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th. In total, he says he's expecting anywhere from six to eight feet of snow by Sunday night.


Massive dust storm in Kansas

A powerful but dry cold front moved through northwest Kansas on Friday and it carried a lot of dust.

"Advancing walls of dust like this created by strong synoptic gradient winds are called haboobs," said Storm Team 12 Meteorologist Cassie Wilson.

The dust could be seen from space as it moved across the state.


Pack of dogs viciously maul man to death as he checked electricity meter in Queensland, Australia

dog attack
A contractor for an energy company has died after he was attacked by multiple dogs at a home in Greenbank, Queensland.

Emergency services were called to a home on Ison Road about 10.45am on Saturday morning, where paramedics located a 42-year-old Marsden man with critical injuries.

He died at the scene despite the best efforts of emergency services.

The man is understood to have been a contractor for Energex and was sent to read a meter box at a house when he was set upon by three Bull Arabs.