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Mon, 06 Jul 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods in western Wisconsin - up to 9 inches of rainfall in 24 hours

floods in St. Croix County Wisconsin, USA, June 2020.
© St. Croix County Sheriffs Office
Floods in St. Croix County Wisconsin, USA, June 2020.
Officials in St. Croix County in western Wisconsin declared a state of emergency on 29 June after major flash flooding.

In a statement, county officials said: "On June 28 and 29, parts of St. Croix County received over seven inches of rain causing flooding and washed out roads across the county. The areas experiencing significant flooding are the Municipalities of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, Rush River, Eau Galle, Warren, Hammond, Baldwin, Springfield, Erin Prairie, Emerald, Glenwood, Cylon, and Forest."

At one point over 50 roads were closed in the area due to flooding. St. Croix County Sheriff's Office reported that a man died after after his vehicle entered a flooded area in the town of Baldwin. The vehicle entered a ditch and became submerged in water.


Monster sandstorm engulfs a Chinese city in minutes

Sandstorm in Hotan, China
© Dragon Fruit Media
A local resident who witnessed the freak weather described the monster sandstorm as 'the worst one in years.' The picture shows the city of Hotan being devoured by the sandstorm
Residents have captured the terrifying moment a freak sandstorm engulfs a Chinese city in minutes.

Apocalyptic footage shows the city of Hotan in western China being devoured by the sweeping sandstorm, turning skies orange and blocking out the sun with thick dust.

Another video filmed by a motorist shows his view from the windscreen being completely covered by the sand, with nothing visible in sight.

The terrifying scene was captured on camera by onlookers in Hotan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region of western China.

The sandstorm is said to have entered the city at 4:50pm yesterday with high swirls of winds over 46mph and a visibility of less than 50 metres (164 feet), according to Chinese media.

One video filmed by a driver shows the vehicles flashing with hazard lights carefully passing on a road as the sky is darkened by the thick sand.


Iceland earthquake swarm hits 9,000 quakes in 10 days

Image showing the earthquake swarm to the north of Iceland
Image showing the earthquake swarm to the north of Iceland.
An ongoing earthquake swarm in Iceland has now reached around 9,000 quakes, officials have said. The swarm, in the north of the country, began on June 19. Experts with the Iceland Meteorological Office (IMO) said activity is ongoing and more earthquakes can be expected.

In an updated statement on the IMO website, officials said there were two events above magnitude 3 on June 28. Both these earthquakes were felt in Siglufjordur and Ólafsfjordur — towns near to where they hit.

The IMO said that of the 9,000 earthquakes, three have been above magnitude 5. This includes a magnitude 5.8 earthquake on June 28. It said there is a chance of more earthquakes of this magnitude in the area.

What is causing the earthquake swarm is not known. Kristín Jónsdóttir, Earthquakes Hazards Officer for the IMO, told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV: "We're trying to figure out what's going on."

She said the earthquakes are shallow and it could be that they are related to geothermal production in the region, as they are located near a geothermal power plant.

Comment: Iceland's Grímsvötn volcano showing signs of increased activity, eruption possible


Funnel clouds spotted by weather watchers across the north-east of Scotland

A funnel cloud spotted above Dyce

A funnel cloud spotted above Dyce
While the region contended with thunder and lightning - and a series of torrential downpours - it was an unfamiliar sight hovering above Dyce in Aberdeen that grabbed the most attention.

Thought to be a funnel cloud, the weather pattern is the first step towards the development of a tornado.

It is only when the cloud makes contact with the ground that it can be described as a tornado or, if it lands at sea, what is known as a waterspout.

When that does happen, the pressure of the clouds forms a "vortex", suddenly generating high-powered and extremely destructive winds to swirl around it.

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Strange events happening across our planet

More Chinese regions brace for floods as storms shift east

More Chinese regions brace for floods as storms shift east
Incredible events continue to sweep our planet from now locust swarms in S. America moving toward the US, 200 year floods in Europe, 50 year floods Japan, 100 year floods China, worlds longest lightning bolt in Brazil and rail traffic down 21.9% compared to 2019.

Comment: For more information on extreme weather events from around the world, check out our monthly Earth Changes Summaries. The latest video: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Cloud Precipitation

Rampaging floods inundate Northern Bangladesh with situation set to worsen

People use makeshift raft as transport during the flood in Sunamganj
© Dhaka Tribune
People use makeshift raft as transport during the flood in Sunamganj
Situation may worsen over next 4-5 days, forecasts FFWC

With the monsoon setting in and onrush of hilly water from the upstream, Bangladesh is currently facing a serious threat of floods that could cause extensive damage to farmlands across the country, officials have said.

Heavy precipitation and onrush of water from hilly areas upstream have already inundated districts in the northern and eastern regions of the country.

Low lying and char areas and crop fields in Kurigram, Gaibandha, Bogra, Sylhet, Sunamganj, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, and Jamalpur, have gone under water while thousands of people have been left marooned.


Nearly 14 million affected by continuing storms and floods in China, with more heavy rainfall forecast

More Chinese regions brace for floods as storms shift east

More Chinese regions brace for floods as storms shift east
Torrential rain is set to hit China's eastern coastal regions this week after overwhelming large parts of the southwest, inundating villages and tourist spots and displacing more than 700,000 people, state weather forecasters said on Monday.

Nearly 14 million people in 26 different provinces had been affected by storms and floods by Friday, with 744,000 evacuated, the China Daily reported, citing the Ministry for Emergency Management. The ministry said 78 people have been confirmed dead or missing, with direct economic losses at 27.8 billion yuan ($3.93 billion).

Much of the damage has hit southwestern regions like Guangxi and Sichuan, and the municipality of Chongqing on the upper reaches of the Yangtze river last week experienced its worst floods since 1940.


Floods in India's Assam force a million from their homes

Heavy flooding triggered by monsoon rains has forced more than a million people to flee their homes in the northeast Indian state of Assam, authorities said on Monday, warning that the crisis was becoming more critical by the hour.

The Brahmaputra River, one of the largest rivers in the world which flows from Tibet into India and then into Bangladesh, burst its banks in Assam over the weekend, inundating more than 2,000 villages, and it was still raining on Monday.

"Two people have died in separate incidents of drowning in the past 24 hours and more than one million people have been affected, with the flood situation turning critical by the hour," a state government flood bulletin said.

Eye 2

Boy killed after being dragged by crocodile into river in Odisha, India

Representational Image

Representational Image
In a man-animal conflict a life was lost in Malkangiri district when a minor boy was killed after a full-grown crocodile attacked and dragged him into the Sileru river in Chitrakonda here.

According to sources, the incident occurred on Saturday when a crocodile reportedly dragged him into the river, while he was roaming near the river bank.

However, the mutilated body, that is missing the legs and the hands, was spotted in the river today morning.

The family said that the minor boy was killed in crocodile attack.


Grizzly bear attacks federal biologist in Montana

A grizzly bear has attacked a federal biologist during a surprise encounter at a research site in Montana's Centennial Valley.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesperson Joseph Szuszwalak said the biologist, who was not named, was treated for serious bite wounds Wednesday before being released from a hospital in Rexburg, Idaho, the Missoulian reported.

The biologist heard a noise in the brush while monitoring a sage grouse research project and saw two grizzly bears less than 100 yards (300 feet) away, Szuszwalak said. One bear stood up while the other charged.