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Wed, 23 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes


An impressive waterspout forms near Le Havre, France

Worthy of an apocalyptic scene. A waterspout was observed on Monday June 21, 2021 around 6 p.m., not far from the town of Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, close to Havre (Seine-Maritime).

On social networks, Internet users have relayed impressive photos and videos of the phenomenon, which usually occurs in stormy weather.

Cloud Precipitation

Hail, thunderstorms and floods in Zug, Switzerland

Zug is the largest town and capital of the Swiss canton of Zug in Switzerland. Its name originates from the fishing vocabulary; in the Middle Ages it referred to the right to pull up fishing nets and hence to the right to fish. The municipality had a total population of 30,618 in 31 December 2019.

Cloud Precipitation

Drains explode and cars fill with water as floods hit Beauvais, France

Heavy rain causes torrential floods in Beauvais, Hauts-de-France, France. June 21st 2021.


Dead whale washes ashore at San Francisco's Ocean Beach - 17th this year

A dead whale washed up at Ocean Beach in San Francisco Monday.

The mammal was found floating in the surf.

Experts conducted a necropsy Monday afternoon to determine the whale's cause of death.

This is the 17th whale to wash ashore in the San Francisco Bay this year.

In April, four whales were found dead on Bay Area shores in just over a week.


Woman dies in suspected pit bull attack near Skiatook, Oklahoma

Osage County deputy sheriffs were dispatched Saturday, June 19, to an address west of Skiatook. They were carrying out a welfare check on an individual identified as Rebecca McCurdy, 28, who was reportedly house sitting and taking care of the homeowner's dogs.

When the deputies arrived at the home, they found McCurdy deceased. Her body was reportedly in the garage, and the Sheriff's Office said in a news release that evidence observed at the scene "indicates Rebecca was the victim of a dog attack."

"The homeowner claimed he raised pit bull dogs for hobby/sale," the Sheriff's Office said. "There were several pit bull dogs caged in the garage. One of the dog cages was toppled over and there were many signs of a dog attack visible."

Osage County Sheriff's Office investigators continued to look into the incident as they waited for results from the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office. The dogs suspected of vicious activity were taken by the Sheriff's Office and were being held pending further investigation.

Cloud Grey

Major outbreak of noctilucent clouds over Europe

Noctilucent cloud on June 20, 2021 @ Valencia, Spain
© Francisco Gil
Noctilucent cloud on June 20, 2021 @ Valencia, Spain
A week ago, noctilucent clouds (NLCs) were stuck inside the Arctic Circle. Suddenly, they have broken free. Over the weekend, people saw the clouds through the city lights of Paris, Madrid, Berlin and other European capitals. On June 20th, Francisco Gil photographed NLCs as far south as Valencia, Spain.

"It is pretty strange to observe noctilucent clouds from these latitudes," says Gil.

Indeed it is. Valencia is at +39N, a latitude where NLCs are almost never seen. For most of their history (NLCs were discovered in the 19th century), the clouds have been found mainly near the Arctic Circle. Now they are spreading. The record low latitude, to date, was set in June 2019 when the clouds appeared near Los Angeles (+34 N). Gil's sighting shows that they are in the 30s again.

This just in: Cameras at the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain recorded the clouds at an even lower altitude (+37.5N):

Comment: Another unusual sighting occurred in our changing atmosphere earlier this year: Novel atmosphere phenomenon 'STEVE' makes ANOTHER appearance over Finland

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Powerful storms rip through Belgium, including a tornado that obliterates almost 100 homes in country's south

Belgium storm damage
© YouTube/CGTN (screen capture)
Heavy downpours triggered floods in parts of Flanders last night. In Wallonia, strong gusts of wind caused a lot of damage in the municipality of Beauraing, where there are reports of 17 injured people. Beauraing is talking of a "mini-tornado". As many as 92 houses were severely damaged, 10 have been declared unfit for habitation. Over a dozen cars were damaged.

Comment: There's no such thing as a mini-tornado. This was a powerful 'full-grown' tornado. The only reason we can't report where it fell on the EF scale is because Belgium doesn't track such things because tornadoes are (or used to be) so rare there.

Beauraing, a town in Namur province, was hardest hit. The local disaster plan was started after what local authorities are labelling as "a small tornado". 17 people sustained light injuries and some 90 homes were heavily damaged, Beauraing announced in a press report. The local cultural centre offers shelter for those that sustained damage.

Several people got injured when an outdoor construction at a café terrace was swept away by a gust of wind. "The wind was incredibly strong. Houses and cars got damaged, trees were uprooted", Beauraing Mayor Marc Lejeune told the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF.

The VRT's weather presenter Frank Deboosere thinks this phenomenon can be either a local tornado or a strong downwind, triggered by the enormous downpour that created a downward air movement.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorms and flash floods hit Saudi Arabia and Yemen


Incredible! Scary large hail attacks Saudi Arabia, Abha!⚡️⚡️ The desert turns to rivers.


Odd waterspout videoed on horizon of the Black Sea near Odessa, Ukraine

On Saturday June 18 a peculiar waterspout was recorded on camera at the horizon of the Black Sea near Odessa, Ukraine.


'Large and extremely dangerous' tornado hits Chicago suburbs

Naperville tornado damage
© Rich Hein/Sun-Times
A completely demolished home on Princeton Circle in Naperville’s Ranchview neighborhood Monday, June 21, 2021.
A tornado hit a suburban area of Chicago at the weekend, damaging hundreds of homes, toppling trees, causing power outages and injuring six people.

The National Weather Service told residents of Chicago to stay indoors as a "large and extremely dangerous tornado" touched down in Woodbridge, a suburb west of the city, late on Sunday.

By 5am on Monday, officials in Naperville — a city 25 miles west of Chicago — received more than 120 incidents of damage to property, and 450 reports of power outages.

Six people were also injured in Naperville, including an individual in a critical condition. Sixteen homes were deemed uninhabitable in the aftermath.