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Tue, 26 Mar 2019
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Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm in the United Arab Emirates

In an unusual scene, rainfall accompanied by hail precipitation in Fujairah has blanketed some of the emirate's villages in a slushy coat of white.

Hail storm and heavy rains hit Fujairah and nearby areas on Sunday morning prompting weathermen to warn motorists to take extra care. Meteorologists have reported heavy rain in Fujairah's Tawiyen district early on Sunday morning.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) posted on social media pictures and videos of flooded wadis and hail storm pounding different parts of the emirate.

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Motorway bridge in New Zealand washed away in torrential rainstorm

A motorway bridge over a New Zealand river was washed away in a severe rain storm on Tuesday, prompting the authorities to declare a state of emergency.

The storm battered the west coast of New Zealand's South Island, forcing 300 km(186 miles) of road to be closed due to flooding, according to media reports.

Footage shown on local television and distributed on social media showed part of the Waiho Bridge, near the town of Franz Josef, breaking off in torrential river flooding and swaying loose in the rushing water, with the remaining sections soon collapsing.


Sharks, dying and decayed by the dozens, wash up on New Jersey beach

A spiny dogfish.
© Doug Costa NOAA/SBNMS
A spiny dogfish.
They're going to need a bigger boat.

About 60 dead and decaying dogfish sharks washed up on the beaches of Absecon Island, according to reports, and no one knows why. If you're one of those people that's worried about getting attacked by a shark while at the beach, the video below may ease your worries.

Some say the appearance of the sharks are a result of a broken fishing net, or that anglers purposely tossed the creatures into the water.

Capt. Jason Snellbaker of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife disputes that theory, saying dogfish sharks aren't particularly sought after by fishermen.

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Tennis ball-sized hail wreaks havoc in Newcastle, South Africa

Hail the size of tennis balls broke windows and roofs in Newcastle
© Newcastle Advertiser
Hail the size of tennis balls broke windows and roofs in Newcastle yesterday.
The recent hailstorm which hit many parts of Newcastle on Thursday has caused destruction, with reports indicating Lennoxton and Fernwood are the areas worst hit, reports Newcastle Advertiser.

Residents awoke to damaged cars and houses, caused by hailstones believed to be the size of golf balls and bigger, which broke through car windscreens and windows, causing extensive damage.

Residents have already begun to salvage and repair their home roofs as soon as daylight broke.

Hailstones believed to be the size of tennis balls came down and reportedly destroyed many house roofs, causing rainwater to flood houses.

Comment: A falcon roost was also struck by the hail storm in Newcastle, two weeks after more than 1,000 Amur falcons were battered by hail in Mooi River.

"When we arrived [at the roost] the devastation was horrible - dead, dying, injured and concussed falcons lying everywhere," local resident Angus Burns explained in a Facebook post. Many of the raptors had already succumbed to the tennis-ball sized hail stones, while many others were in need of treatment.

Hundreds of Amur falcons were relocated to the safety of a garage following a devastating hailstorm
© Angus Burns
Hundreds of Amur falcons were relocated to the safety of a garage following a devastating hailstorm.

Cloud Precipitation

Violent flash floods hit Shiraz, Iran killing at least 18

Flood disaster in Iran reached a new level on Monday as Flash floods inundated the historic city of Shiraz in south-central part of the country, killing at least 18 people.

Heavy rain began falling in the morning and one of the main thoroughfares of the city became a flood water route, sweeping away hundreds of cars in its path.

The chief coroner of the city told ISNA that six men, seven women and three children are confirmed dead in the floods and dozens of people have been taken to hospitals with injuries.

Shiraz is the capital city of Fars Province. The Governor of Fars urged residents to stay in their homes until further notice. He told ISNA that flash floods started from hills around the city and in a matter of minutes swept parts of Shiraz.


Woman still in hospital after 100kg fur seal bites her 'to the bone' in Victoria, Australia

Gary Oliver used a long lens for this photo. He believes it is the same seal that bit the woman on the leg.
© Gary Oliver
Gary Oliver used a long lens for this photo. He believes it is the same seal that bit the woman on the leg.
A woman in her 70s remains in hospital after she was bitten by a seal near a boat ramp at Port Fairy, a popular seaside town in south-west Victoria, over the weekend.

Paramedics reported the bite went "through to the bone" at the wharf late on Saturday afternoon.

Seal 'lunged out of the water'

Helene Whelan and her partner witnessed the attack and helped the woman after the seal lunged at her.

She said they had stopped after noticing a crowd around the boardwalk.


Austrian court jails woman over fatal dog attack on toddler

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
An Austrian court has sentenced a dog owner to six months in prison after her Rottweiler mauled a toddler who died of his injuries weeks later.

Public broadcaster ORF reported Monday that the Vienna regional court convicted the 49-year-old defendant of serious negligent homicide.

Authorities determined the woman, who wasn't identified, was intoxicated during the attack. She testified she'd had "at most half a liter (17 ounces) of Prosecco."

The Rottweiler, which wasn't wearing a muzzle as required, attacked a 17-month-old boy walking with his grandparents, biting him on the head.

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Landslide triggered by heavy rain kills 6 family members in Pakistan

Six members of a family were killed when a landfall flattened their house in Harnai district of Balochistan on Monday, ARY News reported.

According to Deputy Commissioner Azim Jan Dumar, a woman and her five children were killed when a large piece of rock partially flattened their house in Zinda Pir area. The landslide was triggered by heavy downpour in the area.

He said a two-year-old girl luckily escaped unhurt in the incident.

Upon being informed about the incident, rescue teams quickly reached the site and began rescue operations, retrieving six bodies from under the debris. The identity of the victims couldn't be ascertained immediately.


Dead gray whale washed ashore on Malibu Beach, California

Young, Dead Gray Whale Washes Ashore In Malibu

Young, dead gray whale washes ashore in Malibu
The carcass of a massive gray whale washed ashore in Malibu early Sunday morning, stunning beachgoers who said the decaying body gave off a strong odor.

California Highway Patrol in Ventura County said they received a call about a beached whale on County Line Beach "the size of a semi truck" at 3:11 a.m. Authorities said they reported the situation to Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute.

As the sun came up, crowds approached the decaying sea mammal and began to take photos of the whale, questioning what the cause of death could have been.

Cloud Precipitation

Afghanistan and Iran - further floods leave 13 dead, thousands affected

An aerial view of the flood-hit city of Aq-Qala in Golestan Province

An aerial view of the flood-hit city of Aq-Qala in Golestan Province, Iran
Further flooding has affected parts of Afghanistan and Iran over the last week. Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) reports it has provided relief and assistance to around 50,000 people affected by flooding in the northern provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran over the last few days.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan at least 13 people have reportedly died in flash flooding in Herat province. Flash floods earlier this month affected 14 provinces of the country, leaving at least 63 people dead.


Local media in Afghanistan reported that at least 13 people lost their lives in flash floods in Herat Province.

Quoting a statement from the provincial governor's media office, TOLO News said that the flash floods began during the evening of Monday 18 March, 2019.

"According to the statement, thousands of acres of agricultural land and hundreds of houses were damaged following heavy rains in the past few days.