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Thu, 20 Jan 2022
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 4 members of same family in Malawi

Four members of the same family have died while two others have been injured after being struck by lightning in Dedza.

The incident happened on the night of Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at Mkokoko Village in Traditional Authority Tambala in the district.

Dedza Police Deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda has identified the four who have died as Kalisto Maseche, 44, Emily Natani, 38, Ayankha Kalisito, 14 and Shadreck Kalisito, 8.

They all hailed from Mkokoko Village in Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza.

Two other members who have been injured are identified as Andisen Kalisto, 12 and Mainasi Kalisto, 20. They have been referred to Nkhoma Mission Hospital for treatment.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods in north of Spain prompt evacuations and helicopter rescues - 6 inches of rain in 24 hours

Floods in Piloña, Asturias, Spain, November 2021.
Floods in Piloña, Asturias, Spain, November 2021.
Heavy rain fall of over 150 mm in 24 hours caused severe flooding in parts of northern Spain, prompting evacuations and dramatic rescues by helicopter.

Emergency Services in Asturias used a helicopter to rescue a family trapped in a home surrounded by flood water in Piloña on 24 November 2021. Emergency teams in boats rescued 1 person in Las Rozas and another in La Noceda, Arriondas.

Furthermore around 40 patients were evacuated from a hospital in Arriondas in Parres municipality due to the flooding. As a precaution, around 600 students and teachers from 2 schools in Arriondas were also evacuated.

Arriondas is located where the Piloña and Sella rivers converge. Both rivers were swollen after the heavy rain. According to figures from Spain's State Meteorological Agency AEMET, in around a 24 hour period on 24 November, the village of Piloña recorded 87.2 mm of rain; Panizales 159.6 mm; Carreña 139.0 mm and Felechosa 94.4 mm.


Average monthly snowfall blanketed capital Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan overnight - 11 inches of snow

The Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, was coated with 28 centimeters of snow overnight, Kazinform cites the National Met Office Kazhydromet.

Nur-Sultan city faced 25mm of snow on November 24-25, with average monthly snowfall being 28mm in the Kazakh capital for the entire month of November.

According to the forecast, snow will end at 4:00pm. In the period from November 1 to 25, the Kazakh capital saw 45.1mm of snow fall which is two-times more than the monthly average, Kazhydromet said in a statement.


Six-year-old boy killed after attack by dogs in Las Cruces, New Mexico

dog attack
The Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a boy they say died after he was attacked by at least one dog Monday.

The victim, a 6-year-old boy, was flown to an El Paso hospital on Nov. 22 after he was attacked by a pack of dogs in a fenced-in area at his grandparents' home in a Mesilla Park neighborhood, according to DASO Sherriff Kim Stewart.

Sheriff, police report shed light on the death

Stewart said it's not clear how the boy got into the caged area that contained around half a dozen dogs.

According to a police report, the boy and his grandfather were playing outside when the grandfather stepped away for no more than 10 minutes. The grandfather told police that he was called inside by a group of men working on his house.

Better Earth

"Really rare" moon double halo with arcs photographed during lunar eclipse in Arizona

moon triple halo
© Eliot Herman/ Flickr
Eliot Herman took this image of a rare moon halo and associated phenomena during the partial lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021. In this photo you can see a circumscribed halo, a paraselenic circle (the lunar equivalent of a parhelic circle) and Parry arc. Eliot Herman wrote on Flickr: "This is another version of this photo resulting from stacking 11 images together to create a more vivid version of the above single image. This is a total of 3 min 40 sec of imaging." Thank you, Eliot!
Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona - a veteran sky photographer and EarthSky community member - captured this extraordinary photo during the partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021. The photo of the moon shows an all-sky overhead view with one bright ring centered around the moon, a second ring that runs through the moon, and a set of arcs that connect the two. It's incredibly rare to have all three phenomena appear together in one photo in this configuration.

Comment: It's notable that the above is thought to be due to ice crystals forming in the atmosphere, because a variety of other related phenomena are on the rise and seem to further confirm that, as we enter a "grand" solar minimum, conditions on our planet are significantly cooling : And check out SOTT radio's:

Snowflake Cold

Heavy snowfall continues to sweep across China's northeastern provinces amid cold wave - up to 16 inches of fresh snow

Sanitation workers clear snow from a street in Hegang City, northeast China
© Xinhua/Xie Jianfei
Sanitation workers clear snow from a street in Hegang City, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Nov. 22, 2021. Heavy snowfall hit many parts of Heilongjiang recently. Staff members of various sectors are braving frigid gusts and snowflakes to ensure normal
Heavy snow and blizzards have hit China's northeastern provinces amid this year's third cold wave, which is sweeping across the country.

Snowfall in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces went through the most aggressive phase on Monday and was forecast to continue into Wednesday, despite the cold wave showing signs of abating.

Certain parts of Heilongjiang were hit hard by blizzards, which netizens said felt like "razor blades slicing their faces."

In Harbin, Jilin and other cities across the provinces, schools and kindergartens were temporarily closed, with some slated to reopen on Wednesday.


Record-breaking early snowfall hits northern Hokkaido, Japan - 80cms (31 inches) of snow

Due to the strong winter-type pressure distribution in Hokkaido, Northern Hokkaido was hit by record heavy snowfall on November 24th. It is expected that snow will continue even on the 25th, so you need to be careful about traffic obstacles.

Kazuki Nakata Reporter: "When you walk on the sidewalk, your feet are buried. About 80 cm of snow is piled up to the waist on the shoulder." It is a record heavy snowfall in Northern Hokkaido. In Nayoro City, which changed into a "midwinter landscape" in one day, the car was buried in snow. The snowfall reached 59 cm, four times the normal amount, and the citizens were chased by snow shoveling.

Ice Cube

Strange weather phenomenon leaves Lake Manitoba covered in ice balls

Lake Manitoba
© Carly Price
A photo taken on Nov. 21, 2021, shows a weather phenomenon that left Lake Manitoba near Steep Rock covered in balls of ice.
WINNIPEG - A weather phenomenon has left Lake Manitoba near Steep Rock covered in balls of ice, and one expert believes it all could have been caused by snowflakes.

Peter Hofbauer, a resident near Steep Rock, goes out to Lake Manitoba almost every day, but he said he found something he had never seen before when he went out to the lake on Saturday.

The lake was covered in orbs of ice.

"I've never seen ice shaped like that before," he said.

Julienne Stroeve, a professor in the University of Manitoba Department of Environment and Geography, said she was surprised when she saw the pictures of the strange ice formations.

"I have never seen anything like it," she said.

As for what caused the ice balls to form, Stroeve believes snowflakes may be the culprit.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Society reset interloopings in a fertilizer shortage

Record sized cyclonic storms in both hemispheres, food manufacturers increasing prices with countries adding export taxes to grains. The real problem is on the record statements of impending fertilizer shortages, will reduce global crop yields adding to the feedback loop of higher prices.


Snowflake Cold

Ten regions on alert for snow as early winter storm hits Spain

Spain's weather sees snow and frost as temperatures plunge across the country

Spain's weather sees snow and frost as temperatures plunge across the country
Ten Spanish regions were on alert for snowfall on Tuesday as the country braced for the brunt of the first winter storm of the season.

The storm - which arrived on Monday, 10 days before the meteorological start of winter - is caused by the "arrival of a mass of cold air from high altitudes that has triggered a sudden drop in temperatures," said Rubén del Campo, the spokesperson of Spain's national weather agency Aemet. According to Del Campo, this mass of cold air has also brought about a slow-moving storm system, known officially as an upper-level isolated depression (DANA) but more popularly known in Spain as a gota fría, or literally cold drop.

On Tuesday, Aragón, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and La Rioja were placed on orange alert for snowfall, which is the second-highest in Aemet's three-tiered warning system. Asturias, Cantabria, Catalonia, the north of Madrid, Navarre and the Valencia region are on yellow alert, which is the lowest.