Flash floods and landslides again hit several regions in Sumbawa District, Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) on Saturday (February 24) afternoon, according to Sumbawa Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD).

Acting Head of BPBD-Sumbawa Office Muhammad Nurhidayat informed that heavy rainfall triggered floods and landslides at 4.30 p.m. local time, affecting the villages of Labangkar and Ropang in Ropang Sub-district.

"The flash floods and landslides were induced by high-intensity rain in the upstream area of Ropang Sub-district," he remarked in Mataram City on Sunday.

In Labangkar Village, he said, the floods inundated dozens of houses and were followed by landslides that resulted in material losses.

Nurhidayat then noted that a total of 30 families were affected by the floods, while four houses were damaged by the landslides in Labangkar.

In Ropang Village, the landslides inflicted damage to a bridge, disrupting the flow of traffic, he added.

However, he informed that the inundation has begun to subside, enabling people to start cleaning up their houses and environments.

"Various parties take part in the cleaning up. Among them are locals, police officers, soldiers, and officials from the BPBD and local administrations," he pointed out.

Earlier on Wednesday (February 21), similar disasters had also hit a number of villages in the sub-districts of Buer and Alas.

Flash floods sweeping Kalabeso and Labuhan Burung villages in Buer Sub-district cut off the bridge connecting the two villages. Moreover, the disaster also resulted in the collapse of the embankment of the bridge.

Additionally, the floods affected 52 families and swept around 25 hectares of agricultural areas, leading to crop failures.

Meanwhile in Marente Village of Alas Sub-district, flash floods cut off the bridge linking two areas within the village.