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Tue, 22 Sep 2020
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Kesongo mud volcano erupts with poison gas in Indonesia

Kisongo mud volcano
© YouTube/Chave Weather (screen capture)
"The phenomenon of the eruption of the Oro-oro Kesongo crater in Gabusan Village, Jati District, Blora, which spurted mud and gas, actually happened in 2013 ago.

Teguh Yudi Pristiyanto, Head of the ESDM Service for Central Java Province, South Kendeng, said that this phenomenon is referred to as a mud volcano.

"Mud Volcanoes is a phenomenon of liquid extrusion such as hydrocarbons and gases such as methane," Teguh Yudi said when contacted by detik.com , Thursday (27/08/2020).

Teguh said that currently the eruption at Oro-oro Kesongo had stopped. He said the point of eruption that occurred in 2013 was the same as that which occurred today. Previously it was reported that the first eruption of mud and gas was heard this morning at 05.30 WIB.

The head of the village of Gabusan, Parsidi, said there was a boom that made your ears ring when the incident occurred. As a result of the mud and gas bursts, four cattle herders around the site were poisoned.


Typhoon Bavi makes landfall in North Korea - damages buildings, snaps trees and floods roads

Satellite image released by NASA shows Typhoon Bavi near South Korean island of Jeju on Tuesday.
Satellite image released by NASA shows Typhoon Bavi near South Korean island of Jeju on Tuesday.
North Korea was on high alert as typhoon Bavi made landfall early on Thursday, dumping heavy rains and uprooting trees after skirting the coast of South Korea overnight, damaging homes and other buildings, flooding roads and toppling.

Neither country immediately reported casualties as the storm passed by the North's capital.

Bavi had maximum winds of 115km/h and was passing near Pyongyang after making landfall in a western coastal region of North Korea that is a major source of farming and fishing, South Korea's weather agency said. It was forecast to weaken to a tropical storm in the next 12 hours.

The North's Korea Central TV showed footage of snapped trees and utility poles and flooded roads while also reporting damages to houses and public facilities in North Hwanghae and South Hwanghae provinces, where the typhoon made landfall. Roads were also flooded in the city of Nampo, which is closer to Pyongyang.


Dead fin whale and dead juvenile humpback wash ashore in Unalaska, Alaska

A juvenile humpback whale was spotted in Unalaska Bay on Sunday night. Alaska Sea Grant biologist Melissa Good took tissue samples, but was unable to perform a full necropsy.
© Hope McKenney
A juvenile humpback whale was spotted in Unalaska Bay on Sunday night. Alaska Sea Grant biologist Melissa Good took tissue samples, but was unable to perform a full necropsy.
Two dead whales have washed up on Unalaska's shores in the past week: an adult fin whale — which is the second largest mammal in the world — and a juvenile humpback.

And while local biologists hoped to determine the cause of deaths of both whales, because of COVID-19, they likely won't be able to.

That's because it takes a large team of individuals to do a whale necropsy — or animal autopsy — which, in order to protect public health and adhere to social distancing requirements in the wake of the pandemic, just isn't possible, according to Melissa Good, the local marine advisory agent with Alaska Sea Grant.

"Human safety is always the number one priority," Good said. "Other places have difficulties with doing necropsies, whether the animal floats into a remote area or there's bears in the area — you're always putting human safety first and then going, 'okay, can we get a sample after that?' Right now, it happens to be that COVID-19 is at the forefront of all of our minds. And it's something that we all need to be cognizant about, and continue to protect ourselves and the community. So we just can't take those risks."

Unalaska typically sees about one dead whale wash up on its shores every year, according to Good. And when that happens, a team of biologists often perform a necropsy to determine the cause of its death.

Comment: A dead minke whale was also discovered recently on the coast of Scarborough, Maine on Saturday, August 22:
A 4,000 pound minke whale was found dead off the coast of Maine Saturday. Researchers from Marine Mammals of Maine are still working to determine what killed it.
© Marine Mammals of Maine
A 4,000 pound minke whale was found dead off the coast of Maine Saturday. Researchers from Marine Mammals of Maine are still working to determine what killed it.
Researchers are hoping to find out what killed a dead minke whale that was found floating off Scarborough, Maine, Saturday.

The adult-sized male whale is 20 feet long and weighs 4,000 pounds, according to a Facebook post from Marine Mammals of Maine.

The whale was bloated and had already started to decay by the time it was first spotted floating north of Stratton Island by multiple fishermen and boaters Saturday. Lynda Doughty, executive director for Marine Mammals of Maine, said in an interview with the Globe that the whale had been dead for two or three days at that point.

Researchers from Marine Mammals of Maine found the whale stranded on a small island off Scarborough Sunday.

There were no obvious signs of what killed the whale, Doughty said, so researchers collected samples of its skin, blubber, and muscle that could be used to help determine the cause.


18 melon-headed whales and 14 dolphins wash ashore on the same day in Mauritius

A dolphin carcass lies near Grand Sable, Mauritius
© Reuters
A dolphin carcass lies near Grand Sable, Mauritius
An oil spill where a Japanese-owned ship had run aground last month. Eighteen melon-headed whales also washed up further north on the country's coast on the same day, but it was not immediately clear if both incidents were connected to the spill.

Fourteen of the dolphins were dead when found, while the others were stranded onshore and appeared seriously ill, Al Jazeera quoted environmental consultant Sunil Dowarkasing as saying.

The whales washed up on Grand Sable, about 25 km north to where the dolphins were. Some of them appeared to have injuries, according to the Japan Times. There was very little information available on the whale deaths.

Environmentalists called on the government to investigate whether the oil spill was responsible for the mass die-offs. Autopsies were being carried out on the carcasses of the dolphins and whales to determine the exact cause of death.


Raging wildfires burn out of control in central and northern Argentina

Argentina wildfires
© NA
Raging wildfires in forests and grasslands are spreading in northern and central Argentina, with outbreaks in at least a dozen provinces.

The Paraná Delta is experiencing its worst week since the beginning of the year, with fires stretching over hundreds of kilometres of grassland and wetland.

Fires have also been seen in the north and centre of the country, with officials in Córdoba Province on Monday reporting evacuations and an "extreme risk" of further outbreaks in the coming days thanks to dry and windy weather.

According to Reuters, at least 14,321 hectares (55 square miles) of grasslands and mountainous territory have so far been burned, mainly in the northern areas of Punilla and Ischilín.

Comment: 'Everything is burning': Argentina's delta fires rage out of control


Category 4 Hurricane Laura makes landfall in Louisiana with 150mph winds

A satellite image shows Hurricane Laura reaching the coasts of Louisana and Texas
© Rammb/NOAA/Nesdis/AFP/Getty
A satellite image shows Hurricane Laura reaching the coasts of Louisana and Texas.
Hurricane Laura, the most powerful hurricane to strike the US this year, has made landfall in south-west Louisiana as an extremely dangerous category 4 storm, raising fears it could swamp low-lying coastal communities with ocean water.

The National Hurricane Center said early on Thursday the storm had struck Cameron in Louisiana, close to the Texas border, with maximum sustained winds of 150mph.

Forecasters said the storm surge could be 6 metres (20ft) deep and unsurvivable.

Authorities had previously implored coastal residents of Texas and Louisiana to evacuate, but not everyone did before howling winds began buffeting trees back and forth in an area that was devastated by Hurricane Rita in 2005.

Social media footage showed torrents of rain rushing sideways past lampposts in Lake Charles, and streets covered with water closer to the coast.

With hours of violent weather ahead, officials said the extent of destruction would not be clear until daybreak, when search-and-rescue missions would begin.

Comment: Some images of the aftermath on the following morning have emerged on social media:

Cloud Precipitation

UK - Worst wheat harvest in decades - Cold & wet

Only a small amount of this year's wheat crop is high quality

Only a small amount of this year's wheat crop is high quality
Shades of the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age.

The UK's worst wheat harvest in about 40 years has prompted fears of higher prices of flour, and subsequently of bread and other flour-based products.

Due to heavy rain last October, only 60% of what would normally be planted went into the ground. Add in the sunniest spring since 1929, substantially drier than usual, followed by the wettest February ever recorded, and you get the picture.

Recent droughts, with the longest period of temperatures above 34C since records began in 1961, followed by August downpours and thunderstorms have reduced the quality of wheat, according to the National Farmers' Union (NFU) and reports by Sky News.


Hurricane Laura is expected to develop into a 'catastrophic' Category 4 hurricane

Hurricane Laura
© YouTube/CNBC (screen capture)
Laura has strengthened into a category 3 hurricane and is expected to strengthen to category 4 later on Wednesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. More than half a million people were ordered to flee the Gulf Coast on Tuesday as Laura strengthened into a hurricane that forecasters said could slam Texas and Louisiana with ferocious winds, heavy flooding and the power to push seawater miles inland.

Comment: At least 11 dead as Tropical Storm Laura causes severe damage in Haiti and Dominican Republic - nearly foot of rain in 24 hours


Waterspout filmed off Newfoundland, Canada

A video of a weather phenomenon posted online is raising some eyebrows.

The video shows a tornado-like tube between the ocean and the clouds near Bay St. George.

Environment Canada Meteorologist David Neal says there is a good chance it was a water spout.

Neal says it is essentially a tornado that forms over the water and it is associated with thunderstorms.

He says they are not overly common but conditions can exist anytime there is a line of thunderstorms across the offshore.


Winter comes in mid-August to Dagestan, Russia as substantial snow falls

Photo from 23 Aug 2020: Kurush, Dagestan, Russia

Photo from 23 Aug 2020: Kurush, Dagestan, Russia
Summer suddenly ends in the Dagestani village of Kurush. It started snowing and the air temperature dropped to +3 degrees.

Within a few hours, large snowdrifts appeared in the village. And local residents, filming what is happening on photos and videos, complained on social networks that the summer this year ended too early for them.

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