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Thu, 02 Feb 2023
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Earth Changes


Rare snownado caught on camera near Pocatello, Idaho

This Snownado, also known as a Snow Devil, was caught on camera by a staff member of the Idaho Transportation Department.

This is a rare phenomenon, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

Read More: https://www.yaktrinews.com/snownado-s...


Stray dogs maul 10 women to death over 2 months in a district of Bihar, India

Three special shooters from Patna ended the terror streak of 12 barbaric dogs who have killed and attacked over a dozen women in the Begusarai district.

Authorities took this stringent action after stray dogs mauled 4 women to death in the month of December alone.

For the operation that will be continued further, a specialized team of 3 sharpshooters was called from Patna to encounter 10 of these barbaric dogs.

Since last month, villagers in the Pachchwara district were living in constant fear of dog attacks. A total of 10 women were mauled to death by dogs and a dozen others were injured.

Last week in Kadarabad Chaur, a 55-year-old woman named Kanti Devi was mauled to death by a pack of street dogs when she went to pick grass. When she didn't return home, her son went to look for her and witnessed the gruesome sight of 10 dogs feasting over her body.


Dead 30-foot humpback whale washes up on Jersey Shore beach - 3rd in 18 days

A deceased 30-foot humpback whale

A deceased 30-foot humpback whale washed up on an Atlantic City beach near Chelsea Ave Friday morning. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine determined that the whale was female and a little older than juvenile.
A dead 30-foot, female humpback whale washed ashore on a beach in New Jersey Friday morning amid harsh surf conditions.

An Atlantic City woman made a call to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine around 7:40 a.m. and reported that she spotted the deceased whale from her nearby high-rise apartment, according to officials.

The 25-ton whale was located near Chelsea Avenue in Atlantic City when the marine mammal response team made it to the beach around 9 a.m.

Comment: Another dead whale washes up at the New Jersey shore - 2nd within a week

Snowflake Cold

Winter bomb cyclone to bring freezing temps across US, right down to Florida

bomb cyclone eastern US december 2022 blizzards hard freeze warning
© Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle
A bomb cyclone is expected to sweep the Midwest as temperatures will drop to near record lows in unlikely areas of the country, including the Sunshine State.

The blizzard will turn into a "bomb cyclone" as it sweeps the Midwest and Great Lakes region of the U.S. "Bomb cyclone" comes from the term "bombogenesis," which is used to describe the phenomenon of a storm's central pressure dropping at least 24 millibars in a 24 hour time period, according to Fox Weather.

The Weather Channel, specifically, warns of "rapid intensification possible in the Midwest beginning Thursday evening":

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods sweep Makkah, Saudi Arabia as Jeddah braced for downpours

Weather warnings issued in both Saudi cities

Umrah pilgrims to Makkah were greeted by thunderstorms and flooding on Friday as Jeddah braced for heavy rain.

Videos on social media showed downpours flooding buildings in Makkah and washing away cars in Saudi Arabia's holiest city.


Cold weather waterspout on Lake Okanagan, British Columbia

"This is the first time seeing anything like this on the lake," said Doug Obst, who has been living at McKinley Landing for over 3 years.

"I could see this funnel cloud thing as I was looking down to the lake."

Obst shared his video with Castanet and said "it looked like there was a lot of what might be steam coming from the water maybe because it's so cold outside."


After winter storm, crews clear snow drifts up to 10 FEET high from Mauna Kea road in Hawaii

After big winter storm, crews working clear 10 feet of snow on Mauna Kea summit
© UH Hilo Center for Maunakea Stewardship
After big winter storm, crews working clear 10 feet of snow on Mauna Kea summit.
Hawaii is no exception to the severe winter weather.

The road to Mauna Kea's summit remains closed as crews clear piles of snow that fell during a strong winter storm that barreled over the state earlier this week.

The University of Hawaii at Hilo Center for Maunakea Stewardship said the road is likely to be closed for several more days.

The recent storm brought winds of more than 100 mph, sleet, freezing rain and heavy snow to the mountain.

And once the clouds cleared, crews found snow drifts of up to 10 feet along a 1/2-mile stretch of the road.

Snowflake Cold

Arctic air mass shattering cold weather records in Alberta, Canada

As Alberta remained mired in a December deep freeze on Tuesday, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) revealed this week's cold snap has already unofficially smashed over two-dozen weather records.

"An Arctic air mass continues to bring extremely cold temperatures to Alberta," the weather agency said on its website. "On Dec. 19, temperatures plummeted over the province, leading to many daily minimum temperature records being broken in the evening hours."

Global Edmonton meteorologist Jesse Beyer noted Tuesday that "wind chill values could drop close to -50 overnight tonight in parts of the province."

"Wind chills between -40 and -47 can lead to frostbite on exposed skin in five to 10 minutes, (while at) -48 and colder it can set in as soon as two minutes," he added.

"The cold will stick around for the entire work week, improving to the -5 to -10 range through the weekend."

Snowflake Cold

Record-breaking cold, life-threatening wind chills plunge 150 million Americans into deep freeze

A bitter and potentially deadly blast of arctic air is continuing to charge its way across the U.S., dropping wind chills to as low as between negative 50 and negative 70 degrees across the northern Plains, and 30 below zero in the Midwest, triggering rare Hard Freeze Warnings along the Gulf Coast, and helping to fuel a monster blizzard that will bring those frigid temperature across the Great Lakes and into the Northeast.

"Behind this storm is where it's cold," FOX Weather meteorologist Britta Merwin said. "Look at Denver right now. A feels-like temperature of negative 34 degrees. So, if you're waking up in Chicago at 27 (degrees) and feeling like it's cold, there's a whole new reality coming your way. Behind this cold front, it gets dangerous."

The dangerously cold arctic air began its week-long journey by surging to the south out of Canada last weekend, dropping low temperatures Monday morning to negative 20 degrees and lower across northern Montana.

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Moment the dance floor at graduation party collapses and sinkhole swallows 25 dancing students in Peru

Once the dust settled and the students got to their feet they started clambering out of the hole

Once the dust settled and the students got to their feet they started clambering out of the hole
Students were celebrating their graduation in Peru when the concrete dance floor collapsed, causing 25 of them to descend into a sinkhole the size of multiple cars.

The group of boys and girls were huddled together in a tight group, jumping up and down in unison to music when the ground cracked and a crater formed.

A video of the disaster was uploaded to TikTok on December 17 with a caption, written in Spanish: 'Prom night turns to tragedy.'

The incident was covered by the Peruvian newspaper El Popular, which reported that there were no fatalities, but it is not clear if there were any severe injuries.