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Fri, 09 Jun 2023
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills father, son in Pakistan


A lightning strike. (File)
A father-son duo was killed while another child was in­jured after lightning struck them at mauza Burana of Karampur on Tuesday.

Ac­cording to Rescue-1122, a labourer Munawar along with his son Hassan Ali was toiling whereas his 6-year-old son Ghulab Ali Shah was playing nearby when suddenly lightning struck them.

They said Mu­nawar and his son Ghulab Ali died on the spot. Has­san Ali, Munawar's sec­ond son, sustained burn injuries.

The injured was shifted to a nearby hospi­tal, they added.


Wildfire smoke blankets much of Canada, raising health risks

The East side of the Paskwa fire burns in the High Level Forest Area district of Alberta in a May 9, 2023, handout photo.
© HO-Government of Alberta Fire Service
The East side of the Paskwa fire burns in the High Level Forest Area district of Alberta in a May 9, 2023, handout photo.

Hundreds of wildfires have left much of the country blanketed in smoke and smog that brings real health risks — especially for vulnerable children and seniors, pregnant people, and those with asthma and heart or lung disease.


Flood waters gush through Ankara, Türkiye building


Gushing flood waters in the Turkish capital Ankara entered an apartment building on Saturday (June 3) after submerging a nearby road, later pouring down from a second-floor balcony.


Rare landspout tornados, cold air funnel clouds popping up across Utah

A landspout tornado was seen in the Herriman and Bluffdale areas, based on multiple photos and videos captured by residents.

The tornado formed near the Point of the Mountain, raising questions about the difference between a landspout and a cold air funnel.

According to reports, the National Weather Service had issued earlier alerts today about the possibility of a landspout tornado in the area.

There was also several reports of cold air funnels seen near Coalville as the storm moved toward Wyoming.


Two humpback whales found dead off coast of New York

Two dead humpback whales were found off the coasts of New York and New Jersey.
© NOAA Fisheries
Two dead humpback whales were found off the coasts of New York and New Jersey.
Two humpback whales were found dead off the coasts of New York and New Jersey, according to local officials.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the presence of the two whales in a Wednesday Facebook post. One whale was off Wainscott, New York, and the other in Raritan Bay, New Jersey, the agency said.

The Atlantic Marine Conservation Society and Marine Mammal Stranding Center performed necropsies on both whales, according to a Friday update from NOAA.

Cloud Precipitation

Algeria - 6 dead after further heavy rain and floods

Recent heavy rainfall has once again led to devastating flooding in multiple provinces of Algeria, marking the second occurrence of such incidents within a two-week period.

Fatalities have been reported in the provinces of Saïda and Laghouat over the past few days, highlighting the severity of the situation. On 03 June 2023, two men lost their lives in Laghouat Province's municipality of Beidha when their vehicle was swept away by floodwaters. Witnesses recount that the driver attempted to navigate through a flooded river, resulting in the vehicle being overturned and dragged by the raging currents.

The Civil Protection authorities in Algeria confirmed on 04 June that four individuals had died in separate flooding incidents in Saïda Province.

Comment: Earlier report from May 26: Algeria - 2 dead after flash floods in 9 provinces


Ecuador - Hundreds rescued as flooding impacts thousands in Esmeraldas Province

Flood rescue in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador,
© Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Ecuador
Flood rescue in Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador, 04 June 2023.
Severe flooding has left a profound impact on Esmeraldas Province in Ecuador, affecting numerous communities in the cantons of Esmeraldas, Atacames, Quinindé, and Muisne.

According to disaster authorities, over 11,000 people have been affected by the recent flooding, prompting extensive rescue efforts involving boats and helicopters. Thankfully, no fatalities or missing persons have been reported.

Esmeraldas Canton, in particular, has been severely hit, with vast areas submerged under water. As a result, approximately 2,395 homes have been damaged, leaving around 10,000 people directly affected. The devastation has also extended to other vital structures, including a prison and several schools.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods in northwestern Bulgaria caused severe damage

The intensive rains in North-West Bulgaria caused severe damage in the region. Several important roads and some villages were flooded, reported bTV and Nova TV.

People from the Mezdra village of Rebarkovo are without water and electricity. In addition to the water supply network, the only road from the "Botulinovets" district to the village was also destroyed. Which makes the locals' only connection to the world a narrow grassy pathway.

Cloud Precipitation

2 dead, 1 missing as heavy downpours hit northern Türkiye

Heavy rainfall in several Turkish provinces on the northern Black Sea coast last weekend left at least two people dead and another missing, according to local media reports.

The rainfall that caused the flooding swept away trees, cars and animals and inundated buildings in several provinces, including Kastamonu, Samsun, Sinop, Amasya and Çorum.

According to the reports, the rain, which particularly intensified in the Alıçlı neighborhood of Samsun's Ladık district, left an older man dead late Sunday. The man was trying to rescue animals and pass with them over a bridge when he lost his balance and got dragged into the flood.

Two people were missing after a car transporting three people in northern Amasya province was inundated by water in the village of Kışlacık. A man named Sekran Şahin was rescued, but his wife Zilal Şahin and friend Murat Ekşi were swept away with the car in flood.

Cloud Precipitation

China - Floods and landslides in south west leave 17 dead, 6 missing

At least 17 people have died after heavy rainfall in southwestern China has triggered flooding and landslides in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan.

According to state media reports, 14 people have died and 5 are still missing after a landslide in Jinkouhe, a mountainous area near the city of Leshan in Sichuan Province on 04 June 2023. Reports said the area saw heavy rainfall for 2 days prior to the event. A team of around 180 people rescue and emergency personnel are working at the site.