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Sat, 02 Dec 2023
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Earth Changes


Violent wind blows off grandstand roof in Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of the grandstands appeared to have its roof collapsed at the Interlagos circuit.

One of the grandstands appeared to have its roof collapsed at the Interlagos circuit.
Chaos ensued at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Brazil during the third qualifying session. The storm made the roof of the grandstand collapse. No serious injuries have been reported. The Q3 was cut short.

Several people suffered minor injuries after the roof of the Porto Seguro grandstand near the final corner of the race track crashed down due to heavy wind and rainfall during the qualifying session for the Sao Paolo Grand Prix.

The sky turned from dark, and the wind started blowing violently in a matter of minutes, right in the middle of the Q3 qualifying session, the last of the three. That prompted the F1 marshals to cut the session short. With people still in the grandstand, the roof was ripped off and blown away by the wind.


Large tornado in Bulgaria


Violent tornado in Bulgaria from intense supercell. This storm was produced by Ciaran cyclone (storm) on the his east edge.


Dramatic footage captures spectacular 'tornado' off coast of picturesque Scots island

The clip, captured off the coast of the Isle of Arran, shows the column of cloud-filled wind whipping up spray towards shocked eyewitness Gavin McCrae.

The Scot captured the phenomenon in Corrie on Wednesday afternoon.

Waves can be seen crashing against the shore as the country was battered by Storm Ciarán.

The weather event came after torrential rainfall hit parts of Scotland.

According to National Geographic, waterspouts are similar to tornadoes but are usually smaller and less intense.


Six people killed as floods wreak havoc in 4 counties of Kenya

Six people have lost their lives following heavy downpours witnessed in major parts of the country.

Three of the victims include an 85-year-old grandmother and two candidates of the just completed KCPE exams who died after they were swept away by heavy torrents in Elwak Mandera County.

Another victim died after a house collapsed in the Kisauni area of Mombasa County on Thursday night while the other two victims died in Kwale and Meru counties.


Nepal earthquake: More than 150 killed in remote western Nepal

Hospitals are packed with injured people in Aathbiskot municipality, Rukum West district

Hospitals are packed with injured people in Aathbiskot municipality, Rukum West district
More than 150 people have been killed after an earthquake struck remote western Nepal on Friday.

Security forces have been deployed to help rescue efforts in the rugged districts of Jajarkot and West Rukum, 500km (310 miles) west of Kathmandu.

Strong tremors were felt far away in the Nepalese capital and in cities in neighbouring India, including Delhi.

The army spokesman said more than 100 people had been injured. Jajarkot's hospital is packed with the wounded.

"People are scared and staying outdoors," Rabi KC, mayor of Aathbiskot municipality told BBC.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding, hail and rain in Saudi Arabia

Netizens took to social media to share terrifying videos of flooding, washing out roads and damage from the storm in Dammam

It's time yet again to dust off that Burberry trench! It's looking like a wet weekend for residents of Dammam, Saudi Arabia who saw torrential rain, hail and flooding yesterday.

The rain in Saudi Arabia saw government authorities issued public warnings and have advised residents to stay indoors and avoid flooded areas - with Dammam being hit particularly hard. On November 2, the city experienced a substantial amount of rainfall, including hail showers, which resulted in public disruptions.

Cloud Precipitation

Five killed as floods hit Italy's Tuscany region

Italian firefighters work in flooded streets in the
© Vigili del Fuoco
Italian firefighters work in flooded streets in the Tuscany region, Italy, November 3, 2023. Several people died and went missing in the central region of Tuscany as Storm Ciaran battered western Europe.
Five people have been killed after rivers burst their banks following torrential rain in the central Italian region of Tuscany, local authorities said on Friday, as Storm Ciaran continued to lash western Europe.

There had been fears that the River Arno could flood the historic city of Florence after nearby towns were swamped, but Tuscan regional president Eugenio Giani said the high water point had passed in mid-morning without major incident.

A bridge collapsed near the city of Pistoia, killing two people. Another person died in the town of Rosignano.

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Iceland's 'exceptional' volcanic unrest continues, 800 earthquakes yesterday, 10,500 since swarm began on October 25th

iceland quake swarm
GPS data from the last 24 hours indicate that uplift continues at a similar rate in the area northwest of Mt. Þorbjörn. Earthquake activity has been quite stable, but yesterday around 800 earthquakes were recorded in the area around Þorbjörn, and the largest was M3.7 at 12:56 am. Since midnight today, around 400 earthquakes have been recorded in the area, the largest measuring M2.8 at 9:51 am. More detailed analysis of recent GPS data confirms that a magma intrusion is forming at a depth of 4-5 km under the area northwest of Þorbjörn.

Comment: The largest quake recorded in Iceland so far today, 3rd November, was an M3.4.

It is important to note that seismic activity is will likely continue northwest of Þorbjörn, and earthquakes over M4.0 could be found in populated areas. Triggered seismic activity can also be expected in the coming days because the magma intrusion causes increased tension in the area. Rockfall can occur following strong earthquakes, so it is important to be cautious on steep slopes.

Comment: Oppenheimer Ranch are providing regular reports on the uptick in Iceland, and elsewhere:

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Snow cover in the U.S. Lower 48 is at record levels as November starts

Snow depth as of Wednesday. (NOAA NOHRSC)
Snow depth as of Wednesday.
The season's first snows have frosted the Rocky Mountains, the northern Plains, the Great Lakes and northern New England over the past week, resulting in the most extensive early-November snow cover in at least two decades.

On Wednesday morning, snow was on the ground in 17.9 percent of the Lower 48, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Locations from eastern Minnesota to western New York saw snow on Halloween — even enough to shovel in Minneapolis; Milwaukee; Muskegon, Mich.; and Buffalo. Areas downwind of Lakes Erie and Ontario were also blanketed early Wednesday, including Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, while several inches were anticipated along some of the west-facing slopes of the Appalachian Mountains.

This latest batch of wintry weather comes on the heels of two other storm systems that brought snow to the Mountain West, the northern Plains, the Midwest and northern New England over the past week.


Storm Ciarán: 'Major incident' declared as storm batters parts of UK, Channel Islands and France - wind gusts of 110mph

Storm Ciarán has hit the UK and the Channel Islands and forecasters have warned lives could be at risk.

Strong winds and heavy rain are barrelling across southern England, with gusts of more than 110mph (160km/h) recorded in northern France and the Channel Islands.

Major incidents have been declared in parts of England with hundreds of schools shut and train services suspended.