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Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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Signs and Portents: Chinese farmer finds two headed snake

two headed snake
Recently, a Chinese farmer was astound after he found a two headed snake in his yard. As per the local reports, the farmer stated that he came across the two headed snake in his home on Monday. The event happened in a village in Hebei province.

The farmer, identified only by his last name Shenzhou stated that he managed to catch the snake and put in on display for others to see it. The two headed snake soon attracted a lot of visitors from in and around the village, all of them waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of the rare snake. However, the two headed snake escaped when a kid knocked the pot in which it was captured over.

A clip, posted by People's Daily China, exhibited the two headed reptile moving across the floor.

The clip has cumulated over 21,000 views since it was posted on social media. It has also gathered several reactions, some amazed and others intrigued.

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At least 42 people killed in landslide caused by heavy rains in Cameroon

There has been heavy rain in the region
© Reuters
There has been heavy rain in the region
A landslide caused by heavy rains in western Cameroon killed at least 42 people overnight, state media reported on Tuesday.

Rescue teams spent the day scouring the rubble of destroyed houses in the town of Bafoussam in the western highlands. Among the bodies recovered were those of 26 children, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) reported.

The search will resume on Wednesday for additional bodies believed to remain under the rubble, CRTV reported.

"Around 10 p.m. I heard a noise," said Albert Kenge, who survived the landslide. "I saw a big cloud of dust and when it dissipated, I saw that the mountain had collapsed."

Snowflake Cold

Gulf Stream is 15% weaker, region south of Greenland coldest in 1,000 years

ocean circulation

'We are 50 to 100 years ahead of schedule with the slowdown of this ocean circulation pattern,' says climate scientist Michael Mann.
A stubborn blue spot of cool ocean temperatures stands out like the proverbial sore thumb in a recent NASA image of the warming world - a circle of cool blue on a planet increasingly shaded in hot red.

A region of the North Atlantic south of Greenland has experienced some of its coldest temperatures on record in recent years, a cooling unprecedented in the past thousand years. What explains that anomaly?

Climatologist Michael Mann of Penn State University, in this month's "This is Not Cool" video, explains that this phenomenon may be an indication that the North Atlantic current, part of a larger global ocean circulation, is slowing down.

Comment: A bit more data from Phys.org:
Levke Caesar, a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany and co-author of a study that found the current to be 15% weaker. "When the circulation slows down, we have less heat transport to that region."

Another study, published last year in the journal Nature, found the system to have reached its weakest point in 1,600 years, although it says the loss of strength probably began from natural factors.
See also: And check out SOTT radio's:

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Deadly landslide after heavy rain in Peru

After the landslide in Perené district, Chanchamayo province, Peru.
© Mindef Peru
After the landslide in Perené district, Chanchamayo province, Peru.
At least 1 person died and 11 homes were destroyed after a landslide in the Junín Region of Peru.

The landslide occurred in the Perené district, Chanchamayo province, late on 25 October, 2019. A short burst of heavy rain caused the landslide, sending mud, fallen trees and debris from surrounding hillsides onto the houses below.

Peru's National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) said a total of 5 people suffered injuries, 3 of which were serious. INDECI transferred the victims to nearby hospitals. Around 30 people were evacuated to safe areas.

Military personnel, including engineers, have been deployed to help with repairs and clean-up operations.


Nearly two dozen gulls found dead, seriously injured in Port Canaveral, Florida

dead gulls
Nearly two dozen birds are dead in Brevard County, and we may never know why.

It's a Halloween week mystery that could have come out of a Hitchcock movie.

The team at Melbourne's Wild Florida Rescue got a call late Saturday night while at their annual Halloween party.

The Brevard Sheriff's Office deputies were at a sad scene on Mullet Road in Port Canaveral.

"When we got there we were shocked, there were gulls scattered straight down the road," Heather Pepe with Wild Florida Rescue told Spectrum News 13.

Comment: 3 weeks ago in the same state: More sick Laughing Gulls turn up on Anna Maria Island, Florida


Summit County ski areas in Colorado have already received up to 42 inches of October snowfall

The next storm, due early Tuesday, is expected to add another 6-8 inches

If you're peeved because we've just had our third October snowstorm with another one due early Tuesday, maybe this will cheer you up: The three Front Range ski areas that are open have been getting good snow, and they're looking forward to more from this next storm.

Keystone, which opened Oct. 12, has received 40 inches of snow this month, and Breckenridge, which is currently slated to open Nov. 8 but might open early, has received 42 inches, according to a spokeswoman.

"It's hard to believe it's October right now," Keystone/Breckenridge spokeswoman Sara Lococo said Monday morning. "Snow is still falling here in Breckenridge and across Summit County. It's just incredible that it looks like mid-winter conditions. The weather has been great, and the temperatures have been great, so our snowmakers have been out in full force."

Comment: Also in the same state recently: Record October snowfall total of 44 inches at Steamboat ski resort in Colorado


Snow piling up at Red Lodge Mountain, Montana with 2 feet of new snow over weekend

Red Lodge Mountain
Red Lodge Mountain has reported two new feet of snow over the weekend, with more on the way.

The mountain shared a photo of the snowfall on its Facebook page Monday.

Check out current conditions on the mountain's web cam here.

The ski season is scheduled to start in Red Lodge the day after Thanksgiving.


Swainson's thrush from North America spotted in Shetland, Scotland after a wrong turn

Swainson's thrush

Swainson's thrush
One of the rarest species of visiting birds to Britain has turned up on Shetland when it should have been on its way to South America.

A Swainson's thrush, classed as "mega rare" in the UK, landed at Lerwick on Sunday, having taken a wrong turn. Instead of being in jungle it found itself several thousand miles off course in a wintry garden.

There are only usually a couple of recorded sightings in the UK each year and in many years, none. The Swainson's thrush (Catharus ustulatus), also called olive-backed thrush, can grow up to 8in long and is noted for its beautiful voice. It was named after William Swainson, an English ornithologist.

The bird breeds in Canada, Alaska and parts of the US, and migrates to Mexico or as far south as Argentina. Its coastal subspecies migrate down the Pacific coast and winter from Mexico to Costa Rica.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods trap over 100 villages in northeast Nigeria

Over 100 villages in Nigeria's northeastern state of Adamawa have been trapped by floods, caused by persistent rainfall in that part of the country, a local official said on Monday.

While confirming the development to reporters, Muhammad Sulaiman, head of the state emergency management agency, described the current flood situation as the worst ever experienced in the state.

The villages affected cut across seven local government areas of Adamawa, affecting mostly farmers, Sulaiman said.

During an on-the-spot assessment by a team of government officials on Sunday, the official said they observed that in some villages, farmers were seen trying to evacuate what is left of their affected rice and maize.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Lost Khmer city found and vertical fish farms Asia


Mahendraparvata - an eighth to ninth century capital of the empire - was believed to have existed in the Southeast Asian state in the Angkor period in Cambodia (Pictured: The newly discovered main axes of Mahendraparvata)
Multiple square mile sized Khmer city discovered in NW Cambodia in the highlands plateau, Singapore setting up eight floored vertical fish farming facilities, indoor grow lights and rollerblader in record deep snow Canada.

Comment: Ancient 'lost city' of Khmer Empire is found in Cambodia