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Sun, 13 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes


Thousands flee as two massive wildfires sweep Arizona

Arizona wildfires
Two large rural Arizona fires have scorched more than 138,000 acres and forced thousands of residents from their homes.

Firefighters in the eastern part of the state are tackling the Telegraph Fire, which has burned 71,756 acres and the Mescal Fire that has charred 66,913 acres.

Authorities say that the Telegraph Fire has burned since last week but is zero per cent contained, while the Mescal Fire is 23 per cent contained.

At least 2,500 homes in Gila County have been evacuated, said Carl Melford, the county emergency manager.

And he estimated that there was twice as many households with bags packed just in case they have to leave quickly.


Strong hurricane wind in Shagonar, Tuva Republic, Russia

In Tuva, a hurricane wind blew the roofs off several houses. A hurricane swept over the Ulug-Khem region of Tuva, the republican civil defense and emergency service reports. The speed of wind gusts reached 38 m / s. In Shagonar, the hurricane damaged many roofs and cut wires, leaving many homes without electricity.

There are no victims as a result of the rampant elements.

The consequences of the hurricane were shown by the medical workers of the Tuvan city. In the hospital, the wind and boards flying from the roofs smashed the windows.

Now in Shagonar, an emergency group of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is working, which collects information about the damage caused by the elements. Residents are asked to be as careful as possible and not to go outside unnecessarily during a strong wind.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 2 in Cambodia - 49 such deaths in the country so far in 2021

Two people were killed by lightning while 52 houses were damaged during thunderstorms in separate cases in Kampong Chhnang province on June 5-6.

In Kampong Leng district, governor Som Chanthorn told The Post that rain with strong winds on the afternoon of June 6 damaged 18 houses, three of which collapsed.

A 40-year-old farmer was also killed by lightning in the middle of his paddy field in Dar commune's Chrolong village.

"At this time, the authorities are intervening to repair victims' houses and provide some funds to the families of the deceased and assist with the funeral," Chanthorn said.


Two dead minke whales washed up days apart in North East England

A second dead minke whale has washed up on a
© Howick Coastguard Rescue Team SWNS
A second dead minke whale has washed up on a beach up the coast from where another 40ft mammal was found days earlier.
A dead minke whale has been washed up on a beach up the coast from where another 40ft mammal was found days earlier.

Coastguards have urged holidaymakers and onlookers to stay away after the 27ft-long whale was found on Boulmer Beach in Northumberland.

Dead whales have been known to explode due to a build up of gasses as they decompose.

Howick Coastguard Rescue Team were called after a walker spotted the whale on the rocks on Friday (4/6) lunchtime.

A spokesperson said: "Sadly an 8.1 metre whale was found deceased on the rocks.

"It appeared to have been dead for some time.

Cloud Precipitation

Man and hundreds of livestock killed by heavy rain, hailstorm in Balochistan, Pakistan

Hundreds head of cattle were killed, power supply was suspended and a large number of people were rendered homeless as their makeshift houses were destroyed due to heavy rain and thunderstorm that hit a vast area of Kachhi district, officials said on Friday.

One person was killed and over 20 were injured in rain and thunderstorm-related incidents in Dhadar and Mushkaaf areas, according to reports.

Official sources said the heavy rain with thunderstorm started lashing Dhadar, the headquarters of Kachhi district, and other areas on Thursday night, followed by a hailstorm which continued for two hours.

"Over 500 cattle head, including goats and sheep, were killed only in the Mushkaaf area of Kachhi district," Tehsildar of Dhadar Naimatullah Tareen claimed. He said that according to reports the numbers of killed cattle head was very high as a vast area was battered by heavy rain and thunderstorm.


Rare waterspout filmed off beach in Goa, India

A day after a rare and spectacular waterspout emerged off the popular Baga beach in Goa, the state government lifeguard agency on Tuesday issued a public warning against rushing towards the phenomenon in curiosity.

The videos of the waterspout went viral on social media. "As in the case of Baga today, they can move to or from land. To stay safe, move at a 90 degree angle to its movement and do not go closer to explore," the statement also said.

The incident occurred in North Goa late on Monday and was recorded by lifeguards posted at the site.


Woman dies after being attacked by 3 pit bull terriers in Maryborough, Australia

A woman has died after being attacked by three pit bull terriers in Maryborough on Queensland's Fraser Coast this morning.

Emergency services were called to a Milton Road property just after 9:00am following reports of dogs attacking a person.

Acting Inspector Wade Lee said the woman sustained serious injuries to her head, chest and left arm.

The 41-year-old woman was visiting the house when she was mauled by the pit bulls.

She died at the scene.


Tornado touches down in Weld County, Colorado

Colorado tornado
© Twitter / Bree Sunshine Smith @NC5_BreeSmith
A huge tornado was spotted as it passed through northern Colorado, with bystanders capturing the funnel in dramatic footage circulating online. The inclement weather caught local meteorologists by surprise, but caused no deaths.

The twister touched down near the towns of Platteville and Firestone, both located in Weld County, on Monday evening, moving northeast for several miles before dissipating some 25 minutes later, meteorologist David Barjenbruch told the Denver Post.

Videos of the tornado have made the rounds on social media, showing a dark-brown funnel making its way along the landscape from menacing storm clouds above.


Mountains in British Columbia hit with June snow

The village at Silver Star. (Web Cams)

The village at Silver Star. (Web Cams)
It might be June but that didn't stop snow from falling in the North Okanagan

Snow is falling across the Okanagan despite the fact it's June and last week the region was hit with a heatwave.

SilverStar Mountain Resort is currently receiving a dusting of the white stuff, across the village and at the top of the Comet. Drivers travelling along Silver Star Road are warning of slushy conditions as snow continues to fall.

Temperatures on the mountain are sitting at 0 C, with snow turning to rain this afternoon. While downtown Vernon, it's 13 C with a 30 per cent chance of showers this afternoon.

Comment: Snow has also fallen on Anarchist Summit in the same province:
Snow in the mountains

Environment Canada is calling for cooler temperatures and rain this week but that rain is falling as snow at higher elevations.

DriveBC tweeted that there was snow atop Anarchist Summit on Highway 3 Monday morning before 8 a.m.

"A good reminder to be prepared for anything when travelling, particularly through higher elevations."

Liz Say lives at Big White and she can attest to snow at higher elevations.

She took several pictures Monday morning as the snow was falling, "there's about a centimetre of snow, it's wet, it's melting off the road."

© Liz Say
© Liz Say
© Liz Say
There was enough snow on the ground to cover part of her deck and yard in the white stuff. Environment Canada forecasts snow above 1,600 metres rising to 2,300 metres Monday afternoon.

"The positivity of snowpack or nice clumps of snow, it just holds the moisture that little bit longer so it'll just feed down to the valley eventually. Everyone's a winner. Just pick the elevation you like," Say said.

Snow was also reported on Silver Star Mountain near Vernon, with the road up the resort looking more like a scene from January rather than June.

Gary Gellert posted a photo in the Vernon and Area Community Forum Facebook group, showing several centimetres of snow on the road.

Environment Canada is calling for a mix of sun and cloud with a 30 percent chance of showers late Monday afternoon.


Mini 'tornado' filmed over Bristol and South Gloucestershire, UK

The funnel cloud was seen across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

The funnel cloud was seen across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
A funnel cloud which looked like a 'tornado' was spotted across the Bristol and South Gloucestershire skyline at the weekend.

The cloud was spotted at around 7pm on Sunday 6 June.

A funnel cloud starts in the same was as a tornado but it never touches the ground. It is only when it reaches the earth's surface that it officially becomes a tornado.

According to the Met Office, the UK sees about 30 tornadoes per year but it is extremely rare they are strong enough to cause any significant damage.