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Sat, 15 May 2021
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Earth Changes


Floods affect 1,700 families in Barbacoas, Colombia

The swollen Telembí river caused floods in Barbacoas, Nariño Department, Colombia, April 2021.
© Municipality of Barbacoas
The swollen Telembí river caused floods in Barbacoas, Nariño Department, Colombia, April 2021.
The overflowing Telembí river caused flooding in the municipality of Barbacoas in Nariño Department, western Colombia from 21 April 2021.

The flooding came after a period of heavy rainfall in the region. According to the local government, 23 areas of the municipality were flooded. Damage to roads and homes was reported and 1,700 families were affected. The municipal government said.


Two basking sharks wash up within days on coast of West Cork, Ireland

The shark at Harbour View
© Ciara McCarthy
The shark at Harbour View
The carcass of a second basking shark has washed up on the coast of West Cork just days after the discovery of an unusually fresh specimen 20km away.

According to Cork Beo, the second large fish was found at the weekend near Courtmacsherry and is believed to have been dead for some time.

Another basking shark carcass measuring a whopping seven metres that beached at Inchydoney last week presented a rare opportunity for marine biologists to examine relatively fresh remains.


Swedish islanders warned to 'stay away from explosive whale'

A small town on the Swedish island of Öland has issued a stark warning to locals and visitors not to come too close to a nearby beached humpback whale for fear it might explode.

On Wednesday morning, the municipality of Mörbylånga issued a public notice stating that it was "dangerous", and that it was issuing a "strong warning not to under any circumstances approach the whale cadaver".

"People are so interested that they are putting on waders and stomping around near the whale," Staffan Åsén, the town's environment chief, told Sweden's public broadcaster SVT.


Endangered blue whale washes up on beach in Namibia

The dead body of a rare, endangered species of a blue whale washed up on a beach in Namibia on Tuesday with lesions suggesting it collided with a ship, scientists said.

A whale-watcher first spotted the mammal on Monday, "floating upside down" off Namibia's port town of Walvis Bay, conservationist Simon Elwen told AFP.

The body drifted to shore on Tuesday morning, revealing a broken pectoral fin.

"The balance of evidence at the moment strongly suggests it was struck by a ship very close to the bay," Elwen said, noting the freshness of the animal´s skin suggested the incident took place near to land.


Dogs kill 7-year-old girl and seriously injure her mother in Garner, North Carolina

dog attack
A 7-year-old girl died Tuesday night after dogs attacked her in Garner.

Garner Police Department said the attack happened on Roan Drive.

The dogs attacked the girl and her mother. They were both taken to WakeMed for treatment of serious injuries. The child did not survive her injuries. The mother remains hospitalized.

Wake County Animal Control seized the dogs and took them to a shelter.

An investigation into what happened is underway.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 2 brothers in Sunamganj, Bangladesh

Two brothers were killed by lightning strike in Madhurapur village in Dirai upazila of Sunamganj district on Wednesday morning, reports UNB.

The deceased were identified as Fakhrul, 47 and Fazlu, 45.

Azizur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Dirai Police Station, said lightning struck the two brothers while they were working on their agricultural field during heavy rains in the morning.

Cloud Lightning

Intense lightning display turns night into day in Malaga, Spain

Lightning over Malaga, Spain
© YouTube/START (screen capture)
Scary night! Terrible lightning strikes turned night into day in Malaga, Spain


Plague of locusts hits southern Israel

Israel locust
© YouTube/ILTV Israel News (screen capture)
Residents of Israel's south may have found themselves swatting insects over the weekend, as a plague of locusts swarmed the area.


'Massive jolts' felt across northeast India as shallow M6.0 earthquake strikes Assam

Assam, India quake map
A 6.0 magnitude earthquake has rocked the Indian state of Assam, with many witnesses reporting powerful tremors felt across the country's northeast amid a series of aftershocks.

The quake struck near the towns Dhekiajuli and Tezpur at a depth of around 18 miles (29km) on Wednesday morning, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), while the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) recorded a depth of just shy of 25 miles (40km). Aftershocks have been reported, with USGS noting one at a magnitude of 4.9 and the European agency listing a total of four, ranging between 3.6 and 4.9 on the Richter scale.

Residents, including a local government minister, took to Twitter to report the "massive" quake, with one deeming it the "scariest earthquake [I have ever] witnessed." Another local said his "whole house vibrated" during the tremors, which he felt for more than 30 seconds.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods around Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Flash floods around Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Flooding in Makkah.