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Tue, 01 Dec 2020
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'Severe cyclones' have been leaving giant holes in Antarctic ice

© (NASA)
The 2017 polynya.
It appeared in 1973, seemingly out of nowhere: a hole in the sea ice off the coast of Antarctica. But this was no ordinary hole. It was so big it could swallow California.

The mysterious opening remained in place for the following three winters. Then it seemed to largely disappear before emerging again in 2017, with a giant maw the size of Maine.

This giant hole with a sometimes state-sized appetite is what's called a polynya - an area of open water surrounded by sea ice, kind of like the opposite of an iceberg.

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Cloud Precipitation

2020 Atlantic hurricane season busiest on the 169-year official record

The list of named storms that have occurred
The list of named storms that have occurred during the Atlantic hurricane season as of November 9, 2020. With the formation of Theta, the 2020 Atlantic season has surpassed 2005 as the busiest on record with 29 named storms so far. The season ends November 30.
The formation of Subtropical Storm Theta on November 10 over the northeastern Atlantic Ocean made the 2020 season the most active on the 169-year record.

NOAA scientists announced yesterday that, with less than a month remaining in this year's Atlantic hurricane season, the formation of Subtropical Storm Theta on November 10 over the northeastern Atlantic Ocean made the 2020 season the most active on the 169-year official record.

Theta - the 29th named storm of the Atlantic season - breaks the record for the highest number of tropical/subtropical storms in a single year. The previous record of 28 storms was set in 2005.


Over 2 feet of snow in 5 days at Bogus Basin, Idaho - 'Never seen this much snow this early in the season'

Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin
After more than 2 feet of snow and more expected to come in the mountains, Bogus Basin announced Friday its hike park will be open again this weekend.

The non-profit recreation area announced the free ski/snowboard park will be open this Saturday and Sunday.

Over the past five days, the park has seen an additional two feet of snow. With the natural snow and snow making efforts, Bogus Basin is ready for the season to open Nov. 27, according to a news release.

"In my 32 years at Bogus Basin, I've never seen so much snow this early in the season," said Nate Shake, director of Mountain Operations, in a news release.

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25-foot-wide sinkhole devours 2 cars near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California

A sinkhole near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara spread to nearly 25 feet and swallowed at least two cars late Wednesday night, according to city officials.

A 12-inch recycled water pipe leaked and caused flooding in a commuter parking lot near Stars & Stripes Drive, triggering the incident, said Lon Peterson, a spokesperson for the city of Santa Clara.

"City Water & Sewer Utilities staff worked quickly to shut off the water supply; however, street flooding still occurred," Peterson wrote in a statement.

Utility staff were on the scene Thursday doing cleaning and repairs.

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30-foot long sinkhole opens up outside post office in Morganton, North Carolina

A 30 foot long sinkhole has opened up in the parking area of a post office in Morganton, North Carolina.

It's right next to an area that had been cordoned off a few weeks back, and the sinkhole was likely caused by drainage issues with all the heavy rain.

The sinkhole is fairly deep. WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge observed what appears to be a culvert box at the head of the sinkhole. The box was made with red brick, signifying how long it's been there.

Emergency officials have not released any other information about the sinkhole. ⁦


Signs and Portents: Woman discovers two-headed worm in Cheltenham, UK

Sherrie and her partner came across the two-headed worm while out in the garden.
© Sherrie Fox
Sherrie and her partner came across the two-headed worm while out in the garden.
A woman from Cheltenham had quite a surprise after discovering a two-headed worm in her garden.

After Sherrie Fox found the unusual creepy crawly she decided to name one head 'Kevin' and the other 'Perry', after the famous characters played by Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke.

Sherrie and her partner came across the two-headed creature while out in her garden near Gallagher Retail Park on Sunday 8 November and took some pictures of the oddity before putting it back.


Three M5+ earthquakes struck yesterday...within three minutes of each other

Three M5+ earthquakes
© Twitter/TheBlazinAce (screen capture)
Three M5+ earthquakes struck yesterday, Friday 13th November, within a few minutes of each other.


Storm brings near white-out conditions to Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, with at least 18 inches of snowfall

It's Friday the 13th and those who had plans to travel over the mountain passes might be cursing their luck as a strong winter-type storm pummeled the Cascades.

Heavy snow combined with blustery winds to bring near white-out conditions to I-90 along Snoqualmie Pass, according to the WSDOT.

Multiple spinouts have forced occasional closures of the pass. Eastbound lanes were shut down just after 8:30 a.m. for about an hour to clear wrecks, WSDOT officials said while westbound remained open with chains required. Earlier, multiple spinouts closed a 37-mile stretch of I-90 through much of the mountains late Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning, reopening just after 1 a.m. with chain requirements for all vehicles except 4 wheel/all wheel drive.


Another gigantic alligator spotted on Florida golf course

giant alligator florida golf course
© Jeff Jones
Yep, this monster is real. Caught on camera during Hurricane #Eta in Naples.
Florida — a.k.a. America's Australia — has wild weather, dangerous microorganisms, GMO mosquitos, and, of course, tons of alligators. Here, for example, is one of the mondo crocodilians strolling across a golf course, not giving a fudge about onlookers. And while we can't be sure this is the same now-famous gator spotted in 2016 in the state, we have our suspicions.

WINK News meteorologist, Matt Devitt, hit Twitter with the above images of the dinosaur giant alligator. It seems that multiple golfers riding in a car spotted the alligator while it was enjoying a stroll through the heavy rains of Hurricane Eta. (Eta, incidentally, is quite terrifying in its own right.)

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Bridge collapses amid flash-flooding in North Carolina as Tropical Storm Eta kills at least 7

Fox46 reporter Amber Roberts and photojournalist Jonathan Monte were caught in a scary moment on Thursday when a bridge collapsed in Alexander County

Fox46 reporter Amber Roberts and photojournalist Jonathan Monte were caught in a scary moment on Thursday when a bridge collapsed in Alexander County
At least seven people have been killed and two are missing in flash flooding in North Carolina caused by Tropical Storm Eta.

Parts of the Tar Heel state experienced torrential downpours and as much as 10 inches of rain inundated roadways on Thursday.

The heavy rain in North Caroline came as Eta spiraled away from Florida, but left behind tropical moisture that mixed with a cold front to produce flash flooding.

At least seven people have died due to dangerous flash floods in Alexander and Iredell counties, while two others are missing.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office revealed on Thursday afternoon that the body of an 11-year-old-child was found in Rolesville.