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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills teen while swimming at Bustos Dam in the Philippines

A 17-year-old died when he was struck by lightning while swimming in the water of Bustos Dam in Barangay Tibagan, province of Bulacan on Sunday, May 15.

In a report to Col. Charlie A. Cabradilla, acting Bulacan police director, Maj. Leopoldo L. Estorque Jr., Bustos police chief, identified the victim as Reniel Villante Buela of Barangay Bintog, Plaridel, Bulacan.

Initial investigation conducted by the Bustos police showed that while the victim, together with his relatives, were swimming, heavy rain poured with occasional thunderstorms.


Heavy rains hit parts of south China, causing flooding

Heavy rains
Downpours battered parts of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and neighboring Guangdong Province, causing flooding, disrupting traffic and stranding residents on Thursday and Friday.

Agricultural lands were affected by the flood, resulting in economic losses. People in a low-lying place were trapped by surging floodwaters. Factories and schools in the affected areas were shut down to protect people's safety.

Cloud Precipitation

Train rescue after floods hit Assam, India

Haflong Hill Railway Station,

Assam floods: Haflong railway station inundated due to heavy downpour; passengers rescued
Floods hit Assam, India on May 16th 2022.

Tens of thousands of residents have been impacted as floods hit Assam, causing landslides.

Among the areas heavily impacted is Haflong, where floods derailed a train, requiring passengers to be rescued.

Homes and businesses have flooded, destroying produce and possessions. Shelters are in place to help those affected.

Roads have been closed, as floods and landslides make travel impossible. Authorities are monitoring the situation as it develops.

Comment: India - 5 fatalities after heavy rain, floods and landslides in Assam and Meghalaya - 2 feet of rain in 3 days


Exhausted, dehydrated birds fall from the sky in Ahmedabad as heatwave scorches India

Birds 'fall from the sky' as India's blistering heatwaves intensify

Birds 'fall from the sky' as India's blistering heatwaves intensify
Rescuers in Gujarat are picking up dozens of exhausted and dehydrated birds dropping everyday as a scorching heatwave dries out water sources in Ahmedabad, the state's biggest city, veterinary doctors and animal rescuers said. Large swathes of South Asia are drying up in the hottest pre-summer months in recent years, prompting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to warn of rising fire risks.

Doctors in an animal hospital managed by non-profit Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad said they have treated thousands of birds in the last few weeks, adding that rescuers bring dozens of high flying birds such as pigeons or kites everyday. "This year has been one of the worst in the recent times. We have seen a 10% increase in the number of birds that need rescuing," said Manoj Bhavsar, who works closely with the trust and has been rescuing birds for over a decade.

Animal doctors at the trust-run hospital were seen feeding birds multivitamin tablets and injecting water into their mouths using syringes on Wednesday. Health officials in Gujarat have issued advisories to hospitals to set up special wards for heat stroke and other heat-related diseases due to the rise in temperatures.


Girl found dead with bite marks in her mother's apartment in Brooklyn, New York

A 9-year-old girl was discovered dead with bite marks on her back and trauma to her head in an apartment she lived in with her mother, sister and a pit bull.

Police found Shalom Guifarro at the apartment in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood shortly after 1pm on Sunday, and were not successful in reviving her. Her mother Shamaine Cato, 48, allegedly waited two hours after her daughter died to call 911.

Shalom appeared to be struck multiple times and it was not clear what the source of the bite marks were on her back, according to the New York Police Department on Monday.

Her death was ruled a homicide. The cause and manner are pending the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's autopsy report.

Cloud Lightning

Two hikers killed by lightning in Brunei

Two hikers were fatally struck by lightning in Bukit Sarang Helang, Tasek Lama Recreational Park during a sudden turn in weather yesterday.

Both men - foreigners - were found unconscious 2.5 kilometres from the entrance of the park.

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) was alerted of the incident around noon and firefighters were dispatched to bring the men to safety.


Iceland Reykjanes volcano update - Alert level raised, magma is on the move

Iceland Reykjanes Volcano

Iceland Reykjanes Volcano
The alert level of the Reykjanes volcano in Iceland was just raised from green to yellow. This change was made in response to the confirmation of a new intrusion of magma on the Reykjanes peninsula. This new intrusion is centered underneath the Svartsengi geothermal power plant, and is quite likely to result in a new volcanic eruption. If an eruption were to occur, it would be likely to have an explosive component to it and potentially affect the city of Grindavik. This video will discuss the odds of a new volcanic eruption and how explosive it might be.


Lightning strike kills cow just steps from family's front porch, Alabama farm says

The Autauga Farming Company in Alabama
© Autauga Farming Company, Inc.
The Autauga Farming Company in Alabama says one of its cows was struck and killed by lightning during a passing storm on May 15.
A cow was killed "on the spot" by a lightning strike on a family-owned farm in central Alabama, the family said.

The family was wrapping up a get-together on Sunday, May 15, during which it had been raining with some thunder, the Autauga Farming Company Inc. said in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

That's when a thunderous "BOOM" rang out and a relative "looked up just in time to see one of our cows fall over in the pasture," they said.

No other farm animals were hurt. The bovine was struck within a hundred yards of the family's front porch, according to the farm's post.

"We have never had one hit this close to our home," the family wrote. "We had a stark and vivid demonstration today of why you don't want to be outside if lightning could be in the area."


Dust storms sweep Iraq, the latest in a series hitting the region in recent weeks

Dust storms hit Iraq today, on May 16th 2022.

Businesses and schools were forced to close as dust storms swept across the country, blocking the sun and turning the sky red.

The capital city of Baghdad was particularly affected, with flights cancelled as visibility decreased.

As winds increased, roads were closed with travel unsafe, causing car accidents. Citizens were advised to stay indoors, with air purity decreasing as debris filled the air.

This is the latest in a series of dust storms hitting the region in recent weeks, as strong winds combine with dry weather. Authorities are monitoring the situation over the coming days.

Cloud Precipitation

'Is it all worth it?': farmers left heartbroken as Queensland floods ruin crops in Australia

Flooding near Lowood in Queensland on Friday. Farmers and communities are counting the cost and beginning the clean-up as the flood waters subside across the state.
© David Kelly
Flooding near Lowood in Queensland on Friday. Farmers and communities are counting the cost and beginning the clean-up as the flood waters subside across the state.
Shoppers warned the price of fresh fruit and vegetables will rise after latest rain event

A "gut-wrenching" clean up and recovery is under way across Queensland as the flood waters slowly subside from the second major rain event this year.

Queensland's southern interior remained on edge on Monday as river systems continue to rise, with flood warnings in place for the Mary, Condamine, Balonne, Thompson and Cooper river and creek catchments.

But as the rain event eased, the focus shifted to recovery efforts in the Lockyer Valley, where Laidley's main street and surrounding farmland were swamped by flood waters.

While the immediate cost of repair was still being counted, Australians have been warned the price of fresh fruit and vegetables will increase in the wake of the disaster.

Farmers who risked planting after the February deluge lost entire crops and face financial ruin after the second deluge.