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Mon, 05 Jun 2023
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Earth Changes


Bear attacks police on the roof of a Chinese village barn

In a shocking incident in a Chinese village, a bear attacked police officers on the roof of a barn. The terrifying encounter was captured on video and has garnered widespread attention.

The footage shows the officers attempting to escape from the bear as it charged at them on the rooftop. While there are unconfirmed reports of a person being attacked by the bear, further investigation is needed to verify these claims.

The incident highlights the delicate balance between humans and wildlife, prompting authorities to look into measures for coexistence and wildlife conservation. The affected individuals are receiving support, and efforts are being made to raise awareness about human-animal conflicts.


Landspout tornado spotted in central Alberta near Stettler

A weak tornado was seen east of Red Deer in central Alberta Wednesday afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, Environment Canada meteorologists tracked a severe thunderstorm that was producing a tornado north of Stettler.

The weather agency said its preliminary classification shows it was a landspout.

"So there are two different types of tornadoes — we have a landspout tornado and a supercell tornado," said Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Jesse Wagar.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills woman, 19 head of cattle in Odisha, India

A woman was killed and five others injured in lightning strike in Ganjam and neighbouring Kandhamal on Tuesday as thunderstorm and gusty winds lashed several places in the districts.

At least 19 heads of cattle also died in lightning strike in Badangi of Ganjam district.

At least 10 houses in Badangi also suffered partial damage due to the storm.

The deceased was identified as Mini Pradhan (55) of Dambiri village under Buguda block in Ganjam district. She and another woman were going to collect mangoes on the outskirts of the village, when lightning struck them.

Cloud Precipitation

Canadian River flooding forces evacuations in Valle De Oro, Texas after 10 inches of rain in less than 12 hours

Canadian River floods Valle De Oro homes.

Canadian River floods Valle De Oro homes.
Dozens of families who live near the Canadian River in Valle De Oro are facing a potential tragedy, as the Canadian River has overflowed its banks, triggering widespread flooding.

Several people and livestock have already been evacuated.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to see the river right here in my backyard but here it is," said J.J. Garcia, a resident of Valle De Oro.

The origin of the Canadian River Flood Waters comes from a 1-in-500-year rain event that fell south of San Jon, NM earlier last week. That storm brought 10" of rain fell in less than 12 hours.

Cloud Precipitation

Extreme rainfall in Turkey floods streets, properties

Ankara flood

Ankara flood
Following the warnings of Turkish State Meteorological Services, the capital Ankara was in the grip of the adverse weather conditions, as hail and downpours were effective in Keçiören district. Many streets, houses and workplaces were flooded.

Due to the rainfall, the football field in a neighborhood was flooded and some children playing soccer got stranded.

In his written statement, Turgut Altınok, the mayor of Keçiören, said that after the downpours and hail, the storm drains were blocked, and a major flood occurred in many regions throughout the district.

Altınok pointed out that it is the responsibility of the Ankara Municipality to evacuate the flood waters, claiming that the municipality teams are not properly executing their duty.


Scientists discover rare methane-spewing underwater volcano in Norwegian waters

Image shows fluids and gases flowing from an underwater mud volcano near Norway

Image shows fluids and gases flowing from an underwater mud volcano near Norway
Scientists have discovered a submarine volcano near Norway's Bear Island, or Bjørnøya, in the Barents Sea, which continuously spews methane and mud.

The scientists also revealed that the volcano was located inside a giant crater, which probably formed following a large explosion at the end of the last ice age.

The volcano has been named Borealis Mud Volcano, and it is only the second of its kind ever discovered in Norwegian waters.


Stray dogs kill 3-year-old boy in Gujarat, India

Representative Image Image Credit: ANI

Representative Image Image Credit: ANI
A 3-year-old boy playing near an agricultural field was mauled to death by a pack of dogs in Gujarat's Amreli district, police said on Wednesday.

The incident took place on the outskirts of Damnagar village of Lathi taluka on Tuesday afternoon when victim Ronak Rathva's parents and other family members, all farm labourers, were working in an agricultural field owned by one Madhubhai Sidpara, an official said.

The child was playing alone in the vicinity, said assistant sub-inspector K R Sankhat of Damnagar police station.


Waterspout spotted off Pärnu, Estonia

The waterspout spotted off Pärnu beach.
© Markus Vetemaa
The waterspout spotted off Pärnu beach.
A waterspout was spotted off the coast of Pärnu on Tuesday, ETV news show 'Aktuaalne kaamera' (AK) reports.

Water spouts, despite their name, do not suck up seawater but instead form in moisture-laden environments as their parent clouds are in the process of development. or thunderstorm. They sometimes appear in multiple groups.

Tuesday's waterspout was spotted from Pärnu beach, and filmed by several observers - though the beach was hardly crowded due in the relatively cool weather and this early on in summer.

The phenomenon lasted several minutes.

Water spouts, common on the West coast of Estonia's islands, but also off much of the rest of the coast and off the coast of Finland, are more usually seen in August and September, when the seawater is warmer, but colder air masses start to arrive.


Hundreds of dead birds wash up on Chilean beach

It is unclear what caused the deaths of the approximately 200 birds that washed up along Changa Beach in northern Chile's Coquimbo province.

Local authorities have sent samples of the birds to a laboratory in Santiago to determine whether they died of a massive bird flu contagion.

Authorities have warned locals not to collect the dead birds so as to avoid possible infection of bird flu.

Snowflake Cold

90% of Georgia's peach crop wiped out by prolonged cold snap and unseasonably warm winter

© Matthew Pearson/WABE
Al Pearson holds peaches grown on his family's orchard, which as been in operation for five generations.
Summer is around the corner, and in Georgia, summer means peaches.

But horticulturists at the University of Georgia say roughly 90% of the Peach State's crop has been destroyed by bad weather and a warming climate.

The last time things were this bad was 1955, according to Lawton Pearson of Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, Georgia.

"I didn't see it. I wasn't alive," Pearson says. "My dad was only six. My grandfather picked two peaches, and they went to California for the summer."

Peaches require a minimum number of chill hours, below 45 degrees, to set fruit. But the first three months of this year were the warmest on record in Georgia, and chill hours here have been declining over the years. That's due to climate change.

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