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Tue, 26 May 2020
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Earth Changes


Woman mauled to death by her own dog in Fox Lake, Illinois

A Fox Lake woman was found dead on her back deck after what appears to be a vicious attack by at least one of her dogs, police said.

An autopsy will confirm the cause of death for Lisa Urso, 52, of 622 Knollwood Road, but the initial investigation indicates that she was attacked by at least one of her three dogs, Fox Lake Police Chief Jimmy Lee said Monday.

An autopsy will be scheduled once the results come back on a novel coronavirus test Tuesday morning, Lake County Coroner Howard Cooper said. The COVID-19 test is being done to determine what precautions, if any, the Coroner's Office, the local funeral home and family need to take moving forward, he said.

Urso was found on her back porch Saturday, Lee said. It appeared she escaped the house after being attacked, but her injuries were extensive.


Tornado in Chihuahua, Mexico


Tornado hits the region of Chihuahua, Mexico.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Why are five continents below normal temperature in May?

Ontario Woke Up A Massive Heap Of Snow

Ontario woke up a massive heap of snow
May has been record breaking in both hemispheres for temperature and snow records. This is a deep dive into the crop destroying freezes that are finally in main stream media because the records are so vast and all encompassing on five continents.


Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain brings floods in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Flooded streets as heavy rains hit Taif, Saudi Arabia - 12 May 2020 | امطار غزيرة تغمر الطايف
Taif is a city in the Mecca Province of southwest Saudi Arabia. It's known for 20th-century Shubra Palace, a grand, white-walled building with latticework windows. Now the Taif Regional Museum, it exhibits artifacts from Islamic and pre-Islamic periods. In the west, King Fahad Garden has grassy lawns, restaurants and a lagoon. Just east is Taif National Park, with trees and a large dam.


M3.3 earthquake hits Rome as city emerges from lockdown

Fonte Nuova

An earthquake of magnitude 3.3 struck Fonte Nuova, 10 miles north of the Italian capital, at 5.03am on Monday - prompting calls to fire services but no reports of injuries or damage
A mild earthquake shook Rome on Monday morning as the city tries to adjust to life following coronavirus lockdown.

The quake had a magnitude of 3.3 and struck at 5.03am with an epicentre in Fonte Nuova, a small town around 10 miles outside the capital.

Firefighters said they had received numerous inquiries from people who had been shaken awake, but no reports of damage or injuries.

Residents reported hearing a loud roaring noise for around 30 seconds just before the shaking started, sending people scrambling into the streets.

'People woke up, screams of fright were heard from our building,' a man identified only as Fayruj told Italian news site AGI.

Comment: Just two weeks ago in Rome: Sinkhole opens up at Pantheon


May snowfall in Turkey

10 May 2020 - "Very rare" May snowfall surprises residents of Ardahan.

Flaky snowfall imbued the center of the city with white.

Trees that were prepared to bloom in May were covered by so much snow that branches of some trees were broken.

Turkey News: Snow surprise in May. 09.05.2020

The snow falling in Erzurum in May turned the Palandöken Ski Center to white. The snow reached 5 cm at an elevation of 1890 meters and exceeded 10 cm in high sections. Municipal teams carried out snow removal in the hotels area.

Snowflake Cold

Winter returns to southern and central Finland

After warm, sunny conditions in southern and central Finland on Sunday, the week began with a sudden shift in the weather.

Winter staged a surprise return, bringing more than 5 cm of snow to parts of southern and central Finland. Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström explains that the quick change was the result of a cold pulse from the Arctic Ocean.

"In the east the temperature was more than 18 degrees Celsius while at the same time it was less than five degrees on the west coast. The interface between these cold and warm fronts has produced this precipitation," Borgström says.

While the precipitation was mostly over by early evening in Uusimaa and other southern areas, Northern Karelia and Kainuu were still expecting up to 5 cm of snow locally.


Snowfall in Dagestan, Russia on May 10


Charodinsky District is an administrative and municipal district (raion), one of the forty-one in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. It is located in the south of the republic. The area of the district is 1,010 square kilometers (390 sq mi). Its administrative center is the rural locality (a selo) of Tsurib.As of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 11,777, with the population of Tsurib accounting for 19.0% of that number.


Winter makes a comeback as parts of Scotland are blanketed in snow

A Royal Mail delivery lorry on the A9 near Inverness where fresh snow has fallen today
© Peter Jolly/Rex
A Royal Mail delivery lorry on the A9 near Inverness where fresh snow has fallen
Parts of Scotland were white this morning as winter made a comeback despite it being May.

People in the Highlands woke up to a blanket of snow, with icy roads and frosted fields.

Traffic on the A9 between Inverness and Aviemore ploughed through the conditions, snow covered cars in Tomintoul, while lambs gambolled in frezzing fields near Tomintoul.

The white stuff also covered the scene near Nethybridge.

Snowflake Cold

Thousands without power in Maine as polar vortex freezes big chunk of US - up to 10 inches of snow recorded

snow accumulation near Readsboro, Vermont can be seen on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Snow accumulation near Readsboro, Vermont can be seen on Saturday, May 9, 2020.
Thousands of people were without power in Maine after a punishing spring storm brought snow and high winds Saturday to New England.

The frigid cold, caused by a polar vortex that blasted in from the north, set a number of records across the region, forecasters said.

The National Weather Service said unusually chilly conditions are expected to linger Sunday across the Central Plains, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast ,with freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect.

"We have another really cold morning across parts of the Northeast," Fox News chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth said on "Fox & Friends Weekend." "It is going to get better. In fact, temps today are going to be back up into the 60s for a lot of people, so that snow that we had yesterday will be gone, but we do have one more chilly morning to get through with this."