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Mon, 20 Mar 2023
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Time is running out to speak freely about free speech

censorship illustration
© Eric Drooker
Americans need to have an important discussion about free speech now — before the Censorship Complex makes it impossible to do so.

The Censorship Complex — whereby Big Tech censorship is induced by the government, media, and media-rating businesses — threatens the future of free speech in this country. To understand how and why, Americans need to talk about speech — and the government's motive to deceive the public.

To frame this discussion, consider these hypotheticals:
  • Two American soldiers training Ukraine soldiers in Poland cross into the war zone, ambushing and killing five Russian soldiers. Unbeknownst to the American soldiers, a Ukrainian soldier filmed the incident and provides the footage to an independent journalist who authors an article on Substack, providing a link to the video.
  • Russia uses its intelligence service and "bots" to flood social media with claims that the Ukrainians are misusing 90 percent of American tax dollars. In truth, "only" 40 percent of American tax dollars are being wasted or corruptly usurped — a fact that an independent journalist learns when a government source leaks a Department of Defense report detailing the misappropriation of the funds sent to Ukraine.
  • A third of Americans disagree with the continued funding of the war in Ukraine and organically prompt #NoMoreMoola to trend. After this organic hashtag trend begins, Russian operatives amplify the hashtag while the Russian-run state media outlet, Russia Today, reports on the hashtag trend.
  • Following the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, the communist Chinese government uses social media to create the false narrative that 10 specifically named financial institutions are bordering on collapsing. In reality, only Bank A1 is financially troubled, but a bank run on any of the 10 banks would cause those banks to collapse too.

Oil Well

German regional leader wants Nord Stream repaired

Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer
© Steffen Füssel
Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer
Saxony premier Michael Kretschmer said the sabotaged gas pipelines would be needed if Germany and Russia resume trade

Germany should repair the Nord Stream gas pipelines while it is still possible, the state premier of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, has argued. The politician suggested that the pipelines, which were blown up last September, could be needed again in the event that Germany and Russia normalize trade relations under new leadership in Moscow.

"In energy policy, it's all about keeping options open," Kretschmer told Germany's Focus magazine in an interview published on Sunday.

"When Putin is gone, the pipeline could also be an opportunity for a successor to restore economic relations with us," the official added, predicting that this could happen in around five years' time.

Comment: Kretschner is still under the illusion that Germany is an independent country. The U.S. will not allow its vassal to set one toe forward in Russia's direction, or in any direction that threatens to allow it to recovery its famed industrial capacity. In Germany at least, the NATO goal of "U.S. in, Russia out and Germany down" has been accomplished.


Pakistani police file terrorism charges against ex-PM Khan

burning policecar
© AP/W.K. Yousafzai
Man films burning police vehicle outside the court in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 18, 2023
Police in the Pakistani capital filed charges Sunday against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, 17 of his aides and scores of supporters, accusing them of terrorism and several other offenses after the ousted premier's followers clashed with security forces in Islamabad the previous day.

For hours on Saturday, Khan's followers clashed with police outside a court where the former prime minister was to appear in a graft case. Riot police wielded batons and fired tear gas while Khan's supporters threw fire bombs and hurled rocks at the officers.

More than 50 officers were injured and a police checkpoint, several cars and motorcycles were torched. Police said 59 of Khan's supporters were arrested during the violence.

Khan never actually appeared inside the court to face charges that he had sold state gifts received while in office and concealed assets.

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Uganda: Museveni calls gay people 'deviants' as anti-LGBT bill advances

Yoweri Museveni
Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday described gay people as "deviants" and called for an investigation into homosexuality as lawmakers in the conservative East African nation prepare to vote on an anti-LGBT bill.

The bill, introduced earlier this month, proposes tough new penalties for same-sex relations in a country where homosexuality is already illegal, sparking criticism from human rights groups.

In a state of the nation address before lawmakers, Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986, called gay people deviants as MPs urged him to comment on the new legislation.

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Oxfam's new 92-page inclusivity guide calls English 'the language of a colonising nation' and tells staff to avoid the words 'mother' 'headquarters' - and even 'youth', in move slammed by critics

oxfam inclusive language guide

The 92-page report warns against 'colonial' phrases such as 'headquarters', suggests 'local' may be offensive and says 'people' could be patriarchal.
Oxfam came under fire last night for issuing a bizarre 'inclusive' language guide to staff.

The 92-page report warns against 'colonial' phrases such as 'headquarters', suggests 'local' may be offensive and says 'people' could be patriarchal.

Workers were told 'parent' is often preferable to 'mother' or 'father', terms such as 'feminine hygiene' should be dropped, and 'people who become pregnant' should be used instead of 'expectant mothers'.

Comment: The only people offended by the 'language to avoid' listed above are the social justice warriors making up these rules to signal their own virtue. This is not meant to help the disadvantaged people Oxfam is supposed to be supporting. It's a barely veiled attempt to control the way people think.

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Shopping Bag

Polish inflation highest since mid-1990s

© Getty Images / Ingus Kruklitis / EyeEm
Soaring food and housing-related costs have piled pressure on cash-strapped families.

Annual inflation in Poland accelerated in February to the highest level since 1996, data released by the national statistics service GUS showed on Wednesday.

Consumer prices rose 18.4% year-on-year in February, up from the 16.6% recorded in the previous month.

Comment: More from RT:
The number of shoplifting crimes in Poland increased by almost a third in 2022, newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported on Thursday, citing police data.

Statistics showed that the number of thefts increased by as much as 31.1% on an annual basis, to over 32,000 cases. Out of 16 Polish regions, only Lublin reportedly did not record an increase in such crimes.

The rise in theft is "a clear signal of trouble on the market," the president of the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization Renata Juszkiewicz was quoted as saying. Soaring prices have been pushing people to commit such crimes, she suggested, adding that it is "a huge challenge" for stores while prompting further increases in operating costs.

The report indicated that food was stolen most of all, followed by luxury items such as expensive perfumes and spirits, as well as small electronics.

The Polish economy slowed in 2022 amid soaring inflation and a plunge in consumer spending brought on by the conflict in neighboring Ukraine and the impact of sanctions on Russia. Official statistics show that inflation accelerated in the beginning of 2023, with consumer prices jumping 17.2% in January from a year ago. Economists are forecasting that inflation will continue to rise, with Poland projected to have one of the EU's highest rates this year.

Eye 2

Minnesota elementary school teacher proud of confusing students about gender

kourtney ryan trans flag
A Minnesota elementary school teacher is under fire after a social media video surfaced featuring the instructor talking about the "goal" of confusing children about gender.

As reported by American Wire, Valentine Hills Elementary music teacher Kourtney Ryan, who is "presumably a woman," posted a video online recounting a shocking conversation Ryan had with young students and another teacher.

"The students asked the other teacher if I'm a boy or a girl, and the teacher was like, 'Does it matter?'" Ryan began.

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Iran sentences Shiraz terror attack perpetrators to death

© Tasnim News Agency
The perpetrators were directly involved in the planning of the terror attack and the arming of the ISIS militants
A court in Iran sentenced two of the alleged main perpetrators of the Shiraz attack in October 2022 to death, according to a report published by Tasnim News Agency on 19 March.

The report details that the Judiciary Chief of Fars Province, Kazem Moussavi, found the two main suspects guilty of corruption, armed rebellion and acting against national security.

Moussavi also stated that the men were directly involved in the planning of the terror attack and the arming of the ISIS militants who carried it out, according to Press TV.

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Transparency: Musk says Twitter to release code that controls tweet recommendations

twitter code
© Noor Al-Sibai
Billionaire business magnate Elon Musk announced on Friday that Twitter will publicly reveal the code that controls tweet recommendations on the platform, noting that the company hopes to earn people's trust.

"Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 31st," Musk tweeted.

"Our 'algorithm' is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we'll patch issues as soon as they're found! We're developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it's still a work in progress. That'll also be open source. Providing code transparency will be incredibly embarrassing at first, but it should lead to rapid improvement in recommendation quality. Most importantly, we hope to earn your trust," he added.

Stock Down

Study finds dozens of US banks at risk of repeating SVB collapse

© Truthout.org
Many other lenders are also sitting on unrealized losses caused by the rapid rise in interest rates

Nearly 200 American banks face similar risks to those that led to the implosion and bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), according to a paper posted this week to the Social Science Research Network. SVB, a major US lender focused on the tech and startup sectors, was shut down by regulators last week after massive deposit outflows.

In the study, four economists from prominent US universities estimated how much market value the assets held by US banks have lost due to recent interest rate hikes.

"From March 07, 2022, to March 6, 2023, the federal funds rate rose sharply from 0.08% to 4.57%, and this increase was accompanied by quantitative tightening. As a result, long-dated assets similar to those held on bank balance sheets experienced significant value declines during the same period," they wrote.