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Fri, 24 Sep 2021
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FNC's Carlson on border crisis: Biden did this on purpose

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US President Joe Biden • Haitian Migrant Crisis
Tuesday, Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson speculated that the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, with the latest influx of Haitians at the Del Rio border crossing, was intentional.

Carlson said the crisis was part of establishing a long-term voting constituency for Democrats with immigrants, which have a different standard applied to them under the law compared to the ordinary American citizen.

Transcript as follows:

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US murders up 30 percent in largest increase on record

police tape, police line
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Murders rose nearly 30 percent in 2020, representing the largest increase on record, according to an analysis of FBI data by The New York Times.

The forthcoming FBI Unified Crime Report is expected to show that murders increased around 29 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, eclipsing the previous largest one-year change of 12.7 percent in 1968.

Comment: Right on time. Social violence follows a roughly 50-year cycle. The political stress index in the U.S. is rising rapidly. The last time it did so was prior to the Civil War.

The new FBI data showed around 21,500 murders in 2020, almost 5,000 more than in 2019, the newspaper noted.

However, the national murder rate, or murders per 100,000 people, is still about one-third below the rate in the early 1990s.

About 77 percent of murders reported in 2020 were committed with a firearm, the highest share ever reported.


Homeless man faces 7 years for allegedly underpaying for Mountain Dew by 43 cents

mountain dew
© Alamy
A Pennsylvania man was jailed last month and charged with a felony after allegedly underpaying for a bottle of Mountain Dew soda by 43 cents, a penalty due largely in part to the state's three-strikes law.

Joseph Sobolewski walked into a convenience store in Perry County where there was a special for 20-ounce Mountain Dew bottles: 2 for $3.

Sobolewski took one bottle, put down $2 on the counter and walked out, PennLive reported. The store called the police and he was arrested. What Sobolewski may not have known was that a single bottle of Mountain Dew cost $2.29, not $1.50.

So he actually shorted the store by 43 cents, or 29 cents for the bottle plus tax. He is being held on a $50,000 bond and faces up to seven years in prison.

"For me, I would get the deterrent factor if someone's thefts were getting worse or higher in value," said Brandon Flood, director of the state's Board of Parole, told the news outlet. "But the lack of discretion is what bothers me. It's problematic because it doesn't factor in the amount."

A criminal docket showed the bond was originally ordered as a cash bond before being modified to be "unsecured," meaning he could be released without giving the court any money, although the amount would remain the same.

Comment: Dura lex sed lex? Legalistic societies have a way of turning into lawless societies.


Project Veritas: Outrage as FDA employee caught saying African-Americans should be vaccinated against their will: "Blow-darts is always the answer"

FDA economist blowdart taylor lee vaccine
© YouTube / Project Veritas
FDA economist Taylor Lee speaks to a Project Veritas reporter in a screenshot from a YouTube video published September 23, 2021
Conservatives are up in arms after a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employee was caught on camera advocating forced vaccination for minorities and a Nazi-style register of the unvaccinated, "like the Jewish star."

FDA economist Taylor Lee told an undercover reporter with Project Veritas that the federal government could learn a thing or two from the Nazis when it comes to getting the population vaccinated, according to a video published by the conservative group - famous for its hidden camera sting operations - on Wednesday.

Comment: Part 1 of Project Veritas' vaccine expose:

Federal Nurse Goes Public: "Government Doesn't Want People to Know That The Covid Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"

Bad Guys

18 Months to Flatten Civilisation

nuclear demolition
It is now 18 months since the order for the house imprisonment of millions of perfectly healthy people was given, apparently because of the lethal virus with a median Survival Rate Estimate of around 99.85%. As soon as the British Prime Minister had finished his appalling address, I set about writing a piece, which contained these words:
"So that seems to be that. The end of Britain as we knew it. ...Make no mistake: this is the most monstrous attack on a free people in the history of Britain."
Well here we are, after 18 months of infantile slogans, grotesque Lockdowns, dehumanising Masks, mass abuse of authority, Government by diktat, tyrannical powers in formerly free countries that still seem unimaginable, and the most dangerous medical experiment in history, and these words have been entirely vindicated. The Britain we knew is gone, and the same story is true in countless other countries, which have also been turned into some other place entirely. Yet still the project rolls on relentlessly towards its dystopian, hellish goal.

In a subsequent piece in April 2020, I made the following observation:
"Personally, I'd rather trust myself into the hands of the Living God than surrender to the Bill Gatesian Social Distancing Medical Despotism of compulsory vaccines, certifications and health apps that is starting to take shape around us."
Sounds kind of prophetical, doesn't it? And yet despite the fact all this has come to pass, those who labelled people like me Conspiracy Theorists for writing such things then, continue to view us as such when we warn of new lockdowns, huge economic hardship, food shortages this Autumn/Winter, and Vaccine Enhanced Disease — even when these things are also coming to pass. Ho hum!

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Melbourne sets new world record for longest lockdown, Vic premier blames 'agitators' for having to extend it

lockdown protest police melbourne australia
© AAP Image via AP/James Ross
Victoria police fire pepper spray during a clash with protesters at a Rally for Freedom in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021
Rattled by a wave of violent anti-lockdown protests, Australia's second-largest city has hit a grim pandemic milestone, reportedly becoming the city that has lived the longest under lockdown as infections surge.

Currently in its sixth lockdown since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Melbourne has now officially become the lockdown capital - that's according to local media, which reported that the city has spent a total of 235 days under restrictions, surpassing the benchmark set by Argentina's Buenos Aires, which was shut down for 234 days last year.

The mood has been far from celebratory in the streets of the locked-down city, however, as it faces a wave of protests against the record-breaking restrictions. Since Monday, demonstrators have been taking to Melbourne streets daily to vent their frustration at the government's handling of the pandemic, including at its latest move to impose a vaccine mandate on construction workers.

Comment: Mother Nature had something to say:

Amidst erupting lockdown protests, strongest earthquake on record strikes Melbourne, Australia


Russia's silent majority outpoints the robot vote (Canadians too)

robot voting russia canada
© Dances With Bears
Robots can be easily programmed to correct their mistakes; robot voters can be programmed to re-vote. But robots are missing the intelligence to cover up their tracks.

In the twenty-four hours since the Russian polls closed on Sunday at 8, the robot voters of Russia have exposed themselves to one of the most thorough analyses of their lack of intelligence ever produced by the mainstream Russian media, Russian election technologists and think tanks, and the Russian social media. Indeed, so swift and thorough have they been that protests of election-rigging from the Communist Party, the Navalny group and the State Department have proved superfluous. The silent majority of Russian voters had anticipated the outcome - they have already recorded their response.

(Something similar has happened at the University-Rosedale riding of Toronto. In Monday's Canadian parliamentary election, voters delivered a similar message of silent rebuke to Chrystia Freeland, chief Russia hater and Ukrainian candidate for prime minister of Canada.)

Comment: RFE/RL's (Western) take on the matter:
A Russian researcher known for detailed analyses of past elections says fraud was a major factor in the State Duma election victory of the ruling United Russia party.

Sergei Shpilkin, who published his analysis on September 21, two days after the Duma election concluded, said that, without vote manipulation, the Kremlin-backed party would have likely received around 31-33 percent of ballots in the party-list voting -- not the nearly 50 percent reported by the Central Election Commission.

Shpilkin's analysis adds to the growing clouds looming over the vote, which was already under suspicion due to the concentrated state crackdown on the alternative voter-guide strategy promoted by jailed corruption crusader Aleksei Navalny, among other things.

The preliminary results released by the Central Election Commission indicate that United Russia preserved its two-thirds majority in the Duma, which would enable it to pass major legislation and even constitutional amendments without help from other parties.

In 2020, the Duma voted for amendments that allow President Vladimir Putin to seek two more six-year terms after his current tenure ends in 2024. He has not indicated whether he will.

United Russia's success came even as preelection polls showed the party's approval ratings were below 30 percent - the worst in its roughly two decades of existence.

In his analysis published on Facebook, Shpilkin, a physicist by training, estimated that United Russia's genuine support was between 31 and 33 percent.
russia duma composition 2021
Shpilikin also estimated that nationwide turnout was likely 38 percent of voters, compared with the official figure of 52 percent.

His analysis was based on data across the country's 97,000 individual polling stations, examining outlier polling stations where high turnout was reported as well as high vote tallies for United Russia.

Among the biggest clouds hanging over the results is the new electronic voting system that was used in Moscow and six other locations this year. Election authorities billed the system as a way to help minimize the dangers of COVID-19, which has hit Russia hard.

But outside observers and independent election experts say it's impossible to access and analyze the raw data, leaving the door open to manipulation.

Experts have already identified several districts in Moscow where results are unusual, particularly compared with past election patterns; the release of early results on September 20 was postponed several times.

As a result, out of 15 Moscow single-mandate districts, eight that initially had opposition candidates in the lead eventually ended up going to United Russia candidates.

Electronic voting is "an absolute evil, a black box that no one controls," Shpilkin wrote.

"It is impossible to investigate a million votes piled up in one heap - you can analyze an array of numbers. But in the case of the results of electronic voting, we are shown only the results of several parties and one number on the turnout. There are simply not enough details for analysis," he said.

Shpilkin gained widespread attention in 2012 for his statistical analysis of the 2011 election for the Duma and regional legislatures. He concluded the vote was tainted by fraud.

In the 2016 Duma vote and the 2018 presidential vote, in which Putin won reelection, Shpilkin found similar levels of fraud.

His jagged chart representation of alleged fraud in the 2018 vote gave rise to the term "Churov's Saw" -- a reference to the head of the Central Election Commission at the time, Vladimir Churov, who oversaw several elections rife with allegations of manipulation.


Austria denies social programs to non-vaccinated

Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, who was inaugurated as the Federal President of the Republic of Austria on January 26, 2017, has taken another undemocratic, authoritarian position that anyone unemployed because of the state's lockdowns who refuses the vaccine will lose ALL benefits. This is absolute tyranny and a disgrace to any country that pretends to be free. It has been reported:
Unusual measure: Austria's Minister of Labor Martin Kocher (ÖVP) has decided to block unemployment benefits for job seekers if they do not apply for a reasonable position because a vaccination is required there or simply not accepting an offered position.
Something is seriously wrong. The vaccination was supposed to protect you, but now the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated. Does that then prove that the vaccinations do not work? If the death rate is less than 1%, then why are governments forcing such vaccines?

The object seems to be to justify tracking all people. If we cannot do anything without a COVID passport, then we are right back to the same type of control as Adolf Hitler. You cannot get on a train in France without a COVID passport. Canada is doing the same thing for travel. Australia is turning the country into a concentration camp where you cannot travel more than 5k from your residence even if vaccinated.
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© Armstrong Economics

Top Secret

Leaked docs show DARPA considered funding $14mn project to infect Chinese bats with altered coronaviruses in 2018 - reports

bat specimen
© Getty Images
Documents published by a scientist group probing Covid-19's origins reveal that controversial US non-profit EcoHealth Alliance had sought $14 million in 2018 for a project that would expose Chinese bats to altered coronaviruses.

Some 18 months before the first Covid cases appeared, the three-and-a-half year study had planned to release skin-penetrating particles containing "novel chimeric spike proteins" from bat coronaviruses into bat caves in China's Yunnan province. The goal was to study and prevent transmission to humans.

The proposal, titled 'Project Defuse', was submitted by EcoHealth Alliance for funding consideration as part of an initiative aimed at preventing emerging pathogen threats by the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It was ultimately rejected over safety concerns.


Johnny Depp rails against cancel culture: 'No one is safe'

johnny depp
© AP Photo/Frank Augstein,
Johnny Depp railed against cancel culture while appearing at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Wednesday.

The actor, 58, was present to receive the honorary Donostia Award and according to Deadline, used his speaking time to tell the audience he's been treated unfairly.

"It can be seen as an event in history that lasted for however long it lasted, this cancel culture, this instant rush to judgment based on what essentially amounts to polluted air," he said during a press conference.

"It's so far out of hand now that I can promise you that no one is safe. Not one of you. No one out that door. No one is safe," Depp continued. "It takes one sentence and there's no more ground, the carpet has been pulled. It's not just me that this has happened to, it's happened to a lot of people. This type of thing has happened to women, men. Children have suffered from various types of unpleasantries. Sadly at a certain point, they begin to think that it's normal. Or that it's them. When it's not."