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Fri, 22 Oct 2021
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Media Lies by Omission: Biased survey over-inflates public support for airport scanners

© Unisys
Imagine it, make it up, publish it, sell it. Done.
"Deception by an omission of the truth is as bad as a lie."
Jennifer Chiaverini
The mainstream media was quick to publicise the findings of a survey that showed widespread public support for the global drive to install 'naked' full-body scanners at airports.

Articles such as Sky News: UK Holidaymakers Back Use Of Full-Body Scanners and Agence France-Presse: Opinion poll: US anti-terror too lax, uncritically repeated the report's findings without questioning the reliability of the survey or mentioning the conflict of interests held by those in the security industry who stand to profit from rolling out these dangerous machines.

There is one glaring omission from these and the many media reports that published 'news' articles based on the Unisys press release. That is who Unisys is, their connections with government, military, Homeland security, the Transportation Services Authority (TSA) and how they profit from airport security technologies. The failure of the mainstream media to report the true source and motives behind this survey is a clear example of how they lie by omitting the most important facts.

Comment: Update: One of our forum members provided some further information:
The poll was actually done by Newspoll (in Australia) at least which is partly owned by Murdoch's News Corp. The survey results were touted far and wide through Fox, News etc.

It appears Unisys collated the numbers. Only 8360 people were interviewed in 9 countries, 1200 were polled in Australia.

the US survey was done by International Communications research. One other Unisys survey was done by Lieberman Worldwide whose CEO Arnold Fishman sits on the AeroVironment corp which manufactures small drone aircraft.

Unisys I would say gets an undergrad to throw the numbers in a small database and "Voila" instant news through the News network.

The Australian Privacy Foundation has come to the same conclusions.


"Russia Engineered Plane Crash that Killed President Kaczynski," Claims Polish MP

Memorial: The coffin of Polish president Lech Kaczynski is laid out at the Presidential Palace chapel in Warsaw, Poland.
The Russian government prevented the Polish president's plane from landing four times to divert him from a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, according to an MP.

Artur Gorski said the Russians 'came up with some dubious reasons' that the aircraft couldn't land because they feared President Leck Kaczynski's presence would overshadow a similar event hosted by the Russian prime minister a few days before.

And their alleged plan ended in disaster when the Polish pilots made one final and disastrous attempt to land, killing Mr Kaczynski, his wife, and 94 others on board the plane.

'One version of events says that the plane approached the airport four times, because every time the Russians refused it permission to land - they wanted to send the plane with the president to an airport in Moscow or Minsk,' Mr Gorski claimed in an interview published in the newspaper Nasz Dziennik.

'They came up with some dubious reasons: that there was fog over the airport, and that the navigation system didn't work as it was under renovation, and that airport had a short landing strip.'


A dramatic end to a divided era in modern Poland's history

© Kacper Pempel/Reuters
Jaroslaw Kaczynski kneels before his twin brother's coffin at the Warsaw airport on Sunday, April, 11. Lech Kaczynski, the Polish president, was killed in a plane crash on Saturday.
For the second time in 60 years, Poles around the world have been horrified to learn that their country's best-known leaders have been killed, suddenly and tragically, in a forest outside the western Russian city of Smolensk.

Saturday's crash of an aging Tupolev 154 jet during a fog-blinded landing was a cosmic insult to the Polish imagination, a catastrophe that wiped out a generation of leaders and placed a stark punctuation mark on the political drama that has defined Polish affairs since the defeat of communism in 1989.

It occurs at a moment of glory for Poland, as the formerly poor country, almost alone in Europe, has managed to avoid recession. It is often said by Poles that they are a people who are punished for their triumphs; Saturday seemed to confirm this belief.

It was also, as every Pole knows, a freakish repeat of history. It was outside Smolensk, in Katyn forest in March of 1940, that Joseph Stalin's agents machine-gunned as many as 22,000 of Poland's top military, intellectual and civil-service leaders to death and dumped their bodies in mass graves, terminating the country's independence for half a century.

"Seventy years ago, the Soviets murdered the political elite in Katyn," Lech Walesa, the Solidarity hero and former president, said yesterday. "Now, again, the political elite has been killed on its way to the same place."


Polish Leader, 96 Others Dead in Russia Jet Crash

Plane wreckage in Russia
© AP
This image from Polish Television's TVP via APTN shows a firefighter walking near some of the wreckage …
Smolensk, Russia - Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders died on Saturday when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia, killing 97, officials said.

Russian and Polish officials said there were no survivors on the 26-year-old Tupolev, which was taking the president, his wife and staff to events marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Katyn forest of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police.

The crash devastated the upper echelons of Poland's political and military establishments. On board were the army chief of staff, the navy chief commander, and heads of the air and land forces. Also killed were the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the National Security Office, deputy parliament speaker, Olympic Committee head, civil rights commissioner and at least two presidential aides and three lawmakers, the Polish foreign ministry said.

Heart - Black

UK: Female psychopath? Care home manager killed resident

Rachel Baker
© Press Association
Rachel Baker
A former care home manager who stole drugs from elderly residents to feed her addiction was today found guilty of killing one of them.

Registered nurse Rachel Baker, 44, gave Lucy Cox, 97, lethal doses of medication while she herself was abusing controlled drugs she stole from Parkfields Residential Care Home, in Butleigh, Somerset.

Baker, of Boundary Way, Glastonbury, was convicted of the manslaughter of Mrs Cox but acquitted by a jury at Bristol Crown Court of the manslaughter of another resident, Frances Hay, 85.

Take 2

Connecting the Dots: Zionist Melodrama, Domestic Terrorism, Papal Bull

Obama TV on TV
© SOTT.net
As the northern hemisphere struggles to shake off one of its coldest winters in living memory, controversy in Zion is heating up the race for global supremacy. Has a rupture of potentially seismic proportions set the US and Israel on a collision course with global consequences? Or are we witnessing a scripted drama that's just the latest move on the grand chessboard? The Secret Team hopes to load the dice in its favor whatever the outcome.

Can the waters of 9/11 Truth be held back much longer? After 9 years of successful containment, is it finally breaching the information wall? We'll examine the recent string of blatant attempts to frame Americans for "domestic terrorism" against the background moves to implement full lockdown before 9/11 Truth goes viral. The metro bombings in Moscow bore all the hallmarks of a War of Terror™ false-flag terror attack, replete with premature forensics, the official story contradicting eyewitness accounts and a Bin Laden-style video message. The first question to always ask is, Qui bono?

The Pope hasn't a prayer of coming out of this month unscathed. It's a measure of the visibly pathological state of the Catholic Church that it's hierarchy should invoke the most despicable slur available to stave off its day of reckoning, and in doing so, firmly align itself with that other death cult which invokes "religion" to justify its toxic existence in Palestine. Climategate firmly knocked The Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming out of its pulpit; the only water rising there is denial, with much of the herd still adamant that bovine excrement is causing climate change and must urgently be capped with the help of 'green debt' in the form of Carbon Default Swaps.

We can assure you that there are no real anti-Semites or "Islamo-fascists" out there worth losing any sleep over, but there is a strong whiff of fascism with a distinctly Christian-Zionist odor bubbling up from below like methane from the ocean floor. We'll chart the rise of the Pathocracy's Uruk-hai footsoldiers and note the gains made by far-right parties across Europe in March. Countering the rising fascist tides are hopeful signs of people power and resistance to the entropic trend.

Join us as we connect the dots in March...

Light Saber

A rare voice of courage: journalist Gideon Levy interviewed

Gideon Levy
© Haim Taragan/Haaretz
Gideon Levy
Gideon Levy is a rare voice of courage in an Israeli media generally supine towards the political establishment. Since 1988, he has written the "Twilight Zone" column for the Israeli daily Haaretz, documenting unflinchingly the myriad cruelties inflicted on the Palestinian people under occupation. In his new book Gaza, a collection of articles which has just been published in French, Levy utters phrases that, by his own admission, are considered "insane" by most of his compatriots. The Electronic Intifada contributor David Cronin spoke with Gideon Levy about his background and journalism.

Eye 2

8 school children stabbed to death by doctor in China

© Xinhua
Police are seen at Nanping City Experimental Elementary School in Fujian province where eight children were stabbed to death by a former doctor March 23, 2010.
A middle-aged man has stabbed eight children to death and injured at least five others at a primary school in south-eastern China.

The suspect attacked the children with a knife at the gate to a primary school in Fujian's Nan-ping city at 7:20 a.m. as the children were waiting to go to school.

According to officials, the suspected attacker, Zheng Mingsheng, a 41-year-old, is a former community clinic doctor who had been dismissed from his post and allegedly had mental problems.

Three children died at the scene, while five others died later during emergency treatment. The victims were reported to be mostly first-graders.


Connecting the Dots: Cosmic Climate Change, Financial Terrorism

© rolyateel
Earthquakes dominate once again this month as a string of strong quakes prompts us to ask, "What in Earth is going on?" That the US government would engage in such nefarious activity to induce a strategically-placed earthquake in Haiti is a frightening prospect. Could any or all of the recent cluster have been deliberately induced? Or have we just witnessed Nature's awesome retort to the Evil Empire's puny arsenal? We'll examine the political state of play in Chile on the occasion of its most powerful earthquake in 50 years and recall the notorious roots of the Pathocrats' economic shock therapy that's so prevalent today.

Record snowfall blanketed all but Hawaii in the US and freezing temperatures froze ships mid-stream in Europe, yet Canada emerged from the cruelest of winters warm and dry. We would ask the "climatologists" for their take on this but they're too busy modelling alternate realities, answering corruption charges and just generally keeping well below the radar. We'll present an alternative Cosmic Climate Change hypothesis that honours the scientific data and doesn't require sleight of hand to "hide the decline."

Financial terrorism from Wall Street's finest banksters struck gold again this month with a false-flag attack on the euro. Economic warfare, like any other form of warfare, sears a trail of tears and destruction through innocent peoples' lives, only it comes in the covert manner of currency manipulations and speculative attacks on target economies. And just as with conventional warfare, its psychopathic conspirators often hatch their murderous plans over dinner and fine wine. From a meeting in Manhattan we'll chart the Evil Empire's desperate pitch to keep its paper-worthless dollar atop the sinking pile.

When a tiny country like Israel can manipulate empires from afar, what is there to stop it walking into its neighbour's house and murdering him? Well, nothing, as the Mossad brazenly demonstrated in January. But if Dubai can have Interpol serve arrest warrants where no other country dares to tread, we wonder if the international exposure Mossad Murder Inc received this month has severely compromised its cover of darkness? More light, say we!

Join us as we Connect the Dots in February...

Take 2

Case Study on COINTELPRO and Ponerization: Report from an 'Alternative Convention'

Some days ago we received the following letter from a reader. We decided to publish it with a few observations of our own to illustrate the amount of disinformation the average seeker of truth needs to face.
truth lie
© The Christian Science Monitor / Bennett
Reader: [...] I attended the Alternative Research Community (Arc) Convention at Bath over the weekend, and I'd like to make a brief report. It was simultaneously good to be talking to people who were looking for answers, but at the same time, for me, it was also depressing. It seems the level of discernment out there is just... low, to the point of non-existent. There are many who seem to be basically nice people, including the organisers, genuinely looking for a path to knowledge and trying to navigate all the information that floods the alternative scene, but it was really hard work dealing with the simply huge problem of both disinfo and naivete. It is like they live in a whole different imaginary universe. The road to hell is paved with good intentions indeed.

People just assume that because they are on the 'alternative' side, they have the Truth and it won't be taken from them. This is a pity because quite a few of them do seem sincere, but they are like sheep under the guidance of wolves. Listening to so much crap from some of the speakers - while others were just too superficial and speculative - and seeing how much is uncritically accepted by the audience made me want to go have a shower by the end.