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US: San Jose woman seeks justice in mysterious, violent death of son

Darlene Jenkins spent years believing her son Tony would someday walk through the door of her South San Jose home.

Even after authorities said his severed legs were found in a Central Valley canal nine years ago, Jenkins held out hope that they were wrong.

Then last summer, police recovered the rest of her son's remains in a remote area of Stanislaus County. Jenkins could no longer escape the horrible truth: Her 27-year-old son had been killed.

Now Darlene Jenkins' only wish is to see those responsible put behind bars.

"Before I die, I'd like to see them apprehend these guys who tortured and killed my son," said Jenkins, who suffers from diabetes and congestive heart failure and has been hospitalized numerous times the past few years.

After an autopsy last summer concluded Tony Jenkins died a "horrific death," police reopened the case, which had gone cold after hundreds of hours of investigation into his disappearance.

But detectives won't say much about the case.

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China: Fishing industry braces for oil-leak impact

© AgenciesA fisherman rows a boat in the algae-filled Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui province July 3, 2011. Algae outbreaks have repeatedly hit the lake in recent years.

Beijing - Dead seaweed and rotting fish in the water around Nanhuangcheng Island in Shandong province, which is close to the site of a recent oil leak, suggest the local waters were polluted by the incident, say observers.

"The oil leak will definitely influence the fishing industry nearby but we must carry out further investigations to see if the oil leak is the direct reason for the dead seaweed and fish," said a representative from the fisheries association in Changdao county. The county administers Nanhuangcheng Island.

"The environmental impact caused by the oil leak is long-term," the man named Xiao told China Daily on Monday.

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US: Roseanne Barr Goes Nuts - Or Sane, Depending on Your Point of View

© Ivan Nikolov/WENN
Roseanne Barr has no love for Casey Anthony -- and she tells us all about it on Twitter.

America has had a day to calm down from the shock of the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict, though yesterday's trial conclusion seems to be all anyone is talking about. One person who is certainly not shy about expressing her hatred for the possible future porn star is comedian Roseanne Barr.

Barr has been tweeting non-stop about the case since early Tuesday -- and her rants have devolved into bizarre territory at times.

The tweets started off innocuous enough.

"Let's all remember how much we cared about this one little girl and try to help all little abused kids even more now," she tweeted right before the verdict.

However, her tweets devolved into a rant after Anthony was found innocent.

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Casey Anthony Being Released from Jail on Wednesday

Casey Anthony only has to stay in jail six more days to fulfill the sentence a judge gave her Thursday on convictions for lying to authorities.

Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Anthony to four years in jail -- one year for each of her four convictions of lying to police -- but with credit for the approximately three years already served and good behavior, her release date was set for next Wednesday, July 13, a court spokeswoman said Thursday.

Denying a defense motion to reduce the four counts to a single conviction, Perry gave Anthony the maximum jail time he could by ruling that the four years be served consecutively.


Greeks stop third freedom flotilla ship bound for Gaza

© Reuters/Marko Djurica

Athens - The Greek coastguard intercepted a small French boat with pro-Palestinian activists aboard on Thursday, the third flotilla ship to be prevented from sailing to Gaza to challenge an Israeli blockade.

Greece imposed a ban on all Gaza-bound ships saying it feared for the safety of the activists who are now trying to find a way to set sail. A year ago, nine people were killed when IDF commandos stormed a Turkish flotilla ship and were met with violence.

The boat with about 10 activists aboard, including French politicians, an MEP and a journalist, sailed from Corsica. Activists had said it was in international waters waiting to join the rest of the flotilla, now confined in Greek ports.

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Palestinians report dramatic rise in settler attacks


Attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian farmland and crops increased "dramatically" in June, a report released by the Palestinian Authority has shown.

"Since the beginning of June, the settlers attacks escalated dramatically, especially against the land and the trees. In the first week of June, settlers burnt 350 trees Deir al-Hatab village near Nablus, 20 grape vines in Hebron and uprooted 40 grape vines in Beit Ummar village," said a statement from the government released on Wednesday.

Settlers also burned dozens of acres of farmland and more than 1,000 olive trees, the report said.


Prison inmates replace unionized workers in Racine, Wisconsin


Prison inmates have replaced union workers in Racine County, Wisconsin, thanks to the changes to the states collective bargaining laws that went into effect at the end of June.

The Journal Times reported prison inmates will now be able to do tasks such as landscaping, painting, and shoveling sidewalks in the winter that were previously performed by unionized employees.

Inmates are not required to do any work for the county, but can receive time off their sentence if they do. Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig said the use of prison labor would not result in any public works staff reductions.

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Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People


Archimedes once said, "Give me a place to stand and I will move the world." In the preceding articles in this series (listed below after my bio), I have developed the basic theses of my analysis that define the place we stand now, and where we must stand if we wish to alter the world Zionism has contrived for us. One is that we must focus our attention on the edifice of Zionist influence and control in the US, and not be mesmerized by events in and around Palestine. Another is that our efforts to date, with the partial exception of the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) campaign, have been ineffectual at best and counterproductive at worst. And the third, most critical point is that the gate to containing Zionism is in the US; the lock to the gate is in the heartland of the US and not Washington; and the key to that lock is the Israeli orchestration of 9/11 and its spin-off wars.

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After Caylee, what about Zahra Baker?


So, what about Zahra Baker? Will there be justice for her?

We pondered that even before the "not guilty" verdict was rendered for Casey Anthony in the death her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Tuesday's acquittal, which many observers are calling stunning, makes us ponder that question anew.

In the frenzied, often sensational trial of Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony's death became almost an afterthought. The trial was filled with charges from the prosecution that a self-centered, party-girl mother, who first concocted a false story about an imaginary nanny taking the girl, killed the child to be free to spend time with her boyfriend. Anthony's defense team countered, claiming that the accused had been abused by her father who helped her cover up the accidental drowning of Caylee. The father denied the abuse and cover-up, and the judge said the lawyers couldn't use the unverified assertion in closing arguments.


A trial ends, but a case is not closed

caylee anthony

That Casey Anthony trial was one unsatisfying TV show.

Millions of Americans are walking around stunned today, still wondering why the music didn't swell and the camera didn't close in on the judge's face and the shot didn't go to freeze-frame right after the word "guilty."

It was so obvious to everyone that Anthony had killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee - obvious to everyone but the jury, who took less than 11 hours to rule that the prosecutors hadn't proved it.