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Sun, 26 Mar 2023
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Stock Down

Shares of Germany's largest lender plunge over distrust in EU bank sector and fears of contagion

Deutsche Bank
© Reuters
A statue is seen next to the logo of Germany's Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, January 26, 2016
Stocks of Germany's Deutsche and Commerzbank fell sharply on Friday over investors' fear over the health of the European banking sector.

Deutsche Bank shares plummeted over 14% on early trade on Friday as borrowing costs surged over increased financial risks following the collapse of major banks in the past few weeks, spreading heightened fear over the future of the banking sector, AFP reported.

The stock value of Germany's biggest lender rebounded almost 6 percent on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, closing at 8.54 euros.

The cost of the bank's debt insurance against default risk fell as investors' trust in the financial sector dropped. The collapse of US' SVB and two other banks, in addition to the chaotic takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS - enforced by the Swiss government - left markets in turmoil.


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Bad Guys

UK planning to house single male migrants in former army bases, considers disused ferries for others

migrants uk
A large number of people have taken to crossing the English Channel illegally in small boats to reach the UK.
The British government plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to military bases or disused ferries under plans that could be announced as early as next week, a report has revealed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to announce the "beginning of the end" of asylum hotels, which are currently being used to house asylum seekers as part of the government's legal obligation to provide people seeking help with a basic level of accommodation, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday.

More than 50,000 migrants are currently housed at a cost of nearly £7 million a day in the hotels, the report said.

Comment: If the UK truly wanted to prevent illegal migrants coming to its shores - and even refugees fleeing the wars it is waging - it could have done so: Also check out SOTT radio's: The Truth Perspective: Weapons of Mass Migration: Interview with Michael Springmann on Europe's Migrant Crisis


Ukrainian special forces getting military targets from CIA satellite

await orders
© John Moore/Getty Images
Ukrainian soldiers awaiting orders to fire British-made Howitzers on Russian trenches
March 04, 2023
Soldiers of Ukraine's 'Thor' special operations group are using satellite data provided by the CIA to choose targets when conducting drone strikes against Russian forces, the unit's commander told The Times.

The 27-man group, which is formally a police special operations unit, functions independently from the Ukrainian army and works in close collaboration with the country's military intelligence, the GUR, which provides them with ammunition and intel. According to The Times, the unit has complete license to select its missions, where it barracks and when it fights.

The unit's commander, whose name is said to also be Thor, claims he uses a special application on a tablet that is synced to a CIA satellite to select potential targets for their attacks.

Thor told the outlet:
"We select targets in the program, and targets can be placed there both by the CIA satellite and by our own satellite, which our volunteers pay for. Information is collected from all kinds of sources there. We choose, then we arrive and conduct our own reconnaissance."
Another member of the group told the Times that Thor also intentionally uses drones to maim - rather than kill - Russian servicemen. "These ones are to wound the Russians," Aleksander, 30, told The Times as he armed a 3D-printed drone with mining explosives. "Take an arm or a leg, he will be a burden on the state forever," he said.


Lancet pushes dangerous theory that people are worth no more than rats

A Rat
© unknown
There are various degrees of acceptable insanity, but in general you would not want a person who thought a toad had the same intrinsic value as your mother to manage her Alzheimer's disease. You would not want a person who equated the value of your daughter with that of a rat to decide whether she be injected with medicine still under trial, such as an mRNA vaccine. Or perhaps you would, as you may agree with the Lancet editorial in January 2023 that equates these, insisting: "All life is equal, and of equal concern."

Whatever value system you apply to other humans, it is important to understand that international public health is currently dominated by such rhetoric, if not such thinking. This will greatly influence society and your health for the next few decades.

The Lancet is one of the most influential international medical journals. The above passage is not taken out of context. The editorial recommends we change the way society is managed:
Taking a fundamentally different approach to the natural world, one in which we are as concerned about the welfare of non-human animals and the environment as we are about humans.
To understand where public health has gone during the past few years, and why the Covid response could happen, it is important to pick this short editorial apart. Why did health professionals recommend children be denied the right to play together, and coerce pregnant women to be injected with novel pharmaceuticals that pass to their foetus? The answer lies partly in the dogma that now dominates health institutions and the journals that claim to inform them.


Australian deep state 'DE-BANKS' citizen journalist

What's happened to Maria Zee is a sign of what's in store for all of us.
Maria Zee
© Twitter
In Soviet Russia and Maoist China, communism was a government affair.

If you were reported by a colleague or family member as expressing beliefs contrary to the ideology of the state, or complaining about the lack of potatoes in the shops, you would be hauled in for questioning.

Generally, you were a goner unless you dobbed in someone else for real or imaginary crimes against the Party, or turned informant. Files released after the fall of the Berlin Wall showed one in six East Germans were informants on their family, friends and neighbours.

Just as we didn't get class Marxism but instead identity Marxism in the West, we haven't got government communism, either. Not in the same way as the Eurasian nations had it last century. The protections for citizens' rights in liberal democratic states proved too strong.

Instead, in the West, communism got privatised. The Marxists evolved, like a virus; they put on suits and used the jargon of corporate capitalism while pushing to undermine liberal protections for individuals and create a slave society under the guise of a tolerance utopia.

We're seeing exactly the same totalitarian surveillance and control grid being erected in Western nations as in Eastern nations last century, but in our case, the long arm of tyranny is being exercised via the private sector.

Black Magic

This Stupid Virus

fantasy landscape science fiction
© Antonin Herelle
I've been sitting on this train of thought for a while. I can't tell if it's crazy or not, so I've hesitated to write it up. But I can't quite dismiss this scenario out of hand, either.

So be warned. Dot-connecting schizopost incoming.

Now that the dust has settled from Corona, no one much wants to talk about it anymore. The normies who all went full Jonestown along with the Branch Covidians seem quietly embarrassed and reluctant to broach the subject, lest others be reminded of their rabid enthusiasm for masks, lockdowns, and forcing experimental gene therapies into children's arms. Likely some degree of growing disquiet over what they allowed into their cells plays a role there, too. The people who drove the normies mad in the first place especially don't want to dwell on the doom coof, lest they draw attention to their menticidal war crimes. Even the conspiracy theorists aren't terribly interested in talking about it, out of sheer exhaustion with the topic if nothing else. We've all been through hell and it's not something anyone wants to wade through for the millionth time. Bringing it up feels like picking at old scabs. Like Germans after WWII, everyone sort of recognizes that asking what their friends were doing a few years ago risks an awkward conversation that no one wants to have.

It's a weird kind of denial that's taken hold. One aspect of this denial has been getting prevalent on the weird side of the Internet - the growing number of people arguing that there was nothing real underlying the plandemic measures, that the whole thing was a holographic projection of the corporate media.


Bravo! Italians refuse to 'eat ze bugs'

klaus schwab wef bugs

Our WEF overlords may want us to 'eat ze bugs' and be happy, but Italians are having none of it, as their Government has banned the use of insect flour in pizza and pasta. The Times has more:
The growing use in cooking of flour made from crickets, locusts and insect larvae has met fierce opposition in Italy, where the Government is to ban its use in pizza and pasta and segregate it on supermarket shelves.

In a sign of fear that insects might be associated with Italian cuisine, three Government ministers called a press conference in Rome to announce four decrees aimed at a crackdown. "It's fundamental that these flours are not confused with food made in Italy," Francesco Lollobrigida, the agriculture minister, said.

Packed with vitamins, proteins and minerals, flour made from crickets is increasingly seen as an ecological way to obtain nutrients, and the market is forecast to reach $3.5 billion by 2029. The EU has already authorised foods made from crickets, locusts and the darkling beetle larva. In January mealworm larvae was added to the list.

All four insects are cited in the Italian decrees, which will require any products containing them to be labelled with large lettering and displayed separately from other foods.

"Whoever wants to eat these products can, but those who don't, and I imagine that will be most Italians, will be able to choose," Lollobrigida said.
When historians look back and wonder what thwarted the Great Reset, perhaps the Italian refusal to ruin their beloved pasta and pizza will be seen as the catalyst.

Worth reading in full.

Comment: Officially approved by the EU: Four insects hiding in your food


Trudeau's censorship slammed on opening day of Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference

strong and free c11 panel
Day 1 of the Canada Stong and Free Networking Conference kicked off in Ottawa on Wednesday, and included in the first day's lineup was a panel on Bills C-11 and C-18. Both bills have been shrouded in controversy and blasted for their impact on freedom of speech, access to the news, and content creation in Canada.

Rachel Curran, Head of Public Policy for Meta Canada, expressed concern over the way the bills would regulate user-generate content. She highlighted how the government allegedly did not want to regulate user-generated content, however an amendment that was rejected by the house suggests "there is probably some indication there that the government DOES want to get at user-generated content. We're concerned about that."

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Sign of the times: Trans flight attendant dead from suicide after being featured in United Airlines ad

kayleigh scott trans flight attendant
On Monday, transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott was found dead in her Colorado home just hours after posting to Instagram that she was planning to end her life.

Scott, 25, gained notoriety after being featured in a 2020 Transgender Day of Visibility ad campaign for United Airlines wherein she shared the story of her transition.

"As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth," Scott wrote on Instagram, "I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better. To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated."

Comment: It's impossible to know what was going through the mind of Kayleigh Scott that lead to the choice to commit suicide, but it should be noted that suicides rates among transitioned individuals is very high. It makes one wonder if dysphoric individuals could be helped more if transition was treated as a last resort, rather than the first.

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Seymour Hersh makes new Nord Stream sabotage claim

olaf scholz joe biden
© AFP / Lukas Barth
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (L) speaks next to US President Joe Biden during the G7 leaders' summit held at Elmau Castle, southern Germany.
The Pulitzer Prize winner has alleged the US blew up the pipelines because it was unhappy with a lack of German support for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden ordered the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines because he was unhappy with the level of support provided by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed.

Hersh first accused Washington of destroying the key European energy route in an article released in February, and made more allegations in an interview with the China Daily newspaper published on Friday.

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