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Sat, 02 Dec 2023
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Fox News tells children to charge and disarm active shooters

Kids and Krav Maga
© Fox News
Fox News has defied reason and official federal guidelines to tell children they should confront a gunman in an active shooter situation.

Fox and Friends, hosted by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, included a segment on Tuesday that showed children how they could stop a gunman.

"In an active shooter situation, five seconds can mean the difference between life and death, but there are some things that you can do, and your children can do, to make a difference," Hasselbeck began the segment by saying.

Two Krav Maga self-defense instructors and three of their students - children - joined her for the demonstration. They showed how a gunman could be disarmed with an attack from behind, but didn't explain that this should be used as a last resort.

Additionally, it was never pointed out that people should prioritize evacuation and hiding as preferable options.

Comment: Fox News holds out this information as something a person can do in 5 seconds. What they don't tell viewers is that learning how to effectively use a martial art - both in terms of self-control and proper application - can take years. At best this sort of willy nilly "reporting" by Fox is extremely irresponsible, and at worst it could result in children being killed.

Not only that, but Fox is propagating "mass shooter" hysteria.

As for Krav Maga, it is an extremely aggressive and brutal type of hand-to-hand combat developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and is used by many police forces around the United States and other countries. Unlike a typical martial art, there's no peaceful philosophy at its core. Something to keep in mind for anyone, particularly parents, who might think Krav Maga is appropriate to learn or teach children.

Snakes in Suits

EU lapdog to US, ignoring constituents: 'eager to continue anti-Russian sanctions' despite desperate pleas from industry - German press

© Unknown
Germany's agricultural and car sectors are protesting against the possibility of the EU prolonging economic sanctions against Russia ahead of an EU summit later this month to discuss the issue, the German press reports.

Representatives of Germany's agricultural sector and car industry are in protest about the possibility of the EU prolonging its economic sanctions against Russia, reported Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) on Tuesday.

US Treasury representative Adam Szubin arrived in Europe on Monday to hold talks with government officials in Italy, Germany and the UK and ensure the prolongation of sanctions; following the talks, German and UK officials are in turn supposed to convince France not to oppose the continuation of sanctions against Russia, wrote DWN.

Comment: If the EU voted to prolong this economic misery it would be no suprise whatsoever. See also:
Hell hath no fury like angry French farmers. Thus, after the disruption, President François Hollande caved in, promising help.

It's not only in France. Over the Spanish border, in Santiago De Compostela, a similar demonstration erupted a week later. In between,Irish farmers pulled milk off supermarket shelves to express their anger at price drops.

Inspired by the reaction in Paris, hundreds of farmers descended on Brussels - from as far away as Finland - a few days later, demanding EU intervention. Soon, €500 million was found for "support measures" for agronomists.

However, Albert Jan Maat of Copa-Cogeca, the umbrella organisation for EU farmers and agri-co-operatives, remains unhappy. "EU producers have lost their main export market to Russia, worth €5.5 billion annually, and a €500 million aid package will not be enough to compensate for this," he says.

EU tastes bitter fruit of sanctions war


Baghdad: Shia mosque blast kills 5, wounds 16

mosque bombing
© www.worldbulletin.net
Deadly suicide bombing at Baghdad-area mosque.
At least five people have been killed and over a dozen others wounded in a bomb blast at a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, security officials say. The bombing was carried out on Wednesday in the Obeidi area of the city when an assailant blew up his explosives in the entrance of the mosque as worshippers were exiting after midday prayers.

The Daesh Takfiri terror group, which captured parts of Iraq's west and north in 2014, claimed the bombing in a statement, saying an attacker identified as "Abu Salem" carried it out with an explosives-rigged belt.

Iraqi forces have succeeded in taking back significant territory [in the] north of the country, as the militants have been pushed back from some of their major bastions, including the cities of Tikrit and Baiji in Salahuddin Province, while the operation continues to retake positions in the Western province of Anbar and also in the northern province of Nineveh.

Daesh has also suffered setbacks in the north of Anbar as Kurdish forces, known as Peshmerga, purged the militants from the border city of Sinjar last month. The loss of Sinjar and other areas in Anbar would deprive militants from most of their communications with Daesh-controlled areas in neighboring Syria.

Comment: Thanks to US-rael, Iraq's trauma and devastation has no ending. The Middle East is out of control and neither relief nor repair is readily in sight. The unfettered slaughter-fest is a daily occurrence. What now, Mr. Obama? How do you account for, how do you justify what is gone and what remains?

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FBI admits using Stingrays, hacking computers and software

Man on cell phone
© Edgard Garrido / Reuters
A top official in the FBI's Operational Technology Division admitted that in addition to using biometric databases and rapid DNA-matching machines, the agency hacks computers and software, and uses Stingrays to mimic cell phone towers.

The revelations came in a Washington Post profile of the executive assistant director for science and technology, Amy Hess, who oversees the Bureau's Operational Technology Division.

"All of the most interesting and troubling stuff that the FBI does happens under Amy Hess," Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, told The Washington Post. "If it's high-tech and creepy, it's happening in the Operational Technology Division."


Another execution: Dashcam footage shows Chicago cop shooting man as he ran from police

Shocking dashcam footage was just released confirming what the victim's mother has been saying all along -- her son was murder by police
Ronald Johnson shooting
© Screenshot via The Free Thought Project
In the wake of the recent dashcam footage showing Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke kill Laquan McDonald, the Chicago police department has quietly been hiding another dashcam as well.

On October 12, 2014, Ronald Johnson, 25, was involved in a highly disputed interaction with Chicago police. At the end of this interaction, Ronald 'Ronnieman' Johnson would be dead at the hands of Chicago's finest. According to Dorothy Holmes, Johnson's mother, the officer who fired the fatal rounds into her son was officer George Hernandez. This information was kept secret by the Chicago police until now, as officials have announced that no charges will be filed against this killer cop.

Holmes has refused to be bullied by the Chicago police since this horrific incident wrecked her world last year. Despite not getting the media spotlight as in the case of McDonald, Holmes continued to fight for justice. Because of her relentless drive to bring Hernandez to justice, the Chicago police have finally released the dashcam of that fateful night.

Comment: We are the government: Tactics for taking down the police state

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Unpublicized and deadly: High levels of uranium contaminates water in US western farming regions

uranium contamination
© AP Photo/John Locher
In this Sept. 15, 2015 photo, water is pumped from a well into an irrigation ditch near Fresno, Calif. Officials with the U.S. Geological Survey's Sacramento office and elsewhere believe the amount of uranium increased in Central Valley drinking-water supplies over the last 150 years with the spread of farming.
In a trailer park tucked among irrigated orchards that help make California's San Joaquin Valley the richest farm region in the world, 16-year-old Giselle Alvarez, one of the few English-speakers in the community of farmworkers, puzzles over the notices posted on front doors: There's a danger in their drinking water.

Uranium, the notices warn, tests at a level considered unsafe by federal and state standards. The law requires the park's owners to post the warnings. But they are awkwardly worded and in English, a language few of the park's dozens of Spanish-speaking families can read.

"It says you can drink the water—but if you drink the water over a period of time, you can get cancer," said Alvarez, whose working-class family has no choice but keep drinking and cooking with the tainted tap water daily, as they have since Alvarez was just learning to walk. "They really don't explain."

Uranium, the stuff of nuclear fuel for power plants and atom bombs, increasingly is showing in drinking water systems in major farming regions of the U.S. West—a naturally occurring but unexpected byproduct of irrigation, of drought, and of the overpumping of natural underground water reserves.

Comment: It is not only the US farming regions that are contaminated - uranium radiation pollution has effectively spread around the world from war zones where the Israeli and US militaries have frequently fired uranium-containing shells.

History of uranium pollution:
  • In December 1995 and January 1996, U.S. Marine Corps Harrier aircraft training near Okinawa, Japan fired about 1,520 DU - depleted uranium - rounds. The Japanese government was not notified for almost a year.
  • In February 1999, two U.S. Marine Corps Aircraft expended 263 DU rounds at the U.S. Navy firing range in Vieques, Puerto Rico, which is not licensed for DU munitions. This "accidental" release was only discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Military Toxics Project.
  • In January 2003, the Navy admitted routinely firing DU from its Phalanx guns in prime fishing waters off the coast of Washington state since 1977.
The people of Iraq (1991), Bosnia (1994-1995), Kosovo (1999), Afghanistan (2001-2003), Libya (2011) and Syria (2013) experienced uranium exposure first-hand:

Immediate battlefield exposures of combat and cleanup personnel to "depleted" uranium are only the tip of the toxic and radioactive iceberg. Continuing environmental exposures present a much longer-term danger to civilians in post-conflict areas. The Royal Society (the British national academy of sciences) recently concluded that because DU may move into the environment - especially water sources - over many decades, "contaminated land might be a concern for hundreds of years" and "contamination of water supplies or other sensitive components of the environment... might only become apparent after a number of years or more likely decades."

Firing of DU munitions can immediately contaminate air, soil, and water with ingestible particles of toxic and radioactive "depleted" uranium. (Read more in the original publication: "The depleted uranium fact sheet".)

See also:

Bizarro Earth

Horrible conditions for 12,000 Syrian refugees stranded on Jordan border

syrian refugees jordan
© REUTERS/ Muhammad Hamed
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called on King Abdullah II of Jordan to let the masses of displaced persons enter the country.

Jordanian officials have been urged to allow the refugees, who fled war-torn Syria, to enter, prioritizing as the most vulnerable babies under the age of six months, pregnant women and the elderly.

According to UNHCR, 11,000 refugees are stuck in Rukban, eight kilometers from the place where the Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian borders meet. Another 1,000 displaced persons are in Hadalat on the Syrian-Jordanian border, 90 kilometers further west.

Comment: How much more do these people have to suffer before getting the help they need?

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UK veterans of Middle East wars throw down medals in protest over Syrian airstrikes

Libya veteran Daniel Lenham
© Rob Edwards / RT
Libya veteran Daniel Lenham discards his medals at Downing Street
Royal Air Force veteran Daniel Lenham served in Iraq and later in Libya during the 2011 NATO intervention. Ahead of his full interview on RT's Going Underground, he explains why he threw his medals down on the pavement outside Downing Street.

Lenham said the act of casting aside his decorations left him feeling empowered. He found the experience "therapeutic."

"If I am honest, it was an emotional event and part of a process I am on," he said.

Lenham saw it as an opportunity to express his disgust at the government's "insane folly" of bombing Syria.

Lenham was among four ex-servicemen from Veterans for Peace UK to throw down their medals in protest. The group held a similar ceremony in July. Tuesday's act, however, was directed at parliament's decision last week to launch airstrikes on Syria.

Asked what he made of the Syria vote, Lenham blasted the MPs who brought the UK into another Middle East conflict.

Comment: More people are beginning to understand the true nature of the Western 'war on terror' and are unwilling to be cannon fodder for the hegemonic goals of empire.


'Heil Donald Trump!' Neo-nazis celebrate their savior with memes

trump and hitler
Here's one way Donald Trump's political math is working out, whether he meant it to or not.

Trump's new proposal to ban Muslim entry into the United States plus his longstanding promise to deport 11 million undocumented, mostly Latino workers equals intensifying support from white supremacists.

"At this point, if you still don't support Trump, I'm seriously questioning whether or not you're [a white nationalist]," one individual said Monday evening on Stormfront, the most popular white supremacist forum online.

Comment: Bear witness. We have entered a very frightening period in the US. If we get out alive, many will be shaking their heads and wondering how we let it come to pass.


PBS Newshour fails the public miserably on Syria, Russia and Turkey

PBS Newshour

PBS Newshour
is considered high quality journalism by many North Americans. But is it? A test case is their report on Nov 24 when a Russian jet was shot down and one pilot killed as he descended in parachute.

This was a significant international event and the situation is still dangerous. The conflict in Syria could get even worse. PBS Newshour presented a discussion/analysis of the event with two guests: Nicholas Burns and Angela Stent. The PBS Newshour host was Judy Woodruff.

This critique applies to the PBS Newshour broadcast on November 24 but the essential points apply to the present. The assumptions and bias regarding the Syrian conflict are pervasive and persistent. How can US foreign policy change if the public is continually fed biased and false information?

Here are specific points:

Comment: Until and unless one is open to getting the facts and news from objective - usually so-called 'alternative' sources - one remains utterly subject to the polished and shiny fraudsters who purport in all seriousness to be giving balanced analysis. These news outlets are, unwittingly or not, responsible for helping perpetuate high crimes and their dissembling is one of the main reasons that Sott.net exists: to respond to their lies.

See: Sott.net's Yearly State of the World Address