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Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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Energy crisis bursts multi-billion green shares bubble

energy crisis
The energy crisis has burst a multibillion-pound bubble in green stocks as gas prices surge and the world confronts the true cost of net zero.

Shares in renewable energy companies have tumbled to their lowest level in 16 months, almost completely unwinding gains made during a stampede into companies aiding the shift away from fossil fuels.

It comes as new figures revealed that private equity snapped up oil and gas firms worth almost £12bn last year, a huge increase from £232m in 2020 as the sector ploughs investment into renewable energy.

A basket of global clean energy shares, which includes renewable giants Iberdrola, Vestas and Orsted, has tumbled 45pc since the record peak a year ago, wiping tens of billions of pounds off their "excessive" value.

Rising material costs, frothy valuations and escalating interest rates have dampened investor enthusiasm after a flood of money into the sector.

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Fertilizer crisis threatens significant food shortages and price hikes in Europe

corn kernals
© Reuters
As Europe's farmers prepare to spread fertilizers on fields after winter, sky-high nutrient prices are leaving them little choice but to use less and try to pass on the cost down the food chain.

For growers of staples like corn and wheat, it's the first time they've really been exposed to a fertilizer crisis fueled by an energy crunch, export curbs and trade sanctions. It now costs much more to buy chemicals needed for winter crops coming out of dormancy, and the extra expense could prompt smaller spring plantings that make up roughly a third of European grain.

Europe has been hardest hit by fertilizer-plant cutbacks on soaring costs of gas used to run them -- and nutrient prices there remain at a record even as the pressure eased in North America. Europe could face a deficit of about 9% of its annual nitrogen-fertilizer needs in the first half, VTB Capital estimates. Food may get even pricier if harvests suffer or crop prices rise.

Comment: Notably, one of the few countries that foresaw this happening (and actually wanted to do something about it) was China, and so back in June 2021 it gave its farmers $3.1 billion in subsidies to help cope with soaring commodity prices.

That said, the food supply has already taken a battering, with a decade of mounting crop failures, disease outbreaks, farmers driven out of business by big business refusing to pay a fair price for goods, endless red tape, and now 21+ months of lockdown, it's likely that any additional stressors will push it over the edge. And, indeed, there are a number of signs that the supply chain is already breaking down. Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Is The Government Hyping Shortages? And is 'Vaccination Shedding' Really a Thing?

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New Zealand supermarkets warn of potential purchase limits to prevent panic buying - cite possible omicron shutdown

box stores new zealand supply chain
© Photo / Michael Craig
PAK'nSAVE, New World and Four Square stores come under Foodstuffs.
A major supermarket chain is warning that shoppers could soon see purchase limits on some stock to ration goods and prevent panic buying.

But they say supermarkets have learned from past outbreaks and are prepared for Omicron, and provided people don't stockpile, there should be ample supply for shoppers.

One Auckland shopper said they didn't receive any nappies in their click and collect order on Thursday and decided to visit New World Birkenhead.

"I popped in store and they legit had like 2-3 packs of nappies, all in newborn size," the shopper said."


Alberta gets caught palming cards on covid vaccine efficacy

covid canada alberta
© Global News
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney
More than half the newly vaccinated deaths were dumped in the unvaccinated.

Those who have done the slightest bit of research (really not a dirty word), will know that there is no claim of protection after the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

So imagine how you can conflate the vaccine effectiveness stats if you dump all the COVID events (cases, hospitalizations and deaths) that occur subsequent to infection within 14 days of the first dose into the unvaccinated.


Why the hell do I need to submit a scan of my face to file my taxes now?

facial recognition
The IRS has made tax season even worse, somehow.

Tax season is quickly approaching. If you're anything like me, you're already annoyed by the mere prospect of having to interact with the Internal Revenue Service and all its bureaucracy. This year though, we have the added bonus of the IRS requiring you to scan your face to file taxes online. Not only is this an annoying, extra step, but it immediately begs the question: Why the hell is the IRS buying into surveillance software?

On Wednesday, security blogger Brian Krebs spotted an update on the IRS website telling people to create accounts with a Virginia-based company called ID.me. Per the IRS, without this account, "You won't be able to log in with your existing IRS username and password starting in summer 2022."

Comment: Welcome to the Brave New Normal.

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Blizzard claims four lives including infant near US-Canada border

rcmp us canada border
© RCMP/AFP/Getty Images
Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the scene where four people were found dead near the US-Canada border.
Authorities believe deaths occurred from exposure as group tried to cross into US.

Four people, including an infant, have been found dead near the Canada-United States border, after a failed crossing attempt during brutal blizzard conditions.

The grim discovery came as officials south of the border announced the arrest of a US man on human smuggling charges.

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Ireland to end most virus restrictions, including COVID passport

Micheal Martin
© Brian Lawless/PA
Taoiseach Micheal Martin during a visit to the National Archives in Dublin on Jan. 21, 2022.
Almost all CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus restrictions in Ireland will end on Saturday, including domestic COVID-19 Certificates, curfews, social distancing, and capacity limits.

Addressing the nation following the recommendation to lift the restrictions from the National Public Health Emergency Team, Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Micheál Martin declared it's time for the Irish to "be ourselves again."

This makes Ireland the second country following England to remove mandatory vaccine passports after they were implemented.

Comment: There is clearly a coordinated international move to end (or at least significantly ease) Covid restrictions and mandates. It seems highly unlikely that this has anything to do with "the resistance" the Truth winning out, however. One can only assume that this somehow fits within the larger plan of the PTB. We're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Twitter suspends J6 defendants' attorney's account with no reason given

Marina Medvin banned twitter
Update: Marina Medvin's received a message that read "Our support team has reviewed your account and it appears we made an error. We've determined there was no violation and have restored your account to full functionality." The email apologized for the "inconvenience." But the account remains inaccessible.

Comment: UPDATE: Marina Medvin's Twitter account appears to be reinstated.

Twitter has suspended the account of Marina Medvin, who represents January 6 defendants, from the platform, giving no reason as to why.

Medvin received a notice from Twitter that her "account has been locked." But there was no way to appeal, or even to know the reason for the ban other than a vague "Twitter Rules" violation."

Comment: Re: Medvin's previous ban, see: Town Hall senior columnist banned from Twitter after criticizing Biden

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COVID cases 'drop significantly' in Africa: WHO

3D virus illustration
© Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain
Cases of COVID have plummeted in Africa and deaths are declining for the first time since the Omicron-dominated fourth wave of the virus reached its peak, the UN said Thursday.

Describing the 56-day flareup as Africa's "shortest upsurge yet," the World Health Organization's African regional office said newly reported cases fell by 20 percent in the week to Sunday, while notified deaths dropped by eight percent.

In a statement issued after a weekly press briefing, the office also said South Africa, where the Omicron variant was first detected, had seen cases trending downward over the past four weeks.

Comment: Africa is a good example of the efficiency and also the danger of new mRNA vaccines.

Countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population have the highest spike in new cases and highest percentage of hospitalizations and mortality. Israel is one good example.

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Useless rapid antigen tests under the magnifying glass

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the German medical regulatory body and research institution for vaccines and biomedicines, which is also a WHO Collaborating Centre for quality assurance, has found out that 92 percent of rapid antigen tests are worthless.

rapid antigen test
© ABC News/Tara Cassidy
PEI evaluated 245 rapid antigen tests and the results were shocking: Only eight percent of them show valid results. This is according to an article published on January 16 by the website ScienceFiles.

There is a list of rapid antigen tests maintained by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). According to the article, 245 rapid antigen tests from a wide variety of manufacturers were included on this list. These tests have been a money tree for some since rapid tests are used extensively.

The scientists examining the accuracy of the tests believe that in the face of the alleged pandemic, rapid antigen tests should be considered as a very important diagnostic tool. The article explained however that the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices apparently did not look too closely and obviously included many on its list of tests currently available on the market.

Comment: Remember that the case numbers you hear about constantly in the news from these highly inaccurate antigen and PCR tests.