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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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Shades of an American Kristallnacht?

Berlin synagogue after Kristallnacht
© Wikipedia
1938: Interior of a Berlin synagogue after Kristallnacht.
Watching the spectacle of the Republican primaries evokes deep sadness over the unavoidable truth that now, in the wake of Citizens United, it has become totally legal for rich people to run politicians the same way they might run horses or greyhounds. Just like that.

Maybe that's what provides the eerie, zombie-like atmosphere in politics these days. You really have the sense that most politicians, especially the ones at the top echelons of power, are like old-fashioned Kabbalistic golems, animated out of clay by skilled magicians who can control them from afar.

Of course, that's been going on for a long time. Remember George Bush, a wind-up man getting remote control instructions through his earphone in the 2004 Presidential debates?

But it's getting worse and worse. That's why I can't stand to watch Gingrich and Santorum and all the other Republican wax model men mouth their lines on the stage these days. You know they'll say whatever they're told...whatever they think it will take to win.


60 Hours of Video a Minute Uploaded to YouTube

You Tube web page
YouTube said Monday that 60 hours of video are being uploaded every minute to the video-sharing site and it is attracting more than four billion views a day.

"In 2007 we started at six hours, then in 2010 we were at 24 hours, then 35, then 48," the Google-owned YouTube said in a blog post.

"And now... 60 hours of video every minute, an increase of more than 30 percent in the last eight months," YouTube said.

"In other words, you're uploading one hour of video to YouTube every second," it said.

YouTube also said it has exceeded four billion video views a day, up 25 percent in the last eight months.

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion.

The Mountain View, California-based Internet search and advertising giant has not yet announced a profit for the video-sharing site despite its massive global popularity.

YouTube has been gradually adding professional content such as full-length television shows and movies to its vast trove of amateur video offerings in a bid to attract advertisers.

Source: Agence France Presse


Former CIA officer charged in alleged leaks

The Justice Department on Monday charged a former CIA officer with repeatedly leaking classified information, including the identities of agency operatives involved in the capture and interrogation of alleged terrorists.

 John Kiriakou
© ABC News/AP
Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who told reporters he participated in the interrogation of terrorist Abu Zubaydah, has been charged with leaking classified secrets about CIA operatives and other information to reporters.
The case against John Kiriakou, who also served as a senior Senate aide, extends the Obama administration's crackdown on disclosures of national security secrets. Kiriakou, 47, is the sixth target of a leaks-related prosecution since President Obama took office, exceeding the total number of comparable prosecutions under all previous administrations combined, legal experts said.

Kiriakou, who was among the first to go public with details about the CIA's use of water-boarding and other harsh interrogation measures, was charged with disclosing classified information to reporters and lying to the agency about the origin of other sensitive material he published in a book. He faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

In its criminal filing, the Justice Department obscured many of the details of Kiriakou's alleged disclosures. But the document suggests that Kiriakou, 47, was a source for stories by The New York Times and other news organizations in 2008 and 2009 about some of the agency's most sensitive operations after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. These include the capture of alleged al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaida and the interrogation of the self-proclaimed mastermind of the attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

The Justice Department said that the information Kiriakou supplied to journalists also contributed to a subsequent security breach at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, enabling defense attorneys there to obtain photographs of CIA operatives suspected of being involved in harsh interrogations. Some of the pictures were subsequently discovered in the cells of high-value detainees.


US New York: 4 People Die in Unrelated Subway Incidents

© AP, 2012
A file photo of the NYC subway.
Four men have died in New York's subway in less than 24 hours.

Police say the mishaps -- all on Saturday -- are unrelated.

The first victim was found unconscious at about 2 a.m. in Queens' Elmhurst Avenue station at Broadway, on the R line. Police say he may have fallen down the stairs. He reportedly was in his 60s.

At about 8 a.m. Saturday in Manhattan, a man in his 20s was struck by an L train at West 14th Street and Third Avenue.

Another man also was hit by an L train on the same line on Saturday evening.

The fourth fatality was reported in Brooklyn, when a man's body was removed from the tunnel near the Nostrand station on Saturday afternoon.

The victims' identities were not released.


UK Government Proposes Formal Register of Lobbyists

© talktomeblog.net
Lobbyists in the UK should be formally registered and subject to fines and imprisonment for improper attempts to influence ministers and officials, the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition proposed yesterday.

Launching a three-month consultation, a Cabinet Office paper proposed, however, that the register should extend much further than public companies and should also include trade unions and charities.

Saying that lobbying was perfectly proper, Cabinet Office minister Mark Harper said ministers and officials must hear "the full range of views" surrounding a subject, but it must happen "in the open".

However, Bob Crow, leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union furiously condemned the proposed inclusion of unions, saying: "The idea that [we] should be bracketed in with the chancers and schmoozers from the shadowy world of political lobbying is a gross insult."


US: All 2011 Unemployment Insurance Benefits Taxable

© barbaraweltman.com
The jobless rate is dipping, but millions of people are still out of work. And that could have implications when they file their income tax returns.

Collecting unemployment insurance benefits? All that you received in 2011 is taxed as income. Unless you requested that federal taxes be withheld, you could be in for a big surprise when you calculate taxes owed.

"People tend to believe unemployment benefits are still not taxable," said Bob Meighan, a vice president at TurboTax. That was the case in 2009, for the first $2,400 in unemployment benefits. But that provision was not renewed by Congress.

If it's any consolation, you may find yourself in a lower tax bracket because of reduced income, even counting the unemployment benefits. And you might also be eligible for tax breaks that you didn't qualify for before.

"If you have major household changes, say you lost your job in 2011, we encourage people to take a close look at things like the earned income credit," Internal Revenue Service spokesman Terry Lemons said.

He said people should go ahead and file their taxes even if they don't have the money to pay any taxes that are due. "There are more options there than many people realize," he said, including installment agreements.

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Crocodile Swallows Indonesian Girl

© unknown
A wild crocodile swallowed a 10-year-old girl while she played in a river with her father in eastern Indonesia, the second death in the same place in two months, a local official said Friday.

The girl was swimming in Wailolong river on Thursday when the large crocodile suddenly appeared, swallowed her instantly and disappeared into the water, said Viktor Mado Waton, Lembata district head in East Nusa Tenggara province.

"They only found the girl's clothes three hours after the incident, some 200 metres (650 feet) away from the attack site," he said, adding that her family members were still trying to find the body.


Costa Concordia: 'Insulting' Cruise Offer to Survivors

The owners of the Costa Concordia are offering survivors of the disaster a 30 per cent discount off future cruises as they battle to stave off law suits expected to cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

© Camera Press/Paris Match/Emilie Blachere
terrified passengers clambering across the side and hull of the stricken Costa Concordia after its captain steered the liner on to reefs.
One British survivor of the disaster, which claimed 12 lives with 20 people still missing, branded the offer as "insulting".

It was disclosed that in an attempt to help survivors the ship's parent company, Carnival, has been telephoning passengers daily asking if they are suffering nightmares or sleepless nights.

But that move also appeared to backfire when a psychologist said such questioning could trigger post traumatic stress rather than relieve it.

Magic Hat

Top British TV Magician Saws Off Finger

© unknown
Magician Paul Daniels
One of the UK's most famous TV magicians was thanking the magic of modern medicine Sunday after sawing his finger off in a gruesome accident.

Paul Daniels sliced off the top of his ring finger and mauled other digits when his left hand was caught in a circular saw at his home in Wargrave, southeast England.

"I decided to make a 'sled' for my table saw to make it safer. I already had most of the pieces cut and started to cut a fiddly bit. Very quickly and without any warning, a piece of timber seemed to leap and pulled my left hand fingers into the teeth of the circular saw," the 73-year-old told the Henley Standard .

With his radio presenter wife at work, he staggered to his car and drove in a panic to a hospital.

Arrow Up

US Colorado: 9 Year Old Girl Escapes Kidnapping, Police Arrest Suspect After Manhunt


Calysta Cordova was found safe at the Circle K convenience store in Colorado Springs, Jan. 20, 2012.
A quick-thinking, 9-year-old girl managed to escape from her alleged kidnapper today, and Colorado police nabbed the suspected abductor after a manhunt.

Calysta Cordova was reported missing Thursday afternoon by her mother when she didn't come home from school. Authorities believed she was abducted on her walk home and issued an Amber Alert.

Calysta was found safe today at the Circle K convenience store in Colorado Springs, according to ABC News' Denver affiliate KMGH. Colorado Springs police spokeswoman Barbara Miller told KMGH that authorities believe Calysta was in a car with 29-year-old suspect Jose Garcia when the car broke down early this morning.

A passerby picked them up and drove them to the Circle K convenience store, police said. There, Calysta ran into the store and asked for a phone, saying she wanted to call her uncle. Instead, she called 911.