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Fri, 20 Sep 2019
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Measles outbreak in Britain, cases across Europe soar by 550%, MMR jab not helping

  • Families holidaying on the continent could be spreading the illness
  • 496 confirmed cases in England and Wales between January and May
  • MMR jab not preventing the increase in the disease
Measles rates in Britain are more than five times higher than last year prompting concerns that an epidemic is spreading across Europe.

There have been nearly 500 cases so far since January - mainly in children and university students - compared to the same period in 2010 when there were just 90 cases. The figure is more an increase of 550 per cent.

Health officials believe the disease is being spread by families holidaying on the continent, particularly France, which is currently in the grip of a major epidemic.

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Epidemic: Measles cases have soared over the last year despite an increase in the number of toddlers having the MMR vaccine.


Bones halt Oak Harbor road work

Oak Harbor's $8.35 million downtown improvement project ground to halt this week following the discovery of more bones under SE Pioneer Way.

Additional human remains were unearthed Tuesday and city officials confirmed Friday morning that the state Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation had ordered nearly all construction activities on the downtown road project to cease.

The city complied with the order immediately and informed its project contractor, Strider Construction, to shut down all operations. The delay is unfortunate, but Oak Harbor Mayor Jim Slowik said there were no qualms about complying with the directive.

"We just want to do the right thing," Slowik said. "We want to cooperate with the tribes and the state."

The city learned of the shutdown through a letter the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation sent Thursday.

Bad Guys

RIBA comes under fire for hosting 'bonkers' 9/11 talk

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Advert for event.
Institute reviews policy after controversial event booked by Zaha Hadid Architects associate

The RIBA is reviewing its policy on hiring out 66 Portland Place following a storm of criticism over its hosting of a group claiming that New York's Twin Towers were brought down through a controlled explosion.

Leading architects on both sides of the Atlantic hit out at the institute this week after American architect Richard Gage, part of the group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, delivered a lecture at RIBA HQ on Monday night.

The venue was booked by fellow American and RIBA member Craig Phillip Kiner, an associate at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Gage claims that the fires caused by the impact of the two jets flown into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, could not have been sufficient to make the steel structure of the towers collapse, and he questions the collapse of World Trade Centre 7, a nearby 47-storey building which was not hit by an aircraft.

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US - Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk

© Photo: WSPA/Spartanburg Detention Center
Columbia, SC (AP) - Authorities in South Carolina say an infant girl died from a lethal dose of morphine that was in her mother's breast milk.

The mother, 37-year-old Stephanie Greene, was charged Friday with homicide by child abuse.

Investigators say Greene's 6-week-old daughter, Alexis, was found dead in her parents' bed in their Campobello home in November 2010.

Autopsy results showed high levels of morphine in the child's blood.

Bad Guys

How's that for "respecting the memory of the Holocaust"? Israelis confess to Auschwitz memorial theft

© Unknown
An Israeli couple has confessed to stealing objects from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp memorial and have settled for a suspended prison term and a fine, officials said Saturday.

The couple were detained at Krakow airport Friday, on their way to Israel after border guards found a few old items, including knives, scissors and spoons inside a plastic bag in their luggage, memorial spokesman Bartosz Bartyzel told The Associated Press.

The 60-year-old man and 57-year-old woman, whose names have not been released, said they took the items from the memorial site, officials said. Police took them back there and the couple indicated a place in Birkenau where, during World War II, belongings robbed off the death camp victims were stored, the chief spokesman for the memorial, Janusz Mensfelt, told the AP.


US - 5 Deaths; Multiple Injuries after Amtrak crash near Reno says NDOT

Reno, Nevada - Five deaths and multiple injuries were reported after a tractor trailer crashed into a Amtrak train on Friday near Reno, according to Nevada Department of Transportation.

The driver of the truck is confirmed dead and 3-to-4 more on-board the train are dead, said Nevada State Trooper Dan Lopez. Bodies are being recovered from the wreck and an exact head count of all on-board has not been confirmed, he added.

Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno say they received nine injured passengers from the Amtrak crash. And of those nine, two are in critical condition, four in serious, and three in fair condition, according to Dan Davis of Renown.

Bad Guys

U.S. man charged with sexually abusing Haitian boys

© Unknown
Miami (Reuters) - An American man who ran a home for impoverished boys in Haiti has been arrested on charges that he forced them to perform sex acts in exchange for food, shelter and schooling, U.S. prosecutors said on Friday.

Matthew Andrew Carter, the 66-year-old operator of the Morning Star Center in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, was arrested in Miami on May 8. He pleaded not guilty on Thursday to four counts of child sex tourism, or traveling in foreign commerce to engage in illicit sex with minors.

Carter, a resident of Brighton, Michigan, ran the Morning Star residential center at various sites in Port-au-Prince since the mid-1990s and lived there with the boys, according to charges unsealed on Friday.

At the time of his arrest, 14 boys lived at the center and three others spent weekends there. Some were orphans and others had living parents who were too poor to take care of them.


US - North Carolina woman sterilized because state deemed her 'promiscuous'

The day that Elaine Riddick had her first and only child at the age of 14, the state of North Carolina had her sterilized on the orders of a court. Riddick had been raped but the state said she was promiscuous.

"They said that I was feeble-minded, they said that I was promiscuous," Riddick, now 57, told CBS News. "I've always been able to take care of myself - I've never been promiscuous."
"So how can people use these things to describe a child that had been abandoned? Or that had been raped by the neighbor and then again, raped by the state of North Carolina?"


US: New York Governor Signs Law Approving Gay Marriage

© Reuters/Lucas Jackson
People celebrate inside of Stonewall Inn after the New York Senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage in New York June 24, 2011. New York will become the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow gay marriage after senators voted 33-29 on Friday night to approve the move.
Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday, a key victory for gay rights ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.

New York will become the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow gay marriage. State senators voted 33-29 on Friday evening to approve marriage equality legislation and Cuomo, a Democrat who had introduced the measure, signed it into law.

"This vote today will send a message across the country. This is the way to go, the time to do it is now, and it is achievable; it's no longer a dream or an aspiration. I think you're going to see a rapid evolution," Cuomo, who is in his first year of office, told a news conference.

"We reached a new level of social justice," he said.

Same-sex weddings can start taking place in New York in 30 days, though religious institutions and nonprofit groups with religious affiliations will not be compelled to officiate at such ceremonies. The legislation also gives gay couples the right to divorce.

"I have to define doing the right thing as treating all persons with equality and that equality includes within the definition of marriage," Republican Senator Stephen Saland said before the bill was passed. He was one of four Republicans to vote for the legislation.

Heart - Black

Rwandan Ex-Minister Becomes First Woman Convicted of Genocide

© Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters
The skulls of Rwandan victims rest on shelves at a genocide memorial inside the church at Ntarama just outside the capital Kigali
Mother and son given life terms for their part in assault, rape and killings in southern region of Butare

A former Rwandan minister became the first woman to be convicted of genocide when she and her son were given life sentences for war crimes in the 1994 genocide.

The UN international criminal tribunal for Rwanda found that Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, who was minister for family and women's affairs, and her son, Arsene Ntahobali, a former militia leader, helped to abduct hundreds of ethnic Tutsis who were assaulted, raped and killed in the southern region of Butare. They were both found guilty of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Hanna Brollowski, an international law researcher at the TMC Asser Institute in The Hague, said Nyiramasuhuko was the first woman to be convicted of genocide.

Between April and June 1994 Nyiramasuhuko and Ntahobali, backed by the extremist Hutu militia known as the Interahamwe, abducted hundreds of ethnic Tutsis in Butare.