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Sweden: Wall Street protesters marched on Riksbank

ows, sweden
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Following a wave of Wall Street protests worldwide on Saturday, raised voices against corporate greed were also heard in Sweden, with demonstrations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and several other cities.

Einar Stensson, sociologist and one of the Stockholm protest's organisers, was one of many to speak at the demonstration held at central Sergels Torg in Stockholm, where several hundred had gathered on Saturday.

"The financial crisis has hit us, and we've had to pay while those responsible get away scot-free," he said to news agency TT.

"Now we're looking to get organised and create our own power, because the political parties have disassembled their own people's movements, and aren't interested in having our influence in politics," he said.


Across the World, the Indignant Rise up Against Corporate Greed and Cuts

© GettyWhen violence flared, some protestors turned against the troublemakers, trying, with limited success, to stop them.
Violence mars Rome protest, but in scores more cities tens of thousands take peacefully to the streets

Protests against corporate greed, executive excess and public austerity began to gel into the beginnings of a worldwide movement yesterday as tens of thousands marched in scores of cities. The "Occupy Wall Street" protest, which started in Canada and spread to the US, and the long-running Spanish "Indignant" and Greek anti-cuts demonstrations coalesced on a day that saw marches or occupations in 82 countries.

Some protests were small, as in Tokyo, where only 200 turned up; some were large, as in Spain, where around 60 separate demonstrations were staged; and some were muted, as in London, where nearly 2,000 intending to march on the Stock Exchange obeyed police who turned them back. As dusk fell, some 500 of them were kettled in St Paul's churchyard.

Containment tactics were also used by police in New York last night as thousands of demonstrators were penned behind barricades in Times Square. They had marched through Manhattan and protested outside the city's banks, withdrawing their money as they did.

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OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn

99%, ows

David DeGraw - one of the primary Wall Street protest organizers - just sent me the following email:
Top MoveOn leaders / executives are all over national television speaking for the movement. fully appreciate the help and support of MoveOn, but the MSM is clearly using them as the spokespeople for OWS. This is an blatant attempt to fracture the 99% into a Democratic Party organization. The leadership of MoveON are Democratic Party operatives. they are divide and conquer pawns. For years they ignored Wall Street protests to keep complete focus on the Republicans, in favor of Goldman's Obama and Wall Street's Democratic leadership.

If anyone at Move On or Daily Kos would like to have a public debate about these comments, we invite it.

Please help us stop this divide and conquer attempt.
DeGraw - who is wholly non-partisan [like the writers at Washington's Blog] - tells me that about half of the protesters are liberals, but the other half are libertarians (and see this.)

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Mob Storms Bloomberg's Restaurant

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Jubilant scenes are being witnessed this morning at the Occupy Wall Street protest camp after a planned 'eviction' was postponed following a last-minute change of mind by the park's owners.

Brookfield Office Properties put off a clean-up and supporters of the protesters streamed into the New York park in the morning darkness today, forming a crowd of several hundred chanting people.

Chanting 'Hell no! We won't go!', hundreds of demonstrators stormed a Wall Street restaurant last night to confront New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over a planned clean-up of their camp.


Australia: 'Creepy' Path Intelligence retail technology tracks shoppers

shopping mall
© / File A Queensland shopping centre will become the first in the nation to fit receivers that detect mobile phone frequency codes to pinpoint location

Shopping centres will monitor customers' mobile phones to track how often they visit, which stores they like and how long they stay.

The technology, brought to Australia by a UK-based company, has prompted a call for privacy or telephone intercept regulators to investigate.

One unnamed Queensland shopping centre is next month due to become the first in the nation to fit receivers that detect unique mobile phone radio frequency codes to pinpoint location within two metres.

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These Occupy Wall Street protesters have a message

New York -- The Occupy Wall Street protests are hitting a nerve.

A dearth of jobs, overwhelming student loans and soaring health-care costs are just three major issues protesters have targeted. And regardless of politics, economic data suggests they're not alone in their frustrations.

It may be why the protests have spread to other cities -- including Boston, Cincinnati, Seattle and Washington, D.C. -- after taking root in downtown New York nearly a month ago.


Citibank arrests customers for trying to close accounts

Customers of Citibank were arrested yesterday after trying close down their bank accounts.

23 customers of Citibank allegedly found themselves under arrest after being locked in the bank at 555 La Guardia Place, New York by security guards who even forced legitimate Citibank customers going about their daily business back into the bank.

Citibank responded to the allegations of arresting customer by releasing this statement:
"A large amount of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated."
Video below shows quite clearly that those inside the La Guardia Place branch of Citibank were not disruptive and remained quite calm and peaceful and also there are reports from eyewitnesses stating the explanation given by Citibank is far from the truth.

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Bank Transfer Day Nov. 5th


Room for One More? World Population to Reach 7 BILLION in Next Few Days

train station India
© Getty ImagesCrowded: The world's population looks set to smash through the seven billion barrier in the next few days - and it is most likely the baby will be born in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Mumbai, India, pictured here
The world's population looks set to smash through the seven billion barrier in the next few days, according to the United Nations.

It comes just 12 years since the total reached six billion - with official estimates saying the figure will top eight billion in 2025 and 10 billion before the end of the century.

And it is most likely the baby will be born in the Asia-Pacific region - where the population growth rate is higher than anywhere else in the world.

Experts say the pace of growth - which has seen the number of people on the planet triple since 1940 - poses an increasing danger to citizens.

With more people to feed, house and provide medical care for, they say the world's resources look set to come under more strain than ever before.

As populations stabilise in the industrial world, almost all growth in the near future is expected to take place in developing countries.


Libya: Fighting in Tripoli Breaks Out Between Pro-Gaddafi Forces and NTC Fighters

It is the first time that fighting has broken out in the Libyan capital since rebels took hold of the city in August.

Forces of the new government, the National Transitional Council (NTC), exchanged heavy gunfire with pro-Gaddafi fighters in the first sign of resistance to the NTC for months.

Hospital sources say that at least eight people were wounded in the gunbattle.