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Thu, 01 Dec 2022
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More of the nanny police state- town governments across the US ban sledding

Local politicians in cities and towns across America have implemented laws that will ban children from sledding.

Town officials in Dubuque, Iowa for example, have banned sledding in 48 of its 50 parks because they fear that children will get hurt and that their parents could sue the city.

"We have all kinds of parks that have hills on them. We can't manage the risk at all of those places," Marie Ware, Dubuque's leisure services manager told reporters.

"Everybody likes sledding, OK? Everyone wants to promote outdoor activities, and we want people to be active. But everyone knows sledding is a risky activity, we want to manage that risk," she added.

Comment: Yeah, more like manage the risk to their pocketbook.

Comment: The PTB and their 'Authoritarian Followers' might as well tell parents to keep their kids at home at all times. While laying around, the kids can have the choice of either watching what's on television OR playing with their new XBOX game. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be heavily processed and loaded with gluten and sugar. Let's keep them doped up on programming and obese from foods. Hell, they're easier to control that way, right? We don't want generations of children growing up that can think (or sled) for themselves.

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Greek farmers lose $46.7 million due to Russian food ban

greek exports
Exports of Greek fruit and vegetables to Russia in the period from January-October 2014 dropped by 31.1 percent in volume compared with the same period in 2013. As a result, Greek farmers have lost $46.7 million due to the food ban introduced by Russia in August 2014.

Greek farmers have lost $46.7 million in fruit and vegetable exports due to the food ban introduced by Russia in August 2014, a report published by Athens News Agency said.

"We have lost significant volumes of exports to Russia - 34,167 tonnes [37,662 tons] or 39.45 million euro [$46.7 million]," the Incofruit-Hellas association of Greek enterprises exporting fruit, vegetables and juices said in a report published Sunday.

Comment: Greece has been suffering thanks to crippling austerity measures and things are deteriorating to the point that there appears to be a run on Greek banks. Clearly, the West's ill-conceived scheme to sink the Russian economy via sanctions is having deleterious effects on EU nations, however that does not seem to have caused EU rulers to re-think the wisdom of their actions as they seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot at every turn to pacify Washington.


American manufacturing renaissance a complete myth

american manufacturing
The recovery in manufacturing has only been temporary rather than structural, and generally unaffected by the shale gas revolution.

The idea that the United States is going through a "manufacturing renaissance," although optimistically touted in the media and by experts, does not reflect reality, write the authors of a new report from a reputable Washington, D.C. think-tank, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).

The authors of the report claim that the highly publicized media narrative of a rebirth in America's manufacturing sector is based on misleading interpretations of data that in fact paint a much bleaker picture of a temporary recovery within the context of the economic cycle, rather than structural growth.

Comment: There are countries where governments are working to promote policies that actually strengthen the structural foundations of the country and improve the well-being of its populace. Russia comes to mind, immediately. Unfortunately, the ruling elites in the USA prefer to massage numbers in order to manipulate the masses into believing that things are better than they seem. An elite focused on war and destruction throughout the globe has little concern for the ultimate well-being of its own people, despite the propaganda.


The moral hysteria and blindness of Je suis charlie

© Unknown
With pens and signs in hand, millions of Parisians stand up for the right to spread lies and hateful cartoons about 1 billion of the planet's people. It has been noted by many around the world of the protesters' striking resemblance to sheep.

I read this on a blog yesterday; it is a version of a claim that has been made over and over again in the last couple of days, lionising Charlie Hebdo: "In its cartoons, Charlie Hebdo did not discriminate. The magazine lampooned all and sundry in its cartoons: racists, bigots, right-wing politicians, the uber-rich, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and more." And what does 'more' include? More to the point: what does it not include? Did they, for example, lampoon journalists who, in the name of freedom of expression, mock Muslims and Jews regardless of the consequences? Did they, in other words, ever satirize themselves? Apparently Charlie Hebdo has announced it will produce a million copies of its next issue. Will this issue ridicule the scenes of mourning and solemn demonstrations on the grand boulevards of Paris, poking fun at people who raised pens skyward and lit candles in the dark? And why not? Nothing is sacred. Wouldn't this be just the kind of outrageous act, defying convention and challenging popular ideas of decency, that puts freedom of expression to the test?


'Good cop' physically stops bad cop from abusing handcuffed man

good cop_bad cop
© Youtube
As the nation has been torn apart by police violence and abuse, many citizens have begun to wonder whether there are any good cops at all. Critics have suggested that if there are "good cops," they should be out there stopping the bad cops from abusing their power.

So where are these legendary "good cops"?

Right here, in the video below, it would seem...

We can see from the video that the arresting officer repeatedly tries to pull up the suspect by his restrained arms, contorting and twisting his shoulder joints in a way that was causing him sheer agony.

But another officer comes to the suspect's aid, not once, not twice, but at least three times physically stopping the arresting officer from abusing the suspect.

If you think that all cops SHOULD take a stand like this, then help us SPREAD THE WORD!

Heart - Black

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist scorns supporters: 'We vomit on you'

© AFP Photo/Pierre Duffour
Dutch comic book author Bernard Willem Holtrop, aka Willem, signs books in Angouleme, central France, on January 31, 2014
A prominent Dutch cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo heaped scorn on the French satirical weekly's "new friends" since the massacre at its Paris offices on Wednesday.

"We have a lot of new friends, like the pope, Queen Elizabeth and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. It really makes me laugh," Bernard Holtrop, whose pen name is Willem, told the Dutch centre-left daily Volkskrant in an interview published Saturday.

Comment: Just to clarify, Putin wasn't 'making friends' with the likes of Charlie Hebdo as many in the West have done. He expressed his condolences to the families and those affected by the attack and stressed that the Kremlin condemns terrorism in all forms.

France's far-right National Front leader "Marine Le Pen is delighted when the Islamists start shooting all over the place," said Willem, 73, a longtime Paris resident who also draws for the French leftist daily Liberation.

He added: "We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends."

Commenting on the global outpouring of support for the weekly, Willem scoffed: "They've never seen Charlie Hebdo."

"A few years ago, thousands of people took to the streets in Pakistan to demonstrate against Charlie Hebdo. They didn't know what it was. Now it's the opposite, but if people are protesting to defend freedom of speech, naturally that's a good thing."

Treasure Chest

The value of wealth

© Ann Rosener, Office of War Information
July 1942. Back at the Melrose Park Buick plant near Chicago.
We need to do a lot more thinking, and take a far more critical look at ourselves, than we do at present. We're not even playing it safe, we're only playing it easy. And that's just not enough. The marches in Paris and numerous other cities today were attended by people who mean well, but who should ask themselves if they want to be part of what was predictably turned into a propaganda event by 'world leaders'. One thing is for sure; the murdered Charlie Hebdo staff would not have approved of it.

The leaders hark back to usual suspect slogans like we defend 'Liberty', 'Freedom of Expression' and 'Our Values'. But we can't turn our backs on the fact that 'our values' these days include torture and other fine 'tactics' that make people in other parts of the world turn their backs on us. We might want - need - to march to express our feelings about torture executed in our name, as much as to express our horror at cartoonists we never heard of being the target of automatic weapons.

Comment: The psychopathic mindset has deeply rooted itself into mankind. It will be most difficult to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and see what we have become. It starts with each individual understanding this Wetiko virus.


Operation Mockingbird is alive and well and living in your TV

propaganda networks
© unknown
Most Americans are under the influence of TV and radio sources for the daily dose of propaganda. Not understanding they are being lied to and made to believe a lie It becomes a formidable task to get folks to see the light. They want to see, it's just the lie is so big, so pervasive at this point it is hard for people to grasp the size of the depth and breadth the lie has reached. For me, and you may disagree, propaganda is nothing more than a lie that has been presented as truth and is intended to influence how people live and think. As you read you will see that I use the words "lie" and "propaganda" interchangeably - they are the same thing for the purposes of this article and my life.

Comment: For more see:

Bad Guys

German newspaper that reprinted Hebdo cartoons attacked by arsonists

Members of a television crew are seen beside burned files and documents in front of a building of German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost in Hamburg January 11, 2015
A Hamburg daily that reprinted satirical cartoons from French newspaper Charlie Hebdo was hit by arsonists at the weekend, raising security concerns in Germany on the eve of a planned mass rally against Islam in the city of Dresden.

Islamist militant attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher deli in Paris this week that killed 17 people have fuelled fears of similar assaults in other European countries and prompted a warning from German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

"I am very concerned about well-prepared perpetrators like those in Paris, Brussels, Australia or Canada," he told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag. There were about 260 people in Germany regarded as dangerous Islamists, he said.

Bild am Sonntag said U.S. intelligence agencies had tapped conversations of senior Islamic State (IS) members in which they said the Paris attacks were the start of a series in Europe.

In Hamburg, two people were arrested after an incendiary device was thrown into a building of the Hamburger Morgenpost daily, setting some documents on fire, police said.

Comment: Cleary, the people behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks are not finished spreading fear and Islamophobia through Europe. The question is, who is really behind these attacks:


Chechen leader Kadyrov 'threatens' Radio Echo, Moscow, after poll support for Charlie Hebdo

Alexei Venediktov

Alexei Venediktov, chief editor of Radio Echo, Moscow
An editor asks listeners if it's OK to publish Muhammad Cartoons and the Chechen responds with threats of violence. Is this how it works now?

© www.rg.ru
Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, otherwise known as Imam Ramzan.
The fallout from the murderous rampage against Charlie Hebdo spilled over the North Caucuses and Moscow on Friday. The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, threatened Radio Echo of Moscow after it ran a poll, asking its listeners whether media, in reaction to Wednesday's murders of the Charlie Hebdo journalists, should publish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. A majority of Echo's listeners, 68 percent, said "yes," the cartoons should be published and 30 percent said "no."

Less than an hour later, Kadyrov posted on Twitter that that Echo's editor-in-chief, Aleksei Venediktov, had insulted Muslims and said, "There are those who will bring Venediktov to account."

"Venediktov has long ago converted Echo of Moscow into the main anti-Islamic horn," Kadyrov wrote next to his own portrait, which shows him pointing at the sky, muscles bulging, and rings on his fingers. If authorities did not restrict the radio that "incites animosity and hatred among people and nations," Kadyrov went on, "There will be people to make Venediktov responsible." A dangerous statement in the country where a number of journalists, including Anna Politkovskaya and Natalya Estemirova, have been assassinated by Chechen nationals.

Comment: In an interview in 2010, Venediktov stated:
"...we are rigorously law abiding. We take great care to insure that we don't infringe the outer aspects of the law. ...[I]n the eyes of the authorities we are a showcase for the West, demonstrating that Russia has free speech. And of course we exploit our position. ...[W]e have become a genuine source of information for people who make decisions. [...] The presidential administration and the White House bureaucracy [in Moscow] listen to our forum and look out for what happens in it. [On the topic of data] I have independent sources, which may coincide with what the Kremlin has to say, or may not. They check out our data - it's a kind of model for self-correction. I also think this may be what allows Ekho Moskvy to exist in the form it does.

"Our job is to clarify what rights people have. (Question: Do you feel like the last bastion of free speech?) No. I feel like a professional. It seems to me that we are doing a professional job and we don't think in terms of free speech. We could see the threat. People started censoring themselves because no one wanted to end up on the streets...we didn't change our tone. Eighty-three percent of our listeners have been through higher education, [are] independent people; can't be forced to merge with the crowd...with a strong sense of self-esteem...are individualists. [...] We don't have a messianic mission - our job is to inform and entertain. [...] (Regarding self-censorship) It's fear. The new generation see it as the norm of course. ...they understand that one shouldn't allow oneself to do it, but they don't think why. This shouldn't be happening."
Nice self-propaganda, but at least he reveals his true allegiances: the West, i.e., the Anglo-Zionist empire, i.e., not Russia.