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Sun, 16 Jan 2022
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US Democrats won't back sanctions against Nord Stream 2 pipeline - media

NS2 crew
© Axel Schmidt
Workers celebrate last pipe welding together two strings of Nord Stream 2
Biden's party had long opposed the link between Russia and Germany, claiming it would make Western Europe a hostage.

Despite consistently criticizing the Nord Stream 2 project, for many years, American Democrats are reportedly planning to derail next week's vote on US sanctions against the Russian-backed natural gas pipeline. The party is making the U-turn because it doesn't want to weaken President Joe Biden's position in ongoing security discussions with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Politico suggested on Wednesday.

Senators have apparently decided that imposing curbs on Nord Stream 2 now could undermine unity among America's allies in Europe, and remove Biden's key leverage in negotiations with the Russian leader.

A bill that would force the US president to impose restrictions on the pipeline within 15 days - including travel limitations, asset freezes, and bans on doing business with American firms - is being promoted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz. He needs the support of at least 10 Democrats for it to pass the 60-vote threshold and become law.

Comment: Yet another self-serving, dead-end decision by the US Government? There is no 'winner' here. Key leverage regarding Russia is a fantasy.

Black Magic

Tennis star Djokovic has become a pawn in the vaccination culture wars

Novak Djokovic
© Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images
Novak Djokovic
The world's number one tennis player has become an unwitting accomplice to a game of political point-scoring

Serbian great Novak Djokovic's treatment at the hands of Australian authorities has seen him cast in the role of a scapegoat for the anti-vax movement.

In February 2021, when Djokovic eased past Russia's Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to claim his third successive Australian Open title, few could have predicted the hoops that he would be expected to jump through to defend his crown.

Much has changed during the 12 months which have passed. The various vaccines developed to fight Covid-19, which were announced in the weeks before the tournament, have been rolled out in their millions but rather than being a magic bullet to heroically defeat the pandemic, they have become central to a debate pitting the ideologies of individual choice and collectivism against each other.

Yellow Vest

France's finance minister warns of "politically dangerous" energy price surge

gas cooker
© Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images
Finance minister urges people to look at Kazakhstan's bitter experience

The French authorities are working on further measures to restrain spiking energy prices, the country's finance minister said, issuing a warning about political fallout ahead of a presidential election.

"Look what's going on in Kazakhstan, it's quite indicative of what can happen when energy prices explode, it's politically dangerous," Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

Comment: Indeed unbearable costs are politically dangerous, and France should know because a previous fuel tax hike sparked nearly 2 years of Yellow Vest protests that, at one point enjoyed the support of nearly three quarters of the population, with some weekends recording up to a million and more attendees, and, in turn, the people of France watched their government suppress these protests with unprecedented police brutality.

However, the current situation in Kazakhstan isn't exactly comparable, because, whilst energy prices and corruption do indeed appear to have made the country ripe for more protests, the speed, organisation, and violence that followed the initially peaceful protests bear all the hallmarks of a Western-backed regime change operation: Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan's Color Revolution

"If we don't find a solution to the electricity prices in the days to come, the French will see at the end of January an increase of 35-40%."

Comment: The situation is all the more incredible because Russia's Nord Stream II pipeline has recently been completed and could provide at least some relief to Europe's record energy costs, but, at the behest of the US, Germany is blocking its authorization, and making a profit in the process: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Is The Government Hyping Shortages? And is 'Vaccination Shedding' Really a Thing?

Star of David

Israel admits Omicron mutation rendered travel bans useless

covid-19 checkoint israel palestine
© Hazem Bader/AFP
A Palestinian worker gets his temperature checked as he returns to the West Bank via the Mitar checkpoint, March 25, 2020.
Amid a spike in Omicron infections, Tel Aviv is retiring its 'red list' of destinations

Israel has lifted its strict Covid-19 travel ban against 'high risk' countries, such as the US and UK, acknowledging that the spread of the Omicron variant has rendered such restrictions obsolete.

Nachman Ash, the director-general of Israel's Ministry of Health, revealed on Thursday that travel would resume to and from 'red-list' countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland - which are considered by Israel to be some of the "highest risk" nations in the world.

Comment: Israel knew long ago that all their restrictions are just vaccination theater. Pfizer captured the government.

Eye 1

Exposed: Klaus Schwab's school for covid dictators, plan for 'Great Reset'

Klaus Schwab
Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency.

How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere? The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today's prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.

The German economist, journalist, and author Ernst Wolff has revealed some facts about Schwab's "Young Global Leaders" school that are relevant for understanding world events during the pandemic in a video from the German Corona Committee podcast. While Wolff is mainly known as a critic of the globalist financial system, recently he has focused on bringing to light what he sees as the hidden agenda behind the anti-Covid measures being enacted around the world.

Comment: See also:


Covid-19 has eerie parallels to 'V for Vendetta'

The movie
© screenshot
There's something vaguely familiar about how the coronavirus has unfolded. Watching the narrative play out over the past year, I can't help but be reminded of the virus story in the graphic novel and 2004 dystopia film V for Vendetta.

The Pathogen Path to Power

In V for Vendetta, the United Kingdom has fallen into a totalitarian police state under the rule of a political party called Norsefire, which rules by force and exerts total control over its citizens. One man, known only as V, was the victim of government imprisonment and experimentation and swears vengeance against the ruling party. The movie chronicles his efforts to reveal the corruption and evilness of the government to the people of the United Kingdom. (The ethics of how he goes about this would require another essay!)

Norsefire's main weapons of control is a virus ("The most terrifying virus you can imagine," V describes), which the government has developed to use as a weapon against their own citizens.

"If your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?" V asks.

Comment: Grab your popcorn and take a seat. 'V for Vendetta' is now playing in Plato's cave.


Ex-defence minister told to 'burn' secret Iraq war memo

© Yui Mok/PA/Scott Barbour/Getty Images/KJN
Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair
During Tony Blair's time in office, Downing Street allegedly ordered former defence secretary Geoff Hoon to burn a secret memo that questioned the legality of the 2003 Iraq invasion. Hoon makes the bombshell claim in a new memoir.

In disclosures that have boosted ongoing attempts to strip the former prime minister of his recently conferred knighthood, Hoon reportedly revealed that Blair's chief of staff Jonathan Powell had instructed him "in no uncertain terms" to destroy the legal document.

When reports of the allegation first surfaced in 2015, they were dismissed by Blair as "nonsense." But Hoon has resurrected the claim in a tell-all book, titled 'See How They Run', according to the Daily Mail. The paper said Hoon has provided details of a "cover-up" at Downing Street.

The former Labour minister said he was sent a copy of the "very long and very detailed legal opinion," written by then-Attorney General Peter Goldsmith, "under conditions of considerable secrecy" and told he should "not discuss its contents with anyone else."

Comment: See also:


Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the END of the pandemic and 'we will have our normal lives back in two months'

Tyra Krause
© Nikolai Linares/Ritzau Scanpix
Tyra Grove Krause
A Danish health chief has said the Covid-19 Omicron variant is bringing about the end of the pandemic, saying 'we will have our normal lives back in two months'.

Speaking to Danish TV 2, Tyra Grove Krause - the chief epidemiologist at Denmark's State Serum Institute - said a new study from the organisation found that the risk of hospitalisation from Omicron is half that seen with the Delta variant.

This, she said, has given Danish authorities hope that the Covid-19 pandemic in Denmark could be over in two months.
Daily confirmed graph
© Unknown
Despite early fears that Omicron could prolong the pandemic due to its increased level of infection, Ms Krause said it actually could spell the end of the pandemic. According to the study:
'Omicron is here to stay, and it will provide some massive spread of infection in the coming month. When it's over, we're in a better place than we were before.'
But while infection numbers in countries with the variant are soaring, the expert said that the highly infectious Omicron appears milder than the Delta variant, and therefore more people will be infected without having serious symptoms. As a result, she said, this will provide a good level of immunity in the population.

Comment: The plandemic was created and implemented for specific consequences. Predictions are therefore useless as they are also part of the plan. Notice the talking point double-down:
A leading vaccine scientist and the driving force behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab has said the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us - even as the Omicron variant continues to ravage the UK.

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, chief investigator of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine trials and director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, helped develop the AstraZeneca vaccine in 2020.

Speaking a year on from the first time AstraZeneca was administered to a member of the public, Prof Pollard told The Telegraph: "The worst is absolutely behind us. We just need to get through the winter."

Asked about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's current handling of the crisis, with his relatively light restrictions across England, Prof Pollard said:
"(It) seems to be working so far. The system isn't falling over. But it's finely balanced. We can't fully answer whether he's got it right for some time."
In the 12 months since AstraZeneca was injected into Brian Pinker, 82, a dialysis patient at Oxford's Churchill hospital, nine billion COVID doses, including AstraZeneca, have been given worldwide.

In the UK alone, 90% of over-12s have had their first vaccine and more than 80% have had two doses, while 33 million boosters have been given. But Prof Pollard warned that giving boosters to people every six months was "not sustainable" and fourth jabs should not be offered until there is more evidence.

He said there was no point in trying to stop all infections and that "at some point, society has to open up", despite the ongoing threat from Omicron.
"At some point, society has to open up. When we do open, there will be a period with a bump in infections, which is why winter is probably not the best time. But that's a decision for the policy makers, not the scientists. Our approach has to switch, to rely on the vaccines and the boosters. The greatest risk is still the unvaccinated."
In a separate interview with Sky News, Prof Pollard said it is too early to say whether future coronavirus variants will be milder than those that emerged earlier in the pandemic. He said:
"I don't think we can be sure at this moment that future versions of coronavirus, the sons and daughters of Omicron, will be causing mild disease. I think we do need more time to evaluate that, to understand why Omicron seems to be causing milder disease."
Prof Pollard also said anti-vaccine misinformation had been a "different sort of virus" during the pandemic that had cost lives.
"There's no doubt that anything that makes anybody uncertain or hesitant about being vaccinated, particularly for those who are in vulnerable groups, puts their life at risk. There's no doubt people have died because of vaccine misinformation."

Offering a vaporous half truth facilitates 'something for everyone'. See further:

His comments come as chief executive of the NHS Confederation Matthew Taylor warned:
"Although the data around Omicron is looking positive, it's not yet reliable and won't be until this seasonal period is truly over. It is only five weeks since we first heard of this new variant, and it is only now starting to affect more older and more vulnerable people. Uncertainty abounds. For example, as far as I can tell, we have absolutely no idea whether Omicron is more or less likely than earlier variants to add to the huge numbers of people dealing with Long covid."
On Sunday, the prime minister warned it would be "absolute folly" to say the pandemic is over - but said Omicron "is plainly milder" than other variants.

Despite a huge increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, Mr Johnson said the UK is in a better position than most other countries due to the "very, very high level of vaccination".

However, he said despite Omicron being "plainly milder" than other variants, the NHS is under pressure due to its high transmissibility - and the public must do everything they can to help relieve that pressure by following plan B measures.

Plan B measures are set to be reviewed when MPs return to parliament on Wednesday.
The chairperson of the JCVI, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, says the 'critical next step' is learning how to live with the virus:


Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers who failed to comply with Covid vaccine mandate

Mayo Clinic
© Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images
Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
The Mayo Clinic fired roughly 700 employees who failed to comply with the nonprofit medical center's mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy. Workers had been given until Monday to get their first dose of a vaccine or obtain a medical or religious exemption to the rule. They were also expected not to delay on receiving a second dose if they had already gotten the first jab.

Hundreds of employees failed to meet those requirements and were let go, the Mayo Clinic said in a statement shared with NBC News on Wednesday. The clinic said of its staff, which consists of around 73,000 workers:
"Nearly 99 percent of employees across all Mayo Clinic locations complied with Mayo's required Covid-19 vaccination program by the Jan. 3 deadline."
The Mayo Clinic said approximately 1 percent of its staff, or around 700 people, would be "released from employment." The clinic added that the majority of medical or religious exemption requests made by workers were granted.
"While Mayo Clinic is saddened to lose valuable employees, we need to take all steps necessary to keep our patients, workforce, visitors and communities safe.

"If individuals released from employment choose to get vaccinated at a later date, the opportunity exists for them to apply and return to Mayo Clinic for future job openings."
The Mayo Clinic has faced some backlash over its policy, with 38 lawmakers signing a letter to the hospital last month asking it to ax the rule.

Black Magic

Dems whipping up J6 hysteria to avoid accountability for rigging the 2020 election

Election fraud
© Unknown
The 2020 presidential election was unlike any in American history.

Hundreds of laws and processes were changed in the months leading up to the election, sometimes legally and sometimes not, creating chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. Tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men, spent $419 million — nearly as much as the federal government itself — to interfere in the government's management of the election in key states.

Powerful tech oligarchs and corrupt propaganda press conspired to keep indisputably important news stories, such as allegations of corruption regarding the Biden family business, hidden from voters in the weeks prior to voting. Information operations were routinely manufactured about President Trump in the closing months of the campaign, including the false claim that Russians paid bounties for dead American soldiers and Trump didn't care, and that Trump had called dead American soldiers losers. Both were disputed by dozens of on-the-record sources.