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Sun, 27 Nov 2022
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Tens of billions of dollars were transferred to Ukraine, then laundered through FTX crypto currency back to Democrats in US

crypto currency ukraine flag colors
Did you ever wonder where all those billions of dollars were going in Ukraine? Did you ever wonder why anyone was trusting the elites in US politics like the Bidens with billions in funds going to Ukraine?

Today it turns out that these were excellent questions.

We have information that the tens of billions of dollars going to Ukraine were actually laundered back to the US to corrupt Democrats and elites using FTX cryptocurrency. Now the money is gone and FTX is bankrupt.

Earlier today we reported that the FTX cryptocurrency appeared to be used in a ponzi scheme involving the Democrats and Ukraine.

As reported earlier, the FTX crypto company gave at least $40 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the midterms.

Sam Bankman-Fried is Biden's second biggest donor.

Comment: More succinctly:

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The collective West might be losing the war with Eurasia

us soldier
'You can't always get what you want.''
Courtesy of the Rolling Stones
This aptly sums up the Eurozone/East-Asian/US relationship: In short US hegemony. Suffice it to say that - of all people, Leon Trotsky writing in, (War - In the International 1933) - opined ...
''That prior to WW2 the US was Europe's debtor but now Europe was relegated to the background. The United States is the principal factory, the principal depot and the Central Bank of the world.''
US Ascendency in the 20th Century.

This much was self-evident, and true enough, but in any case, America's hegemony over Europe long pre-dated WW2 and actually later grew larger with the addition of ex Eastern European states which had been formerly part of the Soviet sphere of influence. Western Europe had willy-nilly long since been subordinated to the USA. A while later (1946) the Americans gave the British short shrift reminding them that they would have to adjust to the post-war realities and take the medicine - the American loan, as Michael Hudson explains.
''In effect the Sterling Area was to be absorbed into the Dollar Area, which would be extended throughout the world. Britain was to remain in a weak position in which it found itself at the end of WW2, with barely any free monetary reserves and dependent on dollar borrowings to meet its current obligations. The United States would gain access to Britain's pre-war markets in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. This first loan on the post-war agenda - which President Truman announced in forwarding it to Congress would set the course of American and British economic relations for many years to come. Truman was well aware of the change of fortunes for the UK, for the Anglo-American Loan Agreement spelled the end of Britain as a great power.''(1)

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Russia stands alone against NATO, it's forming the future world order - ex-president Medvedev

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
© Alexey NIKOLSKY / Sputnik / AFP
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaks during a meeting with members of the Security Council in Moscow on February 21, 2022.
Moscow stands alone in its battle against the US-led NATO military bloc and is capable of vanquishing its enemies on its own, Russia's former president Dmitry Medvedev has said.

"Russia alone is fighting NATO and the Western world," Medvedev, who is the deputy head of the nation's Security Council and the leader of the ruling United Russia party, wrote on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

"We are capable of destroying a mighty enemy or alliances of enemies by ourselves," the former president stated, adding that during its military activities Moscow is seeking to preserve the lives of its soldiers and civilians.



UK & EU scheming to 'isolate' Russia at G20 by storming out during Moscow's speeches - Telegraph

G20 indonesia 2022
© Adek Berry/AFP/Getty
London and Brussels will reportedly encourage others to walk out during the Russian delegation's speeches
The UK and the EU intend to coordinate their efforts and do "everything possible" to make the Russian delegation feel unwelcome at the upcoming G20 summit in Indonesia's Bali, The Telegraph has claimed. The outlet conceded, however, that China - and possibly several other key players - would be highly unlikely to follow suit.

"We try to work with partners in order to show very, very, very firmly what the international community thinks about all these crimes, atrocities, and illegal actions by Russia," a spokesperson for the EU's foreign affairs service told the paper.

Comment: See: Algeria wants to join BRICS, other countries expected to join are Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran


The FTX, Theranos fraud template

Our empire of lies seems to have perfected the template for fraud on an industrial scale.
News Articles
© Alex Krainer's TrendCompass
Last week brought us another mega-scandal as another celebrated, multi-billion dollar success story turned out to be a massive fraud. As more details emerge about FTX and its young founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, the outlines of the story increasingly resemble another mega-scandal, Theranos. It would appear that our financial-political-media complex has developed a template for industrial scale fraud.

The template includes a genius entrepreneur - a brilliant, magnanimous person who'd pull him/her/itself by the bootstraps to become an instant billionaire. It also includes murky family connections, protection in high places, dirty political dealings, overflowing praise for the venture and its founder, and a rapid ascent to success.

Last October, I published a three-part series analyzing these aspects of Theranos, which remains one of the most fascinating stories I'd come across over the years. Theranos was also demonstrably related to the pandemic we have recently experienced, but the media reports about it universally ignored that aspect of the scandal. The links to the series are below:

Bad Guys

West's attacks on Russia are 'without limits' - Erdogan

© Twitter
Presidents Putin and Erdogan
The US and the West as a whole are attacking Russia "almost without limits," prompting a natural defensive reaction, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday, while returning from a summit of Turkic nations in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Noting that Russia is not an "ordinary," but "powerful," state, Erdogan commended its "great resistance" against the hostile actions of the collective West.

"The West, and especially the US, is attacking Russia almost without limits. Of course, Russia is showing great resistance in the face of all this," he said.

Türkiye is set to continue its efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine amid the conflict, Erdogan signaled, recalling a recent incident in the Black Sea that put the UN-sponsored and Türkiye-brokered deal to facilitate exports of grain from Ukrainian ports on the brink of collapse.

Russian naval vessels were targeted by sea drones near Crimea in late October. Moscow accused Kiev of using the grain corridor to stage the attack and briefly suspended its participation in the agreement. Russia also alleged that the attack was orchestrated by the UK, a charge London has denied.

Comment: Erdogan is a canny leader. His pithy take on the geopolitics of the West vs. Russia is also spot on.

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John Bolton mocks US First Amendment

john bolton
Former US national security advisor John Bolton joked about the First Amendment as a protesting journalist was detained for accusing him of lying about weapons of mass destruction and "covering up war crimes in Afghanistan."

Bolton's speech at an Institute for Policy Innovation conference in Texas on Thursday was interrupted by journalist Tayler Hansen, who stood up and accused the long-time war-hawk of lying about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 US invasion.

"You essentially genocided the Iraqi people," Hansen shouted at Bolton. "And you covered up war crimes in Afghanistan, sir."

"Why did you celebrate the arrest of Julian Assange?" Hansen continued. "Why do you think that's acceptable, sir? Is celebrating war crimes acceptable?"

Hansen was detained by security and removed from the conference. As he was led away, Bolton drew applause from the crowd when he remarked "that's another example of the First Amendment at work," referring to the US Constitution's guarantee of free speech.

Comment: In the case of John Bolton, there is no mask to review: the guy is unabashedly odious. Hansen is correct: guys like Bolton are political psychopaths.

Light Saber

Corruption exposed: US meddled in Ecuador's 2017 election, used Julian Assange as bargaining chip

Ecuador assange correa yannuzzelli lasso

L-R: Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa, journalist Julian Assange, ex energy minister Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli, and current President Guillermo Lasso
A former minister of Ecuador testified that the US government conspired with a right-wing political party to run a disinformation campaign against the leftist Correísta movement, backing a millionaire banker for president in exchange for giving up journalist Julian Assange, who had asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Ecuador's former energy minister testified that the US government conspired with a right-wing political party to run a disinformation campaign against the leftist Correísta movement of ex President Rafael Correa.

He said that US "federal agents" pledged to help "influence" the 2017 presidential elections and support the candidacy of conservative millionaire banker Guillermo Lasso in exchange for the promise to turn over journalist Julian Assange, who had been given asylum by Correa and was stuck living for years in Ecuador's embassy in London.

The former energy minister, Carlos Pareja Yannuzzelli, had fled a corruption investigation in Ecuador and was living as a fugitive from justice in the United States in late 2016 when he was offered large sums of money and US government protection in return for reading a carefully prepared "script" that made false accusations of corruption against Correa and his Vice President Jorge Glas, who was later imprisoned on highly dubious charges.

Bad Guys

Lunatic ex-UK general calls for a second cold war

General Sir Richard Shirreff
Retired UK General Sir Richard Shirreff
The former NATO big wig has argued that the West must refuse to negotiate with Russia

Retired UK General Richard Shirreff, formerly deputy commander of NATO, has called for members of the Western military bloc to refuse any negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the Ukraine crisis.

"Any hint of negotiation will be exactly what Putin is looking for because it will mean he can hang on to bits of what he's got," Shirreff said this week in a Times Radio interview. "And make no mistake: His longer-term aims and the aims of any ultranationalist following Putin will be to continue the war, continue to try and rebuild the Russian empire and to wipe Ukraine off the map."

Comment: Jaw-dropping . . . .

Russia is lucky to have sane top brass. From 2017:
General Vladimir Shamanov, the head of the Defense Committee in the Russian Duma, called for the restoration of dialogue between Russia and the UK, while accusing a number of British generals of sabre-rattling.

Speaking to RT, Shamanov said he believes it is important that Britain and Russia work together in counter-terrorism and against drug trafficking, but only on the basis of mutual respect.

Cooperation was suspended by the UK government in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukrainian crisis.

General Shamanov called the fight against terrorism and drugs a fundamental responsibility of the entire global community, and thus "it must be shielded from any political disagreements between Russia and the West."

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The West renounces freedom of expression

© Tribune
In France, the Secretary of State responsible for citizenship, Sonia Backès, tries to discredit nonconforming opinions. She likens them to sectarian aberrations. The State, she announced, will organize "assizes of sectarian aberrations and conspiracy". In the Soviet Union, opponents were placed in psychiatric hospitals.
This is a debate that we thought was closed: Westerners had affirmed that freedom of expression is an essential prerequisite for democracy and that they would never violate it again. However, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Germany have already embarked on the path of censorship. Now there are things not to say.

Freedom of expression had been a feature of the West since the 18th century. This was the basis on which the political regime supported by the middle classes was built: democracy. The principle according to which the general will would emerge from the confrontation of various opinions was no longer contested. Any attack on this freedom was seen as a blow to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

However, at the beginning of the 20th century, when the World War tore the West apart, the British, then the Americans, did not hesitate to use modern means of propaganda, not only against their enemies, but also against their own population [1]. For the first time, democratic governments were setting up programs to deceive their fellow citizens. At the end of this war, the British prided themselves on their successes, suggesting a possible use of war propaganda in times of peace. Also, when the capitalist economic system was threatened and even before the Second World War had started, democracies and freedom of expression were put on hold, and propaganda resumed, first in Italy and Germany, then throughout the West.