A Ukrainian military service member on the frontline.
© Wolfgang Schwan / Anadolu via Getty ImagesA Ukrainian military service member on the frontline.
Their army's weakness has prompted Kiev's strikes on Russian infrastructure, senior officers have allegedly told the London newspaper.

Ukraine has no other option but to launch attacks inside Russia, including on its oil infrastructure, because its army faces continued setbacks on the battlefield, The Guardian has reported, citing the leadership of the country's military intelligence service, the GUR.

Officers who allegedly spoke to the British newspaper were candid about Kiev's desperate military situation. GUR Brigadier-General Dmitry Timkov said his country was like a patient on life support.
"We are attached to a drip. We have enough drugs to stay alive. But, if the West wants us to win, we need the full treatment," he admitted, referring to the dwindling quantities of military aid coming from Kiev's western backers.
Major General Vadim Skibitsky, the deputy head of the GUR, admitted that a Ukrainian victory, widely promised by Kiev, is impossible at the moment. Facing multiple setbacks, the agency had "no choice" but to launch strikes deep inside Russia. He described this as a "NATO-standard procedure, known as center of gravity, or COG."

The concept was first developed by Carl von Clausewitz, the famous Prussian general and military theorist, and essentially refers to targets that have the most value for the enemy, physically or morally.

GUR officials that spoke to the Guardian claimed credit for a recent string of Ukrainian drone strikes on Russian oil infrastructure. This contradicts public statements by the head of SBU, the Ukrainian civilian security agency, Vasily Maliuk who said it was his agents who were responsible for the operations.

Both branches have been overhauled in the years since the 2014 armed coup in Kiev, with the CIA's help, according to Western media reports. Both were allegedly involved in targeted assassinations of people deemed enemies of Ukraine, since before the conflict with Russia began in 2022.

The newspaper said GUR intends to launch a new major attack on the Crimean Bridge - and to disable it - "in the first half of 2024." Ukraine has previously targeted the structure, twice in 2022 and 2023.

The first plot involved a powerful bomb hidden in a truck, which killed the vehicle's driver and four other civilians in nearby cars. Moscow said GUR masterminded this attack. The second strike involved naval kamikaze drones that SBU said were deployed by its agents. That bombing killed two civilians.

Moscow has accused Kiev of engaging in terrorism as a method of war. The regime in Kiev has adopted the tactics, Russian officials are claiming, because it is unable to score victories on the battlefield.