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EU to sanction more Russian-language news outlets

Signs for Russia's international news agency 'RIA Novosti' and 'Rossiya Segodnaya'
© Getty Images / Sefa KaracanSigns for Russia's international news agency 'RIA Novosti' and 'Rossiya Segodnaya' seen at the 2018 St Petersburg International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, Russia, May 24, 2018
Brussels will add a news agency and two major newspapers to its blacklist

EU ambassadors have agreed to place three Russian news outlets under sanctions, a move that would effectively ban them across the bloc. Moscow has threatened to take "retaliatory measures" against Western journalists in Russia.

The decision affects Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti, the newspapers Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Izvestia, and Voice of Europe, a Czech news site accused by officials in Brussels and Prague of spreading pro-Russian "propaganda," EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova announced on Wednesday.

Comment: The EU bloc is so called, because it blocs both this and that, in the name of protecting freedom, democracy, rule of law, western values, transparency and equality. Cutting up the mental space of Europeans in this way, has a parallel in psychiatry and it is called lobotomy. Sure every analogy has limitations, and this is certainly no exception, but it is still revealing for the state of the EU to read what the the Wiki says on this topic:
A lobotomy (from Greek ฮปฮฟฮฒฯŒฯ‚ (lobos) 'lobe', and ฯ„ฮฟฮผฮฎ (tomฤ“) 'cut, slice') or leucotomy is a discredited form of neurosurgical treatment for psychiatric disorder or neurological disorder (e.g. epilepsy, depression) that involves severing connections in the brain's prefrontal cortex.[2] The surgery causes most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain, to be severed.
Before it is too late, here are some links to these probably soon to be off-limits pages for EU citizens:

RIA Novosti
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Voice of Europe
Previously sanctioned was Sputnik and RT.
The way these rules are administered probably vary, but as the saying goes, let sleeping dogs lie. In other words if you live in an EU country and can access blocked pages, don't tell.

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Israel descends into barbarism

© UNRWA ScreenshotEmpty streets in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip as families continue to flee in search of safety, May 14, 2024
States with Israel's apartheid status โ€” one hopes โ€” have no long-term future in the modern world, says Lawrence Davidson.

Unless you are the victim of a moral narrow-mindedness (and there seems to be an epidemic of this defect nowadays), it should be obvious to you that Israel has descended into barbarism.

Why barbarism? Because in Israel, cruel, murderous, and otherwise criminal behavior has become state policy. Let's review the signs of this meltdown:

โ€” Establishing an apartheid state to satisfy a racist ideological doctrine.
โ€” Committing "probable" genocide in Gaza.
โ€” Committing mass executions at, among other places, Gaza hospitals.
โ€” Issuing orders to shoot unarmed Palestinian civilians.
โ€” Torture and murder of Palestinian detainees.
โ€” Inducing an artificial famine in Gaza.
โ€” Blocking humanitarian aid.
โ€” Systematic destruction of most of the infrastructure needed to sustain human life in the Gaza Strip.
โ€” Committing increasing numbers of pogroms against Palestinian villages and towns on the West Bank.

All of this is documented in the reports of credible human rights organizations (including Israel's own), United Nations agencies, as well as in the decisions of the International Court of Justice. Face it, this is not a matter of opinion or perspective โ€” be it President Joe Biden's or anyone else's. It is a matter of (often televised) fact.


White House to Republicans: You're not getting audio of Biden's interview with Hur

© Francis Chung/PoliticoSpecial Counsel Robert Hur
President Joe Biden has asserted executive privilege to block House committees from obtaining audio recordings of his own interviews with special counsel Robert Hur about Biden's handling of classified documents.

The White House counsel's office notified House GOP investigators of the move hours before Republicans were expected to recommend holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over the audio. Rather than changing the GOP's plan, the privilege assertion sparked a wave of outrage from Republicans, who are moving forward with their planned contempt vote.

Hur's description of his interviews with Biden โ€” laid out in a 345-page report released in February โ€” fueled a firestorm over the president's memory and mental fitness. In that report, Hur said Biden could potentially defend himself in court, if charges were recommended, by appealing to jurors as a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory." Biden pushed back with a fiery news conference defending his acuity.

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'Making mistakes is acceptable; lying is not' - new Russian defense minister in quotes

© Russian Federation Council/SputnikAndrey Belousov addresses the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security โ€ข Moscow, Russia
Andrey Belousov has officially become the ninth minister of defense in the history of modern Russia. He was nominated by President Vladimir Putin on May 12. The decision was unexpected, as he is the first civilian to hold the post. Belousov has never served in law enforcement agencies and spent most of his career working as an academic economist.

At the same time, Belousov is a longstanding member of the Russian political elite who has held important government positions for the past 20 years. In these years, he has demonstrated his professionalism and his unique vision of Russia's future.

To help get a better idea of who Andrey Belousov is, RT has compiled a selection of quotes from the new defense minister's recent speeches and interviews.

Comment: No 'Belousov' for the US...look what happened to JFK.


An urgent matter

© Falco"Found 'em"
"If the government can suspend your rights anytime it deems something is a crisis, you don't have rights. You have permissions."
โ€” "Pismo" on "X"
While our country sleepwalks through the deadly aftermath of the evil Covid-19 operation, the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the final touches on a nice bit of fuckery called its Pandemic Treaty on International Health Regulations (IHR) or "One Health" initiative, a Globalist power grab disguised in the saintly white robes of public health medicine. The agreement, to be finalized at the end of this month, will cede what's left of your liberty to this unelected bureaucracy for the sake of global "equity and inclusivity," meaning more lockdowns, constant surveillance, forced "vaccinations," restrictions on medications, and censorship of anyone who voices a contrary opinion of these actions.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it's Covid-19 all over again, a second crack at controlling everything you do and every choice you might make by a cabal of governments and corporations, in other words, an international gang of fascists. The WHO is an agency of the United Nations, run out of Switzerland. You might recall this is the same place where the World Economic Forum (the WEF, a.k.a. "Davos") has its headquarters. For years, the WEF has been issuing blueprints for a techno-fascist global regime under which, they state baldly, "you will own nothing and be happy." (And eat bugs.)


Video of German politician licking public toilets, role-playing Hitler with excrement, goes viral

Martin Neumaier
Martin Neumaier of Germany licks public toilets of railway station. โ€” X
Martin Neumaier, Germany's politician, filmed himself licking public toilets of a railway station, as confirmed by the local media reports.

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) candidate for the district of Ostalb was seen putting his face inside the toilet and also licking toiletries including a brush present there, according to Times Now.

He also shared disturbing and explicit videos of himself doing sexual acts online.

In one clip, Neumaier was seen singing the Nazi-era German national anthem along with "m*********** rectally with a s** toy." Moreover, several videos of him have surfaced on social media and gone viral.

Comment: This comes just a month after a municipal Councillor, and head of youth and children's services, in Spain was forced to resign after footage emerged showing him eating his own excrement for sexual gratification.


China hopes to divide the West, and it knows where the weakest link lies

FILE PHOTO: China's President Xi Jinping.
© MOHAMMED BADRA / POOL / AFPFILE PHOTO: China's President Xi Jinping.
China hopes to divide the West, and it knows where the weakest link lies Bejing knows the EU's leading states don't want to break off relations, and it's placing its bets on them holding firm

"Even paranoids have real enemies," is a famous aphorism attributed to a prominent political figure of the past. What it means is that even the habit of suspecting everyone around you of a conspiracy is no guarantee that such suspicions are unfounded. So the reaction of British and American observers to Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to France, Hungary and Serbia is, in principle, justified.

The trip itself took place last week - and a feature of it was the warm welcome given to the Chinese leader in all three European countries. There is a reason for the nervous reactions of the US and Britain: China is indeed placing one of its bets on dividing the West. More specifically, it is using France, Germany and several other EU states as the "weak link" in the broad Western coalition aimed at preventing the collapse of its hegemony in world affairs.

Such a split will not be fatal for the US position in Western Europe - after all, the Americans have a firm grip on their junior allies. But a close relationship between China and part of continental Europe could cause some problems for US diplomacy, which is already "frayed" by numerous gaps in its positions.

Comment: It is helpful to have a third opinion on EU-China relationships apart from what is usually heard from either the Washington and the European officialdom in Brussels.

See also: If language is your interest, trying to locate the source of the quote in the article, "Even paranoids have real enemies," proved the history to be complicated, but the meaning is clear enough.


Georgia accuses NATO countries of trying to orchestrate coup

Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili
© Getty Images / Anadolu / ContributorChairman of the Parliament of Georgia Shalva Papuashvili
The participation of foreign officials in an anti-government rally is unacceptable, the parliament speaker said

The participation of politicians from NATO countries in anti-government rallies in Tbilisi is a hostile step aimed at overthrowing the Georgian government, parliamentary chairman Shalva Papuashvili has said.

The statement comes as foreign ministers from Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia took part in a rally against the recently passed 'foreign agents' bill on Wednesday. The ministers, who arrived in Tbilisi to discuss the controversial law with the country's government, were later seen addressing a crowd of protesters at the parliament building.

Comment: 1) The Georgian Government appear to be in agreement with, the Slovakian PM, Robert Fico, who was recently hit by five bullets but survived. See: 'No country should be punished for its sovereignty' - Fico in quotes

2) From the same source:

14 May, 2024 21:09
Read more US threatens NATO applicant with sanctions
Georgia might be punished for passing the "foreign agents" law

Members of the Georgian government could face sanctions for "undermining democracy," a senior US diplomat said on Tuesday, after the parliament in Tbilisi approved a foreign agents law that Washington has opposed.

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O'Brien arrived in Tbilisi for meetings with both Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze and members of the opposition, only to find that the Georgian legislature passed the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence.

"I was very clear that there would be consequences if the law were implemented as it now stands," O'Brien told reporters on Tuesday evening. "[Kobakhidze] has referred to this as coercion, but it's not. Georgia is attempting to join the EU and NATO. Those organizations have certain standards and certain referees that say what the rules are, and we simply want Georgia to continue to match those standards rather than to deviate," he added.

If the law goes forward, "and there's undermining of democracy here and there's violence against peaceful protesters - peaceful protesters! - then we will see restrictions coming from the US," O'Brien added, noting that they would be financial or travel sanctions "on the individuals responsible for those actions and their families."

The US diplomat said he does not want this to happen, but for Georgia "to have a continued peaceful path toward the EU and NATO with a robust democracy."

Georgia's "foreign agent" law would require non-profit organizations, media outlets and individuals with more than 20% foreign funding to register as entities "promoting the interests of a foreign power" and disclose their income and donors or face a fine of up to $9,500. It does not provide for criminal prosecutions, unlike the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) enacted by the US in the 1930s.

This is Tbilisi's second attempt to pass the law. Last spring, the government backed down after violent demonstrations outside the parliament and threats from the US and the EU. Opposition activists have been protesting against what they dubbed the "Russian law" again, clashing with police in downtown Tbilisi on several occasions this month. During Tuesday's vote, several dozen lawmakers got into a fistfight on the parliament floor as well.

The falling out between the US and Georgia has caught the attention of Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who sought to clarify what O'Brien may have meant.

"Is the problem that the Georgian law is much milder than the American law?" she posted on her Telegram account. "Why should Georgia or any other country conform to other people's values? Don't the 'values' of the US include non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries?"
3) See also West wants 'color revolutions' in Central Asia - Moscow Though Georgia is not strictly a part of Central Asia, it is not far away either, as this map from the Wiki on Central Asia shows:
Political map of Central Asia
In the map above, notice the strategic position of Georgia having a shared border with Russia.


West wants 'color revolutions' in Central Asia - Moscow

FILE PHOTO: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin.
© Sputnik / Russian Foreign MinistryFILE PHOTO: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin.
Investments promised by the US and its allies are nothing but bait, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin has warned

The US and its allies promise Central Asian governments benefits to entice cooperation, but the West will be quick to topple them once they are no longer of use, a senior Russian diplomat has said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin issued the warning in a speech at an event on Central Asian politics hosted by the Valdai Discussion Club in Ufa, Russia on Tuesday.

According to him, the West wants "to reformat" the region for itself, "to call dibs on its natural resources, impose control on transport corridors that run through it, and to turn Central Asia into a staging ground for threats against Russian security."

Comment: On occasions, there have been articles about the US having lost the great game of Central Asia, as in The Great Game in central Asia is over - and America lost (Apr 2021). However a look at the headlines over the last 10 years, can not confirm that the US and allies have accepted defeat and ceased their attempts to destabilize and if possible make a bit of money in the process.

Central Asia Color revolution

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Hasbara fail: Israeli govt admits it 'astroturfed' Eurovision vote but lost anyway

israel gaza genocide eurovision bribes astroturf vots
© The GrayzoneIsrael's fifth-place Eurovision contestant Eden Golan
Israeli officials hyped their country's 5th place Eurovision finish as proof of quiet global grassroots support for their assault on Gaza. Now, they admit they manipulated the results through an international propaganda blitz.

On May 11, Israeli candidate Eden Golan took home 5th place at the Eurovision contest in Malmo, Sweden. The decision to allow the Israeli singer to participate sparked heated protests and calls to boycott the event. Against the rancorous backdrop, many were surprised by Golan's apparent success, which was driven almost entirely to votes by individual audience members. Israeli media and government officials quickly seized on the news as proof that deep down, Europeans secretly support Israel's military rampage in Gaza.

While the mere 52 points that judges awarded Golan would have left her in 12th place, viewers managed to propel the Israeli singer into 5th place by awarding her an astonishing 323 points via televoting. In the end, Golan received the maximum possible 12 points from audiences in Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and received the second-highest possible 10 points from Albania, Austria, Cyprus, Czechia, Moldova, Slovenia, and Ireland.

Comment: Hasbara can be put to many uses: Earlier iterations: