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The true heart of darkness

BAGHDAD - There's a graffiti war going on in Baghdad. In Sunni neighborhoods the champions are "Saddam Hussein is a martyr" and "Muqtada [al-Sadr] is the leader of the thieves". In Shi'ite neighborhoods the favorite used to be "From Fallujah to Kufa Iraq won't be beaten down"; now "Fallujah" has been erased from the script. In Sadr City the favorite is "Down with the Ba'athists".

The Adhamiyah wall - the symbol of the Baghdad gulag, rejected by more than 70% of Iraqis - is not yet finished, but the neighborhood is already isolated by a cluster of checkpoints, with all major streets blocked by blast walls and barbed wire. Walls are planned to expand to Dora, Ghazaliyah, Amiriya, al-Amel, al-Adl - a replication of gulag practices in Fallujah, Tal Afar, Haditha, Samarra.

Light Sabers

SOTT Focus: The Hidden Hand Behind The "Hamas-Fatah Clashes"

You are a political leader. Your country and people have been subjected to long years of occupation and brutality by a foreign power. Your people are suffering horribly, they are being summarily executed, tortured and generally tormented by the forces of occupation who enjoy complete control over your land. Despite this, you manage to hold things together - just. You manage to buy some weapons to protect your people and you, like your countrymen and women, still burn with the desire for freedom.

What's your strategy?


JFK Conspirator Wanted Every Kennedy Dead

JFK assassination conspirator E. Howard Hunt wanted to "finish the job" by killing Senator Ted Kennedy and greeted news of Robert Kennedy's murder with satisfaction , according to his son Saint John Hunt.

Bad Guys

Insight into the psychopath's mind! The Poodle's Final Favor For His Owner

During the trial, Blair's top foreign policy wonk, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, offered this notable justification for jailing faithful government servants whose consciences had been shocked into action by the discovery of a plot for mass murder by the "leader of the free world":
In evidence at the trial, Sir Nigel Sheinwald...said private talks between world leaders must remain confidential however illegal or morally abhorrent aspects of their discussions might be.

Bad Guys

Change of Psychopath! 'Blair in frame at World Bank'

Outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair is a contender for the job of president of the World Bank, according to one of America's most respected economists.

The news comes after the board of the World Bank announced its president Paul Wolfowitz would resign at the end of next month.


Psycho talk: Netanyahu wants to cut water and power from Gaza while US lauds Israeli restraint

Comment: While the US praised Israel's "restraint" (?) in their latest air strike on Palestine, prominent psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu ('Bibi' for his pals) got an idea: why not cut power and water supplies from Gaza?

To truly grasp the grotesque irony of the information below, we suggest you read Bibi's comments first, almost at the end, and then move back to read the rest of the article.

The United States praised Israel on Thursday for showing "great restraint" in the face of new rocket attacks from the Palestinian group Hamas but added that Israel also has a right to defend itself.

Israel Air Force strikes on Thursday destroyed a Hamas security headquarters and a car carrying one of the group's top commanders. Israel had threatened a "severe" response to cross-border rocket attacks that have persisted despite a troop and settler pullout from Gaza in 2005.


Beijing considers ban on smoking near Olympic venues

Beijing is considering a ban on smoking in public areas in different venues during the Olympic Games next year.


Somebody has to stop this psychopath: Bush passes the buck on Iraq

President Bush still has to learn "the buck stops here" when it comes to presidential decisions.

The "decider" and commander in chief seems to be trying to pass the buck, particularly if the war in Iraq implodes and he has to bring troops home from his disastrous invasion of Iraq.

The president is counting on Gen. David Petraeus -- the top military commander in Iraq -- and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to take the fall if his troop "surge" fails.

Bush is a long way from that mirage even with an expected Pentagon buildup of U.S. troops to 160,000 by midsummer.

Bush's war of choice -- now in its fifth year -- has taken 3,368 American lives and wounded thousands more Americans.

Evil Rays

Now drivers face ban on smoking at the wheel

Britain's senior road safety campaigners are calling for a ban on smoking while driving, in an attempt to cut the number of crashes.

The Department of Health said last night that it would seriously consider a ban, which is also being looked at in Germany, Australia and America. The move was backed by anti-smoking campaigners but drew criticism from others as an attack on personal freedom. From 1 July, England will join the rest of the UK by introducing a ban on smoking in enclosed public places and at work.


Putin likens U.S. foreign policy to that of Third Reich

President Vladimir Putin of Russia obliquely compared the foreign policy of the United States to the Third Reich in a speech Wednesday commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, in an apparent escalation of anti-American rhetoric within the Russian government.

Putin did not specifically name the United States or NATO but used phrasing similar to that which he has used previously to criticize American foreign policy while making an analogy to Nazi Germany.

The comments marked the latest in a series of sharply worded Russian criticisms of the foreign policy of the Untied States - on Iraq, missile defense, NATO expansion and, broadly, the accusation that the United States has striven to single-handedly dominate world affairs.

Some political analysts see the new tone as a return to Cold War-style rhetoric by a country emboldened by petroleum wealth. But Russians say the sharper edge is a reflection of frustration that Russia's views, particularly its opposition to NATO expansion, have been ignored in the West.

Putin's analogy came as a small part of a larger speech in which he unambiguously congratulated Russian veterans of World War II, known here as the Great Patriotic War.