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"I read the news today oh boy." - The Beatles, A Day in the Life, 1967.

"The only enemy of Iraq is the occupation." - Muqtada al-Sadr, 2007.

Forty years ago down in sunny Monterey, California, an ultra-cool black cat from Seattle named James Marshall Hendrix set the world on fire. "Respect" by Aretha Franklin (written by Otis Redding) was the No 1 hit single in the US (to be replaced, a month later, by "Light My Fire" by The Doors). Hendrix and Otis in Monterey merged into the Summer of Love - the apotheosis of Make Love Not War, vinyl treasures and Indian mottoes dressed in caftans and granny dresses.


Show must go on: Previously unknown (Mossad-funded) militant Islamic group claims rocket attack on Israel

A previously unknown militant Islamic group claimed responsibility Monday for a weekend rocket attack on northern Israel.

The self-proclaimed ''Jihadi Badr Brigades - Lebanon branch,'' vowed in a statement faxed to The Associated Press in Beirut to continue attacks.

''We had promised our people jihad (holy war),'' the statement said. ''Here, we again strike the Zionists when a group from the Jihadi Badr Brigades struck the Zionists in the occupied Palestinian territory.''

At least two rockets fired from Lebanon landed Sunday in the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona, causing damage but no casualties. It was the first time rockets were fired from Lebanese territory at the Jewish state since last year's war between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.


False Flag Alert! Anti-Syrian Politician Assassinated, 10 killed in Beirut Bomb

An explosion from a bomb-rigged car rocked Beirut's seafront Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker. Parliamentary Deputy Walid Eido, his son Khaled, and two bodyguards were killed, along with 6 others.

Comment: It appears to be yet another False Flag operation trying to frame Syria and thus justify a war on Syria. What better way than to assassinate lawmakers critical of Syra, which then in then in the minds of everyone implies that Syria did it.

Do you think the Syrians are that stupid? Shooting themselves in the foot again and again?

Comment: For more on the Hariri killing and the Mossad involvement read the article by Joe Quinn Mossad Murders Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri


Kuwait says US cannot use bases for any Iran strike

Kuwait, a staunch US ally, said on Monday it would not allow the United States to use its territory as a launch-pad for any attack on Iran over its nuclear programme.

"The United States did not ask (to use Kuwaiti military facilities for any attack) and even if it did, we will not allow anybody to use our territory," defence and interior minister Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak al-Sabah told reporters.

Bad Guys

US forces kill 7 Afghan police in not so friendly fire

U.S. forces mistakenly killed seven Afghan police and wounded four in an apparent friendly fire incident early Tuesday in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said.

Police manning a remote checkpoint in Nangarhar province said an American convoy backed by helicopters approached and opened fire despite their protests and calls for them to stop.

Comment: It does not sound much like a mistake, except perhaps that the victims are normally Afghan civilians


Dutch smoking ban to cover coffee shops

A Dutch smoking ban will come into force in July next year for all restaurants and cafes -- including coffee shops where cannabis is the top attraction, the government decided on Friday.

"Coffee shops will be treated in the same manner as other catering businesses. They will be smoke-free," Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende told NOS television.

Red Flag

JFK airport plot 'a US setup'

The four suspects in an alleged terror plot to bomb a New York airport were set up in an elaborate plan by the US Republican party to retain hold of the White House, the daughter of an arrested suspect claimed on Tuesday.

Huda Ibrahiim, daughter of Amir Kareem Ibrahiim, one of four men accused of plotting acts of terrorism against the United States, said US justice officials had engaged in entrapment in breaking up the alleged plot.


China has cornered the global market for vitamins

If you pop a vitamin C tablet in your mouth, it's a good bet it came from China. Indeed, many of the world's vitamins are now made in China.

In less than a decade, China has captured 90 percent of the U.S. market for vitamin C, driving almost everyone else out of business.

Chinese pharmaceutical companies also have taken over much of the world market in the production of antibiotics, analgesics, enzymes and primary amino acids. According to an industry group, China makes 70 percent of the world's penicillin, 50 percent of its aspirin and 35 percent of its acetaminophen (often sold under the brand name Tylenol), as well as the bulk of vitamins A, B12, C and E.


Syria to End Dollar Peg, 2nd Arab Country in 2 Weeks

Syria became the second Middle Eastern nation in two weeks to say it will dump its currency's peg to the dollar to curb rising import costs and inflation.

The country will link the Syrian pound to a broader range of currencies starting in the middle of July, central bank Governor Adib Mayaleh said.

''The decision is final,'' he said in a phone interview from Abu Dhabi. ''This will help stabilize the Syrian pound and bring down inflation.''


Humiliation and Child Abuse at Israeli Checkpoints - Strip-Searching Children

Israeli officials have been regularly strip-searching children for decades, some of them American citizens.

While organizations that focus on Israel-Palestine have long been aware that Israeli border officials regularly strip search men and women, If Americans Knew appears to be the first organization that has specifically investigated the policy of strip searching women. In the course of its investigation, If Americans Knew was astonished to learn that Israeli officials have also been strip searching young girls as young as seven and below.

Comment: Sick bastards...

Comment: These Zionists pigs know absolutely no shame whatsoever. In order to do that they'd need a conscience - something that is completely lacking in psychopaths.

Watch the videos belows, from If Americans Knew:

The Easiest Targets - Part 1

The Easiest Targets - Part 2