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Syrians set to vote on new constitution

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has pledged to hold parliamentary elections within 90 days if Syriaโ€™s new constitution is approved.
Syrians are set to vote in a referendum on a new constitution that would pave the way for multi-party parliamentary elections within three months.

Millions of Syrians are expected to vote on their country's new constitution on Sunday. Posters and banners calling on the people to come out and vote have been placed everywhere in the capital and all around the country.

More than 14 million people over the age of 18 are eligible to vote at 13,835 polling stations, which will open for 12 hours at 7:00 am (0500 GMT).

The draft of the newly proposed constitution was made public several days before the referendum takes place. Copies have been distributed among the people to let them know what changes the new constitution will enact.


Best of the Web: British Hypocrisy: set to recognize Syrian terrorists

Remember all that BS about 'smoking out terrorists wherever they are harbored'? Well, actually, there are evil terrorists and there are 'rebels'...
Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that his country will recognize the Syrian rebels as a "legitimate representative" of the Middle Eastern country.

Hague made the announcement as he arrived in Tunisia to attend the so-called "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunis, media reports said.

"We, in common with other nations, will now treat them and recognize them as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people", Hague said, referring to armed terror gangs who have taken arms against the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad in a few towns across the country.

In yet another example of the UK's double standards on foreign policy issues, William Hague described President Assad's government as a "criminal regime" and vowed to provide weapons and intelligence to rebels and terrorist snipers fighting the Syrian government forces and civilian population in the country.

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Iran, Israel, and the US: The Slide To War

war with iran graphic
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Wars are fought because some people decide it is in their interests to fight them. World War I was not started over the Archduke Ferdinand's assassination, nor was it triggered by the alliance system. An "incident" may set the stage for war, but no one keeps shooting unless they think it's a good idea. The Great War started because the countries involved decided they would profit by it, delusional as that conclusion was.

It is useful to keep this idea in mind when trying to figure out if there will be a war with Iran. In short, what are the interests of the protagonists, and are they important enough for those nations to take the fateful step into the chaos of battle?

First off, because oil and gas are involved, a war would have global ramifications. Iran supplies China with about 15 percent of its oil, and India with 10 percent. It is a major supplier to Europe, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea, and it has the third-largest oil reserves and the second-largest natural gas reserves in the world. Some 17 million barrels per day pass through the narrow Strait of Hormuz, a significant part of the globe's energy supply.

In short, the actors in this drama are widespread and their interests as diverse as their nationalities.

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Propaganda Alert! Rebel Syrian Officer Phones Israeli Official, Urging Intervention

Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and the Galilee Ayub Kara appeared on Israel's Knesset channel and spoke over the phone with defecting Syrian Army officer Abu Bilal, who urged Israel to support the Syrian populace against President Bashar al-Assad's terror.


Dozens dead as 'rebel' bomb wave rips Syria's second city

Two explosions have hit Syria's northern city of Aleppo, state-run TV said on Friday. The attack struck the security compounds, killing at least 28 people and wounding 175 The blasts were the first in Syria's largest city. It has not been affected seriously by the Syrian uprising that began in March. Colonel Arif Hamood of the Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the two blasts that targeted military and security buildings in the city.

A suicide attack in Damascus killed 26 people last month. The UN says more than 5,400 people have been killed in the government's crackdown on the uprising.


Free Syrian Army claims responsibilty for twin Aleppo blasts

Talking exclusively to FRANCE 24, Colonel Arif Hamood of the Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for two blasts on security buildings in Syria's second city Aleppo earlier on Friday.

Comment: Perhaps realising that publishing this story this would work against their propaganda efforts ahead of carpet-bombing Syria, France 24 cut short their report at the opening line and the Syrian rebels army branch of al-CIA-duh have since recanted.


Massive Syrian Crowd Greets Russian Foreign Minister

Today is going to be a two post day, so stay tuned....

First this video.

Throngs of ordinary Syrians greet Sergei Lavrov as his car moved through Damascus. Still believe most Syrians aren't positively thrilled about the Russian and Chinese VETO at the UN.

The fact they have avoided, at this time, being bombed to smithereens by NATO has got to make them ecstatic


Target Syria: Incubator babies, Buffer zones and UN missions

Aiyirah al-Sabah, daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, cried before a Congressional committee in the run-up to the First Gulf War, telling Senators about Saddam Hussein's troops taking babies out of incubators and throwing them on hospital floors. It was a lie. But hey, it worked the first time; why not repeat the propaganda technique again and again until it stops working?
From soup to nuts?

We're back to Syria. The veto stopped NATO nations from gaining legitimacy, so they continue on with their illegitimate tactics.

I promise at some point in time there will be other topics here. Honest!

But for now.... it is, what it is.

You may have seen two interesting news stories yesterday. They're both as bogus as a "wooden nickel" or a three dollar bill.

First one: "Premature babies in incubators in Homs"

How many incubator stories do you have to hear or read before you "get it"?

How many incubator stories does the media have to give you before you "awaken" to the lies?

During the uprising in Egypt there was an incubator baby story (I covered that one somewhere on this blog). Were their incubator babies in Libya? Or was it just the Viagra tale?

Of course the most infamous was Iraq and the Kuwaiti princess and that version of the incubator story. I am hoping everyone is familiar with that one?

If not, read When contemplating war beware of babies& incubators

Light Sabers

Anti-terrorist Syrian city of Aleppo attacked, Russia threatens "drastic measures"

© sana.syAbove is one photo from the group of photos I could barely look at the rest
Aleppo pays for being anti-terror!

Associated Press: Blasts hit security headquarters in Syrian city that has stood by Assad.

Another headline: Two blasts kill at least 25 in Assad stronghold of Aleppo, Syria

Those headlines sum up nicely exactly why Aleppo was struck in such a deadly fashion.

If you caught my post from yesterday, you would have known that the inhabitants of Aleppo came out in a big way to cheer the Russian Foreign Ministers visit, the veto at the UN and to support their leadership.

To Syria's NATO backed terrorists, this would have been an outrage! How dare they want to remain unscathed by terror. How dare they not want to be bombed to smithereens. The NATO backed terrorists are armed to the teeth and they mean business. Deadly business.

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US scenario in Syria: Turkish incursion, Israeli invasion

Supporters of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad attend a huge rally in central Damascus on February 5, 2012.
Informed sources have uncovered a US plot entailing a Turkish incursion and a full-scale Israeli strike to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The sources said aspects of the plan such as rejecting calls by Damascus for an Arab League meeting over the crisis in the country, recognizing of the Syrian opposition as the "legitimate" government of the country and granting them offices in Turkey to work against the Syrian government, have already been carried out.

As part of the plan, Syrian embassies and consulates would be attacked in several countries and the diplomatic offices would be used as bases to inflict heavy blows on the Syrian government.