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Sun, 22 Apr 2018
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Black Cat

Owner bites dog that bites dog

Amy Rice feared for her dog's life when a pit bull jumped over a fence into her yard and attacked him. So she took matters into her own mouth. Rice, 38, said she bit the pit bull on the nose after trying to pull the dog's jaws off her Labrador retriever, Ella.


SOTT Exclusive! Italy: Marvel Penguin Speaks and Disappears

Original Title: "Pinguino delle Meraviglie Parla e Scompare"
Gazzettino dell'Avicolo
21st March 2008 - Genoa, Italy.


An Italian male was found in a state of shock by one of our correspondents who received a call at home requesting investigative and moral support. The story he was about to recount was kind of odd but backed by an impressive amount of corroborating evidence. Mr. Piero V. allegedly saw a penguin materializing into his house, an Emperor Penguin of sort considering its size, and told the reporter that the bird was communicating with him using telepathy. Although nearly incomprehensible at first, the bird, after a series of buzzy signals casted into Mr. Piero's brain, succeeded by making its intentions clear.

The nearly alienated Genoan then rushed on a specific place by following the directions given by the penguin, who was apparently in the need to share its findings, only to pop away in the blink of an eye, behind a tree. Mr. Piero said that after the initial shock he now feels energized and it's like he's living a new life. After having recapitulated all what happened in that weekend that ultimately looked like a lifelong time adventure, he now thanks wholeheartedly the mysterious bird.

P.V. said that the penguin started 'talking' to him only after having stopped near a tree with a red mark on it. He was already 300 miles away from home, in the nice town of Pontremoli (Tuscany).

Here's the transcription of the words given by the penguin. He named himself as "Pen Guinn", P.V. later told the reporter.

Comment: In further developments, Master Penn-Guinn, P.V., has invited the readers to an amazing story which, he says, captures the essence of this world.


Centenarian marathon runner gets 101-1 odds for UK's Grand National

Lomdon -- A 101-year-old Londoner, billed as the world's oldest punter, took time out from training for the London marathon to stake 101 pounds on outsider Cornish Sett winning Saturday's Grand National horse race at odds of 101-1.

Buster Martin
©Reuters/Mario Rebellato/Handout
A handout photograph shows Britain's oldest employee, 101-year-old Buster Martin, posing for the camera during a training session in Archbishop's Park, central London on February 13, 2007.

Bad Guys

Fowl play prompts unusual court order

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. - A court has issued what could be at least a local first: an order of protection for a duck.

A Suffolk County judge approved the measure Thursday, telling a man accused of shooting a family's pet duck to stay away from the bird and her owners.


Burglar plays dead in funeral parlor

A burglar who broke into a funeral home tried to fool police by playing dead, but two things gave him away. First, he breathed. Plus, he wore grungy clothes rather than the Sunday best of those settling in for eternal rest.


A dead-certain method to prompt evacuations

Sometimes people can be very stubborn - particularly older folks - when asked to evacuate their homes because of a hurricane threat.

They might need extra motivation to clear out, Jay Baker, a professor of behavioral geography at Florida State University, said during a morning session at the National Hurricane Conference today in Orlando.


10 stories that could be April Fools... but aren't

It's here again, the day when jokers set out to make fools of the rest of us. But not every bizarre story is a hoax. Here is a round-up of some of the day's seemingly spoof news stories which are actually true (and one that isn't).


Mrs Sarkozy joins flying penguins

London, England -- Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has been appointed by Gordon Brown to inject more style and glamour into British life -- if you believe a report in the UK's Guardian newspaper.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has charmed Gordon Brown into giving her a job, according to an April Fool's day report.

She is set to join British Prime Minister Brown's "government of all talents" and move to London for three months to take advantage of the "Carlamania" that is gripping the country.

Carla Bruni
©Getty Images
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has charmed Gordon Brown into giving her a job, according to an April Fool's day report


Flying penguins found by BBC programme

The BBC will today screen remarkable footage of penguins flying as part of its new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution.

Telegraph TV: Watch footage of the flying penguins


Missing NY Rev. Found at Ohio Strip Club

RIVERSIDE, Ohio - Police say a pastor who was reported missing from his home in western New York has been found at an Ohio strip club.