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Mon, 21 Aug 2017
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Penis Pump

Vanity plate sold for $14 million in UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - A license plate with nothing but the number "1" on it went for a record $14 million at a charity auction Saturday.

UAE vanity plate
The coveted licence plate in a display case prior to the start of a charity auction

Cowboy Hat

Naked Cowboy sues Mars

New York's Naked Cowboy is suing the Mars confectionery giant for £3m for stealing his image.

Naked cowboy
A naked cowboy yesterday

Magic Wand

UK: Banksy's whitewashed artwork puts in an unexpected second appearance

Now you see it, now you don't . . . and now you do again. A large-scale artwork by Banksy, the "guerrilla" graffiti artist, disappeared last weekend after a rival graffiti artist sprayed white paint over it.

Just as everyone assumed that the original work - painted on the wall of an arts centre two years ago - was beyond saving, it somehow materialised again yesterday.

A mural of a maid sweeping by the graffiti artist Banksy on the corner of Regents Park Road in London


Armed Grannie Tries To Rob Post Office

Police are hunting a knife-wielding "little old lady" who tried to rob a post office.

The woman threatened the cashier and demanded money.

But the bandit - aged between 65 and 70 - shuffled away empty handed when staff activated alarms.

The pensioner - who struck in Northenden, Manchester - is described as white, and about 5ft 2in.

Eye 1

'Blind' man caught driving

Rome - A 70 year-old Italian man who had been pretending to be blind for 40 years to get an invalid's pension was arrested as he drove his car, Sky TG24 television said on Thursday.


The threat to Earth from space is minimal

You may want to put this date in your diary: April 13, 2029. It's a Friday. Friday the 13th. This is the day, Nasa announced four years ago, on which the Earth is most likely to be struck by a civilisation-destroying asteroid.

The space agency quoted odds of one in 300 - an unprecedented level of risk - that we would be hit by the newly discovered 2004 MN-4, a 400-metre-diameter chunk of rock orbiting around the sun. A few hours later, it markedly shortened the odds to one in 63. By the end of the day, the chance of the planet being largely wiped out stood at one in 45.

No Threat

Comment: Uhhhh... errrr... you gotta wonder what drugs these guys are on. And they are writing a book about it!

So neveryoumind all those reports of fireballs or any of those writings by Victor Clube and just put out of your sweet, little head the panicological ramblings of Ms Knight-Jadczyk. The Times, the august Times of London that is, is here to tell you that there isn't anything to worry about. Really.

Monkey Wrench

James Bond fanatic creates underwater car


Q would have been proud - 30 years after James Bond disappeared under the waves in a specially adapted Lotus, car designers have done it for real.

Cinema audiences gasped as Roger Moore's 007 took his white Lotus Esprit for a surprise dip to evade the enemy in the film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Video: Watch the amphibious Lotus take to the waves


Jesus cosmetics prove too cheeky for Singapore

Want to use Jesus hand cream? Well, you can't anymore. At least not in Singapore.

A Singapore-based retailer pulled a line of cheeky Jesus branded cosmetics from its shelves after complaints from irate Catholics, the local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The cosmetics, called "Lookin' Good for Jesus", is made by American makeup company Blue Q. It was sold in three Topshop outlets in Singapore.

©REUTERS/Blue Q/Handout
"Lookin' Good for Jesus" lip balm is seen in an undated file photo. A Singapore-based retailer pulled a line of cheeky Jesus branded cosmetics from its shelves after complaints from irate Catholics, the local newspaper reported on Tuesday.


Honest Swede Makes 1000-Mile Trip To Appear At Court

Two Planes, Two Buses, A Hire Car, £400 And 1000 Miles To Plead Guilty

Honest Swede Andreas Back travelled 1000 miles to plead guilty to a driving offence in Scotland.

The 26-year-old spent £400 on two flights, two bus trips and a hire car to get him to Fort William Sheriff Court, where he admitted driving without insurance in nearby Corpach last November.


Secrets of Cambridge 'porn' library revealed

For decades generations of Cambridge undergraduates have fantasised about a secret stash of Victorian pornography in the university's library tower.

Many have tried to gain access to the chamber to uncover its illicit secrets. So intrigued was Stephen Fry by the collection that he wrote about it in his first novel, The Liar.