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'World's biggest diamond' revealed as fake

The discovery of the "world's biggest diamond" last August sent ripples of excitement around the world. It was said to be twice the size of the Cullinan, or Great Star of Africa, discovered near Pretoria in 1905.

Neither the South Africa Diamond Board, nor the Diamond and Jewellery Federation, the trade body, confirmed its authenticity. But the warnings were drowned out by the breathless claims of one Brett Jolly, a spokesman for the mining firm Two Point Five Construction, who had announced the stone was being transported to a bank vault in Johannesburg "until we calm down and decide what we are going to do".


Geesh! Bill Clinton brings Reservoir Dogs to London with his entourage of over 20 bodyguards

©Daily Mail
Bill Clinton's stroll through London on Thursday had more in common with Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs than a low-key shopping outing


Confused moose thinks he's a cow

CANNONBALL, N.D. - When Beverly and Ernie Fischer gathered up their cattle this fall in Morton County, they rounded up a little more than they expected. We were moving some cattle, and we got a moose," Ernie Fischer said. "He thinks he is a cow," said his wife.

©(AP Photo/Bismarck Tribune, Will Kincaid)
A young bull moose looks over his new enclosure on the Cannonball Ranch in southern Morton County, N.D., Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007. Ranch Manager Ernie Fisher noticed a broken fence earlier in the day and later on discovered the bull moose in the cow pens with the cattle. Fischer said it was difficult to get the young bull moose away from the cattle, and workers put it in a separate corral until it could be released.


Crippled moose nurses calf in Alaska

A crippled cow moose in west Anchorage, Alaska is showing such a knack for survival that state biologists have so far avoided the normal course of putting her down.

The moose, which is missing about 12 inches of its right hind leg, is also nursing what appears to be a large and healthy calf, according to Rick Sinnott, the state's Anchorage-area wildlife biologist.


Washington woman defiant despite development

Seattle, Washington - The little old lady who lives in a little old house is stubborn in a very BIG way.

Edith Macefield, 86, has refused a $1 million offer from a developer to move out of her 108-year-old farmhouse to make way for a commercial complex.


Man pleads guilty to taunting police

A Colorado Springs man pleaded guilty to felony eluding in connection with a case in which he taunted authorities. Alexander Craig, 22, entered the plea on Monday in district court, saying that he was having a mental breakdown at the time.

Police received about 10 cell phone calls during a three-hour period in March, when Craig made statements like "I'm hammered ... come get me."

Comment: Bruising the egos of the law enforcement officers is not on!


Lighthearted stop signs try to slow drivers with humor

The Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn has installed second stop signs beneath the regular ones at 50 intersections with messages, including "WHOAAA" or "Stop ... and smell the roses."

A big red sign that says "Stop" sometimes isn't enough to get everyone to stop. Maybe a laugh will get their attention.

This Chicago suburb has installed second stop signs beneath the regular ones at 50 intersections with messages, including "WHOAAA" or "Stop ... and smell the roses."

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Woman gives birth to own grandchildren

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A 51-year-old surrogate mother for her daughter has given birth to her own twin grandchildren in northeastern Brazil, the delivery hospital said.

Rosinete Palmeira Serrao, a government health worker, gave birth to twin boys by Caesarean section on Thursday at the Santa Joana Hospital in the city of Recife, the hospital said in a statement on its Web site.


Bear Rescued From Sierra Bridge Ledge

©AP Photo/Truckee Animal Control, Robert Brooks
Volunteers rescued the 250-pound bear.

TRUCKEE, Calif. - A 250-pound bear stranded under a bridge near Lake Tahoe was saved by an army of rescuers, a tranquilizer dart and a nylon net bought at an Army surplus store.

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Not Found Him Yeti - Pic Goes For £3.5k

A photograph of a mysterious footprint believed to be that of a yeti has sold for £3,500.

A Christie's auction in London, themed on exploration and travel, included Captain Lawrence Oates' sleeping bag case from his ill-fated South Pole expedition with Captain Scott in 1912.

A 1951 image of a footprint

The 'yeti' footprint was photographed in the Menlung Basin in the Himalayas in 1951.

A team of mountaineers travelled to the region on a reconnaissance mission before attempting to conquer Everest for the first time, a feat achieved two years later.

A member of the expedition, Tom Bourdillon, sent it to his friend Michael Davies with an inscription on the reverse.

"Dear Mick, here are the footprint photos: sorry for the delay. We came across them on a high pass on the Nepal-Tibet watershed during the 1951 Everest expedition.