The mayor of Alaverdi town has confirmed that one person has been killed in their community by the May 26 floods in Armenia's northern regions that brings the number of casualties to two as search and rescue efforts continue.

Davit Ghumashyan told that the casualty, who is a resident of Deghdsavan village, can be seen in the car that is the water.

"He is in the car at the moment, it appears that we have one casualty. He is a man. He is a resident of Deghdsavan," he said.

He mentioned that the evacuation works are almost finished in Alaverdi. "There are a few people left who have not been evacuated yet, but there is no problem, we will evacuate them too," he added.

Earlier the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported of another casualty as rescuers found the body of an unidentified man near the Sanahin Bridge in Armenia's north.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as of 1:30 p.m., 20 people have been rescued, three of them in Dilijan, 17 in Noyemberyan communities.

Heavy rains on May 26 caused floods in Armenia's north, destroying roads and bridges and cutting off several villages and towns. One person is considered missing.

Armenia's railway communication with Georgia has been interrupted for at least a few days due to the flooding, according to the South Caucasus Railway, as reported by ArmeniaSputnik.

Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has arrived at the disaster area in the country's north.