"Brussels policy is gradually putting nails in the coffin of the European Union".

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said adding that he was sure that in Brussels they are dividing Europe and destroying it.

He warned that if Brussels continues the current policy, it could end badly for the European Union.

"I think that the current model of Europe should be abandoned because it is not sustainable. The European Union will simply collapse and must be prevented. It is in our interests for the institution to remain unified. May those gathered with great difficulty remain untouched," the PM said

He believes that the European Union should change, not collapse. But this is only possible if there are radical changes directly in Brussels.

Viktor Orbán noted that while the whole world is renewing itself, Brussels is offering Europe an outdated development model that is "leading to chaos":

"Less and fewer people work, more and more people want to live without work. The social order is disappearing, the consequences of migration are uncontrollable, investors are moving their money from Europe to America and Asia," he stressed.

It should be noted that today Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was re-elected as the chairman of the ruling FIDES party.