surveillance tyrrany
Remember when people were called "conspiracy theorists" for warning that climate lockdowns would be the next step?

Well, just have a look at this new extremely draconian rule in Britain that sounds like something straight out of 1984.

They will be dividing the city of Oxford into six different zones, and people will only be given a limited number of times that they will be allowed to cross between the zones in their car.

They will monitor you.

All residents will be forced to register their car with the council. Number plate recognition cameras set up in the city will MONITOR how many times you leave your zone.

In fact, private cars will be banned altogether from crossing between the zones unless you buy a permit which will allow you a maximum of 100 crossings per year! Oh, how generous.

Those without a permit or if you drive between the zones after having reached your limit of 100 crossings, you will be fined £70 per crossing.

This is all being done in the name of climate change, aiming to stop people to take "unnecessary" journeys and force people to walk or take the bus instead.

You know who else made private car ownership almost impossible and forced people to take public transport? The Soviet Union. This isn't about saving the planet. This is a Communist idea at its core. The state will decide where and how and when you can travel.

These dictators think they can just force tyranny down the throats of the people, with a country council travel chief saying the plan "would go ahead whether people liked it or not".

Ah, you will be banned from traveling and you will be happy - Whether you like it or not!

These climate zones will turn Oxford into a "15-minute city", with the plan being to force people to walk in order to access local shops and services.


Did you see that, the "15-minute city" thing? I am going to let you guess where that idea comes from...

It comes from none other than the World Economic Forum. They literally talked about this in their Sustainable Development Summit 2021.

We have an unelected elite pushing their climate goals and Orwellian agenda, and local cities and council are working with them to implement their policies on the public - Against their will.


Now the council has received angry emails and phone calls from locals outraged at what is essentially a form of climate lockdown. They don't want to have to pay fines just to be allowed to move around their neighborhood.

Of course, the mainstream media has jumped on this, claiming that officials have suffered "extreme abuse". Threats and abuse is never acceptable. It is interesting to see the media narrative here, where they are using this in order to attack those who are opposed to this draconian rule. Some people may have sent mean messages, therefore no-one is allowed to oppose this tyranny!

Naturally the "fact checkers" have chimed in as well, claiming that this is definitely not a climate lockdown. Because, you see, they are only restricting cars from driving between zones. People can still walk! And there is no physical barriers stopping people from driving, only cameras that read your numberplate and you then get sent a £70 fine in the post. No climate lockdown here at all!

So no physical barriers, only cameras watching you and sending you fines. Then it is all fine!

But this isn't the first draconian thing.

They also had a trial in Britain of what sounded a lot like a social credit score. People would have an app on their phone tracking their location and people would be given points if they were environmentally friendly and took the bus instead of driving.

We are already seeing several countries in Europe introducing climate lockdowns, limiting indoor temperatures, and in Italy they even ban people from heating their homes at night! I should know, because I was recently there and experienced it first hand.

Are you realizing what is happening yet?

The covid lockdowns were just the beginning. As I have warned before, the next steps will be climate lockdowns and we can already see them working hard to accomplish this.

As you probably know, in the Netherlands they are going to force farmers to sell their land to the state and shut down their farms - All in order to meet the 2030 climate goals.

It won't just be climate lockdowns. Central bank digital currency is just around the corner and it will be tied to your digital ID. Social credit scores won't be far behind and then you can imagine how easy it will be to shut down dissidents.

We have already seen how companies like PayPal have banned people for their political opinions, imagine when the government does it with their digital currency.

Global Tyranny is a bigger threat than Global Warming.