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Somehow, we've made it to the end of 2022 without civilization collapsing. Although most things did - more or less - successfully 'reboot' after the hare-brained, draconian 'lockdowns' of 2020, and the 'voluntary' ("but if you don't take it, you're fired - and WILL die soon") 'vaccines' of 2021, it's thanks only to the resilience of decent working people that anything still works at all. And special thanks should go to the Canadian truckers and their millions of supporters who stood up to the Trudeau regime in early 2022. For all we know, without their peaceful uprising, Covidianism and globalist diktats would have been forced on us all to a greater extent than they have so far been.

Then again, maybe the pathocrats in power no longer care what 'the little people' think. What was it that pulled governments back from the brink of physically enforcing compulsory 'vaccination' in 2022: mounting evidence that the 'vaccines' had no effect on reducing Covid-19 transmission or hospitalizations? Concern over the growing, widespread discontent? Or Vladimir Putin's announcement in late February that Russia would no longer stand by while a US-installed puppet regime in Ukraine attacked ethnic Russians?

The timing was certainly interesting. Two whole years of deliberate psychological terror about a relatively harmless illness suddenly gave way to the kind of racist and virulently hateful invective against Russia that would have made Hitler proud. So much for 'never again'. Once again a Western 'grande armée' is at war with Russia, a war they tell us will not end until Russia's total collapse or the government's replacement with entities favorable to Western business. Not only that, we're told that the war is existential - that the West, as such, will 'cease to exist' if Ukraine does not 'defeat' Russia.

In 2020-2021, it seemed that geopolitics was dead and the 'end of history' had been reached. The 'pandemic' heralded 'The New Normal', and even Putin seemed to agree. But it turns out that, while we were all suffering from (or enjoying - some people are just like that) lockdowns, lack of primary healthcare, demoralization, loneliness and shuttered businesses, the US government (the real one, not the Trump one) was plotting a high-risk game of proxy war in order to regime-change the Kremlin, cut Europe off from energy and trade with Russia, and 'reinforce' American hegemony in the face of the actual threat Western elites feared: the emergence of a fairer, more democratic, multipolar world order. All that remains to be 'unveiled' at the level of geopolitics is the official Chinese position: are they with the globalists, or are they with humanity? The answer to this, we think, could be the 'big event' of 2023 (hint: watch Taiwan!).

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© Alexei Druzhinin / Sputnik / KREFILE PHOTO: Putin says It was noted it would be good if Ukrainian politicians "thought about it and realized what is happening"
That is why Vladimir Putin is's Man of the Year for 2022. Indeed, he was primarily motivated to protect the interests of ethnic Russians in the 'Russiky Mir', and sure, he was arguably forced into 'invading' Ukraine, given the $billions spent by NATO in training and arming the Ukrainian military to forcibly retake the breakaway Donbass regions and Crimea. But if you watch or read the speeches he gave throughout the year, and note the existential terms in which his enemies speak of preventing Russia from achieving its goals, then it becomes clear that the Kremlin also has a longer-term, global picture in mind - and that its goals are not the same as Klaus Schwab's.

Long-time readers know the evolution of our perspective of Putin and Russia, starting in particular with our analysis of the Litvinenko poisoning (a frame-up) back in 2006; exposing the Browder criminal conspiracy behind initial Western sanctions against Russia in 2012; then observing Russia's anti-imperial military interventions in thwarting NATO plans to carpet-bomb Syria in 2013, protecting Crimea from the West's subsequent 'revenge' via regime change of Ukraine in 2014, and fire-fighting operations against 'ISIS' in Syria in 2015 - which effectively ended terrorist attacks in Europe.

The insidious designation of 'Kremlin trolls' is intended to silence dissent against the prevailing orthodoxy of the post-9/11 ideologically-warped version of 'Pax Americana', but it doesn't work on us, our readers and others who value Truth and Justice. It's the Kremlin that has aligned with Western critics of the diabolical direction the West has taken, not the other way around. Putin may have coined the term 'Empire of Lies', but all who are anti-war, anti-empire, anti-woke, and pro-Truth have been shining a light in the ever-darkening socio-political climate long before Putin began articulating similar views.

Russian military cathedral
© Russian Ministry of DefenseMain Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast
After restraining himself for 20 years by treating "our Western partners" as rational actors, Putin this year finally and fully realized that Western elites cannot restrain themselves from destroying everything they touch, and so they must be stopped by an external force. No one else is stepping up to the plate, thus it falls to Putin - with the Russian people behind him - to attempt it. Whether Russia will succeed in de-Nazifying Ukraine (and de-NATOfying it) remains to be seen. Should Russia succeed in Ukraine, will that success translate into rebalancing of the world for the greater global good?

Perhaps, but if you're living anywhere in Westernia, don't expect to see dividends any time soon. Awfully destructive forces are at work, forces that are beyond the ken of anyone or anything to stop. Putin can no more be the 'savior' of humanity than Donald Trump was for the USA - or Elon Musk will be for freedom of speech. But all the same, just like Trump's exposure of the corrupt workings of Washington DC, and Musk's of government censorship on social media, Putin's articulation of the world's problems, and how most of them stem from Western elites' greed and insatiable will to dominate, coupled with his formal declaration that Russia is in open rebellion against those elites' obliteration of traditional values, fair and free trade, and genuinely progressive development of the majority living in both Western and non-Western regions of the world, signal that the Time of Transition has begun in earnest.

What do you do to escape the insufferable 'culture' of Clown World? We editors are all in constant contact with one another - mostly online because we're located all over the world. But faced with realizing that the people cannot vote their way back to freedom, nor organize protests that would sway leaders and their authoritarian minions away from their insane drive to 'save the planet' by slashing energy and food production, a number of us have come together to pool resources, share knowledge, hold regular meet-ups, and generally support each other. We see that many of you commenters have formed a community here on, which is great to see! Just remember that you can also interact with the editors and hundreds of others of like-mind on our Cassiopaea forum.

And so, dear readers, as we approach the end of the year, and the end of the world-that-was, a few words of encouragement: Onwards, comrades! Stand fast against what the mother of all religions (Zoroastrianism) termed Druj - the false order of things. Let our thoughts, words and deeds form a unified voice that clearly and unequivocally asserts: NO! to lies, half-truths and the psychological and emotional manipulation of human beings by dark forces; NO! to the promotion of abusive and harmful social and cultural practices that seek to subvert the most vulnerable in society - our children - and, in that way, human society itself. Let Love, Truth and Justice be our God, and defend it, and our right to Choose, with every fibre of our collective Being.

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