Giorgia Meloni
© Antonio Masiello / Getty Images
Giorgia Meloni.
The CIA-run MSM are doing their utmost to frame a nationalist politician that has been fearlessly calling out their bioterrorism and central bankster One World Government agendas as a "fascist."

Watch Giorgia Meloni's speech below and ask yourselves if anything that she said was in any way "fascistic," offensive, unreasonable or incorrect:

Here we have CNN snidely equating Meloni to Mussolini:

The Guardian did an especially nasty hit piece on her that did in fact explicitly equate her to Mussolini:

This is precisely what Statist propagandist reality inversion looks like:
Giorgia Meloni presents a danger to the democratic balance in Europe. Her leadership looks to be the antithesis of what Italy needs - and not just at this difficult moment.
According to the Guardian's opening paragraph, all of the problems caused by the very Cult puppet politicians in Italy due to their globally coordinated PSYOP-19 "pandemic" responses more at depopulation and control scams and suicidal Russian sanctions now require more of the same murderous policies. Because at this "difficult moment" additional deliberately imposed difficulties will solve the current difficulties. That is some mind achingly low-grade gaslighting.
Meloni's moral and economic inspiration is Viktor Orbán, the man who in recent years has destroyed the opposition in Hungary and achieved legitimacy by weaponising popular consensus. He has provided an ephemeral sense of security but Hungarians have paid for it dearly in the form of economic instability and, above all, the loss of their rights.
It so happens that Orbán and Brazil's Bolsonaro are some of the most beloved politicians on the planet today precisely because they are vehemently against the UN, WEF, BigPharma, BIS, IMF, WHO and all of the other Cult assets attempting to foist their 4th Industrial Revolution hell on earth.

The great irony here is that the One World Government is the transhumanist continuation and amplification of Mussolini, Hitler, the Bolsheviks and Mao into a singular ultra-synthesized technocommunist global takeover.

Until enough people can appreciate that we do not require leaders, but, rather, minimal governments upholding only the most basic natural laws, politicians like Giorgia Meloni are a kind of antidote and direct danger to the antihumanist Great Reset agenda.

Do NOT comply.